Chapter 522 – Kill!

Two-Faced Venerate Emperor, Give Me A Hug: 

This you…” when Herbu heard the explanation, he was stunned, and his green face also instantly turned dark green.

So, do you understand now? It cannot do anything even if you are still unwilling to believe me. Ji Mo Ya remained as he were and continued, The truth is, I tricked you.

Then the spirit rain…” Herbu was truly unwilling to believe it, the blessing that he had gotten was nothing?

That spirit rain? That was just an ordinary storm with some spirit energy mixed in it. This is something that could be easily done by a member of the Ji Mo Clan. Ji Mo Ya planned to be a good person all the way and patiently explained away Herbus confusion.

Even if that was the case, the act had been too real!

Herbu no longer had the strength to complain; no matter what, the plan this time has failed.

Herbus green face had totally collapsed and he lost all disposition, even his mind was in a daze.

However, there were still people nearby; the five individuals in masks all shouted, Enough!

Catch him! Force him to perform the ritual again!

The beautiful end they all hoped for was just a big act!

The five individuals were mad beyond words, the anger which had welled up in their heart could no longer be contained, and they viciously dashed forward.

Ji Mo Yas gaze turned solemn.

They were all Mystic Spirit Masters, existence who were on the same realm as him; even if he was talented, he had only recently reached this realm. In addition, his previous injuries had yet to completely recover, all these made his current situation extremely serious.

If there was only a couple of them, he was confident of handling them; however, the other side has five. Mystic Spirit Masters were not common foot soldiers; they belong to the core forces of any organizations, not be taken lightly.

In addition, this was an area left behind by a transcended sage; as a God Chosen, he did not wish to destroy this place even if it was not related to him.

With a thought, the white dragon under him immediately swung its tail and head towards the opposite direction.

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Humph! Escape?

Chase! No matter where he goes, we must catch him!

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The prosperity of the clan lies on this!

The five of them shouted angrily and quickly gave chase.

However, Ji Mo Yas ride was the white dragon, although the spirit treasures of the five chasers were not bad, but compared to a dragon, they were still not as good, whenever they managed to reduce the gap, somehow Ji Mo Ya was always able to shake them off easily.

Despite that, the five of them were still unwilling to give up, they continued to shout loudly as they gave chase.

As the two sides continue to tango with each other, the chasing and fighting slowly shifted away and left the area.


Standing in front of the totem, was Herbu whose heart was in a mess.

His plan had proceeded properly, yet the outcome had unexpectedly turned out this way.

He did not know who would emerge victorious.

But from the currently situation, his allies were currently having the upper hand.

However, even if his allies were to obtain victory, what has it got to do with him? Now that the plan has failed, the promise they made to him would also be forfeited, right?

If that was the case, then everything that he, Herbu, has done was for naught?

No, he must think of something to obtain the goodwill of his allies! He remembered that there were several articles within the treasury that had caught the interest of these humans

When that came across his mind, Herbu frantically stood up and headed towards the direction of the palace.

Just as he entered the palace and turned at a corner, he chanced by a group of gnomes facing his direction!

Both sides were greatly startled.

The other party was led by Prince Dorna!

While Herbu was still tongue-tied, Prince Dornas reaction was a step ahead and he shouted, Kill! as he led the attack.

There were ten guards with Herbu while Dorna had more than two hundred men, all of which were injured to some degree as they had to fight all their way into the palace. However, the odds were still on their side.

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