Chapter 518 – Uncle Is Thinking Of Me…

The dragon managed to shake itself free from the powerful suction force.

Ji Mo Yas gaze turned serious, that totem was only giving off small spots of light, which meant that it was not yet properly activated, but the backlash was already evident.

The Gnome King and his people did not appear surprised, it seemed like they had expected it.


Ji Mo Ya shouted as he tried to recall his dragon spirit treasure, however, for some reason, he was unable to recall it!

If his dragon spirit treasure was devoured by the totem, his cultivation would drop sharply

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So, this was the side effect of summoning spirit rain? The totem has a devouring ability?

The suction force slowly grew stronger as the furious roars of the dragon spirit grew louder.

Not of the dragon spirit, even Ji Mo Ya himself felt the powerful suction force enveloping him.

Can it be that the totem would devour the spirit treasure together with its master?

Your Majesty, what is happening?

Ji Mo Ya questioned the Gnome King as he quickly headed towards the ground with his dragon spirit treasure thus they evaded the suction force along the way.

His voice was cold and clear.

Herbu had already escaped and reached the exterior area of the nine pillars with his men, I do not know what is happening as well, this might be a side effect from the totem! Young Master Ji Mo, please endure! The totem should light up in a while and the Nine Star Treasure Vine will be restored…”

Ji Mo Ya gritted his teeth and endured.

For Little Yan!


Dorna had his group of two hundred gnome warriors organized, they were all fully equipped for a war.

Today could be their only chance, their best opportunity to retake the King Scepter and enact revenge for the late King.

The warriors were prepared to achieve the goal with their lives, their morale was at its peak.

This was ultimately possible with Ji Mo Yas help, who had provided them with a large amount of nutritious food which properly fed and improved their physical condition.

They have been surviving on a lack of water and food, but they managed to recover from their weak and lethargic bodies over the past few days.

Meanwhile Dorna was about to set off as soon as he was done with tallying up the warriors.

A beautiful figure suddenly appeared in front of him

Bally, where are you guys going off to play?

With a sleepy expression, Huan Qing Yan walked to Dornas side.

Ji Mo Ya had summoned his wooden cabin magic equipment inside the cave and placed the unconscious Huan Qing Yan inside as she rested, Dorna had also provided fifty gnome warriors to guard over her

You have awakened? Dorna was pleasantly surprised.

There were side effects from Five Star Treasure Vine consumption, the eater would experience irregular period of unconsciousness, and consciousness could be unpredictable. However, the fainting would not be a one-time event; even if the person awakens, their condition would still be unstable or the person might even remain unconscious forever.

Huan Qing Yan rubbed her eyes, I miss uncle. I just had a dream. I saw uncle, Bally, bring me to uncle…”

The joy in Dornas eyes receded as he replied seriously, No, you must remain here. Ji Mo Ya has something to do today, I will get Little Pumpkin to play with you…”

Huan Qing Yan shook her head, No, I want to look for my uncle, uncle is thinking of me…”

As she spoke, she walked towards the cave exit.

Dorna started experiencing a headache, the lass was very stubborn; once she had her sights set on a thing, she would aim to achieve it no matter what

He would absolutely never bring her along, it was too dangerous.

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Todays plan was planned out in details between him and Ji Mo Ya; it was still not perfect, there was still an element for surprise and required them to react based on the situation


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