Chapter 521 –Tie Up Loose Ends!

Ji Mo Yas expression was bland as he could be as he looked down from above, This Young Master will ask you again. Do you have a Treasure Vine!

Herbu trembled in fear, he knew that if he gave no as an answer, his little life would likely end immediately.

His loyal priest had already collapsed on the ground due to a grievous injury, it was unknown if the priest was still alive or not.

With a loud thud, Herbu immediately kneeled on the ground and he cried for mercy, Young Master Ji Mo, please have mercy! Everything is a misunderstanding!

Ji Mo Ya gazed pierced into the depths of Herbus heart, Enough crap, I will ask you one last time, do you have any Treasure Vine. If not, then just die!

Herbu knew that there was no escape for him, and he stuttered, If I have, will Young Master let me live?

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At that moment, the laughing voice of an elder came from a distance.

Young Master Ya, as a genius representing humans, why bully a gnome to such an extend?

As the voice was heard, five individuals approached like lightning and approached within the surroundings of the Sacred Totem Grounds. The individuals each wore a mysterious mask which only revealed their eyes and they also emitted a profound energy

All of them possessed the cultivation level of Mystic Spirit Masters!

Ji Mo Ya squinted his eyes, It looks like you are the humans who were working with Herbu the gnome? Hiding your identities like thieves and robbers, what are all of you worried about? Or do all of you have a reputation to uphold?

The elderly voice replied shyly, If Young Master Ya is capable, feel free to take off this old mans mask. If you are not capable, then you can only become a grievous ghost!

When Herbu saw that help had arrived, he had immediately stood up as he was more at eased, Good! Dear allies have come at the right time; now that the totem is activated, there is no need for this human any longer. Everyone must make sure to destroy him here and now; we must tie up loose ends and prevent him from leaving this place alive!

The five masked individuals did not act immediately but had instead looked at the totem, one of them could not contain the joy in his heart as he said, Not bad, hahahaha my efforts have been worth the while; now that the totem regained its holy light, the time till the prosperity of our clan would be soon! Hahaha…”

Although the masks of the five humans made it hard to see their expression, the excited emotions which ran through them could be easily felt by everyone.

The Nan Gong Clan had researched the gnomes totem for a long time and when they learnt that it possessed the power of a transcended sage, they started this plan. First, they formed an alliance with Herbu and aid him to snatch the throne; in exchange, Herbu would use the power of the totem to assist the Nan Gong Clan.

But they did not expect that soon after Herbu ascend to the throne would the totems light extinguish.

Despite using everything they could think of, they were unable to reactivate it.

Until a rare opportunity presented itself in the form of Ji Mo Yas visit to them to inquire about the Nine Star Treasure Vine. Ji Mo Ya happened to possess the dragon spirit treasure, so they schemed to use him to activate the totem and then lay in wait to ambush Ji Mo Ya after the deed was done.

Heh heh, this good fortune could be considered as a blessing of the heavens on the Nan Gong Clan.

As the five of them immersed in excitement, Ji Mo Ya gave off an expression akin to a vague smile, The totems light, is that so?

As he spoke, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers; the originally shining totem suddenly extinguished, turned dark again!

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The five masked individuals were so shocked that they had to take half a step back!

Herbu also stared wide-eyed, What what is happening?

Ji Mo Ya looked at him pitifully, You still dont understand? Then this Young Master shall explain and give you an answer.

As a God Chosen, this young master is naturally able to emit the power of the Sages Halo like your totem. However, the power within your totem is nearly depleted; the Sage Halo that it was emitting earlier on is supported by this Young Master. Without this Young Masters support, the totem would naturally extinguish.

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