Chapter 516 – That Awesome?

He was after all someone of the bloodline of the Nan Gong Clan, he cannot watch the name of their clan be removed from the ranks of the Eight Great Clans.

Today, the Old Clan Patriarch came to visit, filled with cheer.

“Bei Cheng, you have been working hard recently!”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng stopped his training, “What’s the matter Old Patriarch? Is Lin Fei Fei forcing a marriage again? Tell her to forget about it and give up.”

The Old Patriarch chuckled, “Since you do not like that lass from the Lin Clan, this old man shall not force you as well. You have a bright future ahead, to let that lass from the Lin Clan become your first wife is truly not suitable. Anyhow, let’s not talk about that lass; our clan is going out for a small activity, and after discussion, we have decided to bring you along…”

“What activity?”

“Our clan has discovered a hidden realm and although it is dangerous to venture in, it is also equally great with many opportunities. Bei Cheng, do you dare to go?”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s interest piqued when he heard the news, the Little Beauty was currently out of his reach for now as she has followed Ji Mo Ya, and only heaven knows where Ji Mo Ya had brought her off to. When he had returned to his clan, he had also flipped through their entire library but was unable to find any information about soul repairing items.

In addition, the last time he saw the Little Beauty, she has recovered sufficiently to speak although her intelligence was rather lacking.

Therefore, he was not as worried as before since she had Ji Mo Ya taking care of her, and Nan Gong Bei Cheng knew that he was not able to provide any additional help.

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After that, he had been placed under house arrest by the clan and had not been able to leave since.

Visit a hidden realm now?

As long as he was able to avoid house arrest, he was willing to do anything or go anywhere. When the opportunity arrives, he would just find an excuse to search for the Little Beauty.

Therefore, he coolly agreed, “Of course! Why would I not dare. When are we leaving?”


“Ah? Sure, now is great!” Nan Gong Bei Cheng did not expect that they would leave in a hurry, why did they not inform him earlier?

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However, the sooner it was, the better.

Freedom is what his carefree heart has been yearning for.

The Old Patriarch said, “The hidden realm we are going to this time is rather special; just follow the clan elder that leading the group, don’t ask too much questions and simply follow whatever the elder instructs. Follow the orders of the clan, Bei Cheng, are you able to do that?”

For a moment, Nan Gong Bei Cheng’s clever eyes shifted left and right.

But his mouth replied without any hesitation, “I can. I will follow the clan’s elder and protect our clan’s honor!”

“Good. Bei Cheng, if this trip to the hidden realm succeeds, the days till you become a True Spirit Master would be within reach.”

In his heart, Nan Gong Bei Cheng did not believe those words, ‘What hidden realm was this? Can it be that awesome?’

No matter, as long as he was out of house arrest, everything else can wait.

“I thank the Old Patriarch for your grooming!”


Three days later.

The Holy Totem Grounds of the Gnome Kingdom.

Not far from where the gnome palace was located was strange stone forest, a vast area filled with stone trees.

There were nine circular pillars made from special stone; every pillar exactly the same size, stood more than a dozen meters tall, and the pillars were covered in carvings. It was unknown how long these greenish black stone pillars had been around.

Standing in the center of the area formed by the nine huge pillars, was a Totem with the face of a gnome located at the topmost section. The item that has been worshipped by gnomes for centuries looked dull and plain.

At this moment, the Gnome King stood below the totem with his group of officials and guards; they looked up with complex expressions towards the top of the totem where the face of the gnome was located.

After some time, they turned towards Ji Mo Ya and gave him hopeful looks.

The charming Ji Mo Ya was wearing white from top to bottom. As Huan Qing Yan was still in an unconscious state, he did not bring her along. Instead, he got Dorna to look after her by leaving her at the rebel camp.

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