Chapter 517 – It’s Raining!

Ji Mo Ya looked up and gazed at the face on the totem.

He really stared at it, and took in the details.

After a long while, he lifted his arm and a white dragon appeared; as it rose up into the sky, the miniature form slowly expanded and reached a size of several meters long before it coiled itself in the sky and its shiny scales nearly blinded the eyes of the gnomes presented as they stared in awed.

“Your Majesty, where is that withered Nine Star Treasure Vine?” Ji Mo Ya asked blandly.

Envious eyes returned back to its owner and Herbu calmly handed a small wooden box to Ji Mo Ya, “It’s inside, as long as the totem lights up, the holy light it emits should cause a reaction…”

He was very being accommodating.

On the other side, the old gnome priest had also finished his chanting; the preparations were now completed, “Young Master Ji Mo, you can begin.”

Ji Mo Ya did not speak, he rode his spirit treasure and they flew up into the sky…

The white dragon continuously circled the sky above them, low rumbles of thunder started to appear, and the volume increased as time went by. A short while later, a final loud sound was heard!


With the loud rumble, Ji Mo Ya and his spirit treasure suddenly glowed brightly, the gnomes all closed their eyes in pain due to the bright light.

Due to the abrupt situation, the unprepared Herbu and the other gnomes quickly lowered their heads as they reacted and rubbed their eyes, they did not dared to look up anymore.

After several more loud rumbles, a light drizzle started to fall from the sky, and the rain slowly grew heavier.

The long drought caused the rain to disperse in the atmosphere, and resulted in a layer of mist which covered the ground.

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“it’s raining! Hahaha!”

“It’s indeed raining, is this spirit rain? What a comfortable feeling…”

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“It’s been a long time since I last had a shower, the legendary spirit rain is indeed extraordinary. Everyone look, the totem seems to be having a reaction…”

King Herbu face was filled with excitement.

At the same time, a vicious glint flashed in his eyes.

He raised his head and laughed towards the sky, ‘hahahaha’. His human allies had warned him that Ji Mo Ya possessed great intelligence and will not be as easy to deceive; which caused him to maintain a constant vigilance over his actions. Yet unexpectedly, Ji Mo Ya had easily agreed to summon spirit rain, his caution was all for nothing.

As long as the human keeps up with the spirit rain, he would eventually become a sacrifice for the totem!

This human seemingly possesses an extremely high status, but as long as the totem activates, the gnomes would not be afraid of anyone.

In addition, they still have their human allies to support them; everything would be fine.

Although Ji Mo Ya was up in the air, not a single drop of rain touched his body.

His expression seemed calm and expressionless, but in fact, he was extremely nervous and on high alert.

There were reasons why he had agreed to Herbu’s request to summon spirit rain. First of all, he hoped that the withered Nine Star Treasure Vine would be restored and on the other hand, he wanted to investigate the Gnome Totem.

Herbu has been working with humans in secret and if his allies’ motive was not money, then the totem would highly likely be the only other reason.

The gnomes have nothing worth the effort, the only thing that they could offer would be the mysterious and ancient totem.

The spirit rain started to grow heavier, but of course it was a change under Ji Mo Ya’s control; this change was unlike the time when the dragon spirit treasure ranked up at Hanging Cloud Empire and summoned the rain…

The cheering gnomes below had also slowly started to notice something was amiss.

The spirit rain no longer fell straight down but was heading towards the totem as though it was being absorbed by by the totem.

The totem seemed to have turned into an insatiable black hole; as it absorbed the spirit rain, the suction force increased and eventually it was directed at the dragon spirit treasure of Ji Mo Ya…

The dragon spirit treasure felt the sudden pull on its body and roared in anger…

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