Chapter 520 – Struck Like Lightning

As the one who activated the totem, they actively ignored, Ji Mo Yas part in it was a matter of little importance to them.

After enduring for a long time, Ji Mo Ya asked, Your Majesty, why is there no reaction from this Nine Star Treasure Vine?

Herbu laughed out loud, Ah? Theres no reaction? Oh dear, it is in fact not surprising, that Nine Star Spirit Vine was one that had already withered for an unknown number of years, naturally there was no reaction, it would be weird if it had any in the first place, hahahaha never have I thought that a human could be so easily deceived!

As everything had been set in stone and thinking that it was impossible for Ji Mo Ya to do anything now, the Gnome King felt that there was no need to hide anything and immediately revealed his true intentions.

Come to think of it now, how long ago has it been, that Herbu felt as refreshing and as happy as he was at that very moment.

Ji Mo Ya had known all along that something was amiss, yet he had obliged with the request to summon spirit rain.

That was not because he is easy to deceive; he did not wish to miss out any opportunities available, even if they only had a small shred of success.

Little Yan was in urgent need for a Nine Star Treasure Vine, he could not afford to miss out on any possible chances.

Yet now

A shred of rage flashed through Ji Mo Yas eyes and he announced, There is only one outcome for anyone who deceives this young master. Death!

Herbu jumped in shock from the aura emitted by Ji Mo Ya, but when he saw once again how bitterly Ji Mo Ya was trying to endure, he finally relaxed again.

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This King had forgotten to tell you, that Life Totem had turned rather extraordinary recently, sometime after the commencement of the ritual, it would devour the source, especially if they are cultivators or spirit treasures related to water. Once targeted by the totem, you will have only one outcome; be sucked dry! Hahaha, Young Master Ya, I am afraid that this time, you will be unable to escape no matter how good you are!

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Still burdened by the scare he was given earlier, Herbu wickedly added, Do you understand now? Even if you dont, I am unable to help anyway. Your spirit treasure would be sucked dry first and you would be next Our Gnome Kingdom would be your grave; the talented human genius, a pity, to die so young!

Ji Mo Ya remained unperturbed as he listened to Herbus speech, before a slight curl appeared on the corner of his lips, for some unknown reason. He was not flustered at all despite the buckets load of prespiration.

Secretly, Ji Mo Ya inhaled deeply and lifted his right hand to perform a powerful flick of his finger; and along with it, there was a strong surge of wind!

Herbu could not understand what just occurred; the old priest beside him took a step out and the powerful wind struck his body.

As a bleeding hole appeared on his chest, the old priest uttered a groan.

Herbu jumped in shock; he looked towards Ji Mo Ya and exclaimed, You…”

You are being too pleased with yourself! Ji Mo Ya coldly said.

Herbu shivered in fear, but he was still unable to believe it, Thats impossible, the suction force of the totem was definitely powerful, how come you still have the strength to…”

Ji Mo Ya did not reply; the halo emitted from his body expanded and enveloped the dragon spirit treasure; the pair of them started shining even brighter than the totem, as they turned into a sun with piercing light. The green devouring force which had chased after them earlier was also instantly pushed back.

Ji Mo Yas gaze was as icy cold as his voice, I am afraid a backwater place like this that only held weak people had never heard of a God Chosen! A God Chosen is bestowed the sage halo of a transcended sage, and simply put, the light emitted by your totem was also a type of sage halo. However, the sage halo on this young master was much stronger than your totem, therefore this young master was not pressured all along. Earlier on, I was just fooling around so that I can see what tricks you have got!

When Herbu heard his words, it was as though he had been struck by lightning; the shock was so great that he instantly started to shiver in fear.

Impossible! How can this be? You are a God Chosen? What is a God Chosen, to make you so powerful?

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