Chapter 519 – Finally Started To Glow!

If he was to bring Huan Qing Yan along, it would increase the chance for unexpected situations.

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Suddenly, a gnome came running in from outside to make a report, Prince Dorna!


The lackeys of Herbu is scouting for our camp, however, our barrier will have them blocked out for now…”

When the gnomes heard the report, their faces changed, If the scouts are here, then it will only be a matter of time before they find our camp. What should we do now?

Dorna had not expected that the situation could have taken such a turn.

It looked like this place was no longer a safe haven.

After some considerations, Dorna decisively ordered, Leave a hundred warriors here to dig an escape tunnel for the old and young, everyone else will move out, we are going to the Sacred Totem Grounds!

The gnomes started moving.

Dorna sighed before he caught up with Huan Qing Yan who had just stepped through the entrance and he pulled her back, Foolish girl, I will bring you to find your uncle, but you must promise me that you will be obedient. No matter what happens, you must not cause trouble and listen.

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Huan Qing Yan only focused on the fact that she will be finding her uncle, everything else was automatically ignored.

She happily replied, Okay! Thank you Bally.


Spirit rain continued to fall from the sky, the dragon spirit treasure looked to be in a frenzy as its sky dance was erratic and messy.

Large beads of sweat covered Ji Mo Yas forehead and his mental power seemed to be on the verge of being completely depleted.

That totem finally started to glow.

With the totem head as the center, the light emitted was like a bright sun, the only difference was that it emitted not scorching heat but comfortable gentle warmth instead.

After holding on for so long, Ji Mo Ya finally caused the totem to shine. He quickly took out the Nine Star Treasure Vine and brought it under the light of the totem while resisting the totems powerful suction force

As the light of the totem increased, the devouring suction force placed on the dragon spirit treasure also increased.

The dragon spirit treasure released a roar of panic; Ji Mo Ya used his spirit energy to support it and he also sent a telepathic message, only then did the dragon spirit regained its composure.

One second, two second, three second

The Nine Star Treasure Vine remained unreactive.

On the flip side, the Life Totem got increasingly powerful; on top of the powerful suction force a huge green whirlpool had appeared and the whirlpool was directly connected to the dragon spirit treasures body and was drawing a green energy directly from it

That green energy, was the life force of the dragon spirit treasure!

When Ji Mo Ya saw that, he tried to forcefully break the connection.

The green whirlpool reacted by changing its target and started drawing energy from Ji Mo Ya instead

It seemed to be trying to completely devour and destroy both man and beast.

Ji Mo Yas face turned icy cold, his movements were still calm and composed but from his pale face and beads of sweat on his forehead, one can sense that he seems to be out of solutions to escape from this situation.

A direct contrast to Ji Mo Yas condition, was the frenzy joy expressed by the Gnome King Herbu just outside the nine large pillars!

Hahaha, the totem has finally regained its shine!

I, Herbu, am the king that is recognized by the sage! Hahaha, the Life Totem is activated by me…”

Behind, were his loyal subordinates who quickly started boot licking, Congratulations Your Majesty! Congratulations Your Majesty!

Your Majestys merits were boundless, you have saved the entire gnome race, truly the rightful King of the gnomes!

Immediately after, the gnome guards all kneeled in front of Herbu.

And shouted, Your majesty has boundless merits…”

Herbu thoroughly enjoyed the display of worship from the other gnomes.


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