Chapter 523 – Take The Ruling Scepter!

Just like that, Dornas hand readily found Herbus neck.

*Coughs*, Dorna my nephew, what are you doing? Herbu said while he acted surprised.

Old thing, keep that act of yours! Dorna looked at him with disdain and continued, Let me ask you, didnt you activate the totem already? Why did you suddenly run back?

Herbus eyes quickly turned, Eh, the ritual is still ongoing. Its taking too much time, and I am too old to endure the entire procedure, so I thought to come back and take a rest.

Dorna sneered coldly, Someone cut off his hand!

The mens cheers frightened Herbu, as he quickly said, Dont, dont I will say, I will say…”

Dornas cold voice calmly said, Properly think about it this time, if you say something wrong, I will let you rest eternally and never wake up.

Those words were definitely not a bluff.

This person killed his father, if not for the fact that there were remnants of his faction still around and to avoid total unrest within the kingdom, Dorna would have killed this man on the spot.

Yes, yes, yes…” Herbu broke out into cold swear from the killing intent targeted at him, and he quickly told Dorna what transpired in the Scared Totem Grounds.

Dorna frowned when he heard what had transpired.

The situation did not seem good. Herbu actually had such powerful allies; if Young Master Ya is unable to handle them, will he be able to accomplish their plan?

You baddie! You called for help to attack my uncle! You are a bad King!

Someone had squeezed out from the back, it was Huan Qing Yan, and it was likely she had heard the story and shouted as she squeezed forward.

Dornas eyes shined!

Right! Herbu was only able to collude with foreigners because he was the King.

What if he was no longer the King?

When the thought came up, Dorna quickly said, Herbu, where is the Kings Ruling Scepter?

The Ruling Scepter I did not bring it along, I had it kept in the Treasury Vault. Herbu obediently replied.

And the reason why Herbu kept the Scepter in the treasury vault was also rather humorous.

It was because, Herbu was afraid that his allies would like it and then demand it from him.

This was because, the scepter was a rather decent magic equipment itself.

Dorna lifted his head and spoke to his gnome warriors, You guys should go ahead first, act according to situation and try to avoid entering into conflict with those Mystic Spirit Masters. I will join all of you shortly.

As for you…” Dorna looked at Huan Qing Yan, before he could continue, Huan Qing Yan said, I am going over too! I want to find my uncle!

Dorna nodded, that was fine as well since there would not be much enemies within the Sacred Totem Grounds.

They might still encounter many more variables while moving within the palace anyway.

Huan Qing Yan happily ran off, while the gnome warriors quickly chased after her.

Dorna turned at pushed Herbu, Move! We are getting the Ruling Scepter!

Although Herbu was being treated roughly, in his mind he was ecstatic.

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He had multiple traps and contraptions installed within his treasury vault; once the brat enters the place with him, he would gain a chance to escape or he might even take down the brat and make the rebels lose their leader.

On the other hand, Dornas thoughts was centered around controlling Herbu and to acquire the Ruling Scepter; doing so would mean that he was more than half way to getting back his Kingdom.

Each of them had their own ideas and plans as they walked towards the large building but that was also when they encounter a group of humans!

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These group with more than twenty people all wore masks, and each of them also possessed extraordinary strength.

And their leader, was even a Mystic Spirit Master!

Stunned for a moment, they immediately walked towards the duo.

Dorna who walked behind Herbu immediately knew that things had turned south, while a very happy Herbu shouted, Are you the clan members of thy esteemed allies?

Dorna silently cursed as he released Herbu, and without even revealing himself, he turned around and quickly fled.


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