Chapter 524 – Let Me Go!

The Mystic Spirit Master halted his steps and sized up Herbu for a moment, Herbu, it seems like you are not seating on your throne comfortably?

His tone was sarcastic, without a tinge of any respect.

Herbu silently cursed as he replied, Er, its just a temporary thing; I have caused the esteemed guest to see something unsightly. May I know how I can address the esteemed guest? Oh right, I would like to seek the esteemed guests help to capture the person earlier on, he is the son of the late King, he…”

The Mystic Spirit Master waved his hand, he was not bothered about such a minor thing, there was another more pressing matter that he was concerned about.

You can call me Elder Ming. Let that brat run for a while, I believe he would not dare to play any tricks. Let me ask you, how is the totem? Where are the members of my clan who went there earlier?

Due to their tight schedule, the other Mystic Spirit Masters had gone ahead while he stayed behind to lead the other lower rank spirit masters.

In his heart Herbu cursed again, these people were only concerned about their own interest and completely ignored him; yet he had no choice but to explain what had happened earlier.

When Elder Ming heard what had happened, he frowned at the same time.

So, you are saying that the activation of the totem is a failure?

Eh, it seems like it. Herbu started sweating profusely as he quickly added, However, Ji Mo Ya is still around, there is still hope if we can catch him.

Then what are you waiting for, quickly lead the way!

Therefore, Herbu quickly turn around and headed towards the sacred grounds again.

When they reached the sacred grounds, Elder Ming saw several people engaged in a battle, far away.

While in front of the totem, Herbus guards were currently faced off with a group of gnomes.

The group of gnomes numbered many, but they seemed to be waiting for something and had yet to act.

Behind the gnomes, was a beautiful young girl, who stood out like a sore thumb.

That young girl

Elder Ming stared wide-eyed as he lifted his hands to rub his eyes before quickly headed towards her.

The next instant, everyone only felt a gust of wind, but Elder Ming had suddenly appeared amongst the gnomes, grabbed Huan Qing Yan, and quickly returned to his group with a leap.


Before everyone knew what was happening, Elder Ming was already laughing out loud towards the heavens.

Old man! What are you doing? Let me go! Huan Qing Yan shouted.

When the gnome warriors saw that, they also quickly shouted, Let the lady go!

Only now did Elder Ming seemed to remember that there were others around, he kept his smile and decisively knock her unconscious before he addressed the gnomes, What? You want to face this old man, just you lot?

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The domineering methods of a Great Clan was revealed in this situation.

The gnomes might be great in number, but their cultivation levels were pitifully low. In his eyes, they were just a bunch of critters for slaughter.

If not for the fact that he still had uses for the gnomes, he would have completely ignored them and save the effort.

The gnome warriors looked at each other, and with Dorna away, no one dare to raise their voice to resist.

Seeing that the gnomes were frightened, Elder Ming revealed the joy that he found hard to contain.

Of course, the joy was not because of how mighty he looked but because of Huan Qing Yan that he had just caught!

To see their clans plot of obtaining the totem be successful, they naturally could not place their hopes on these weak gnomes.

They could also not rely completely on getting Ji Mo Ya to act as they willed!

They wanted to prepare as much as possible in advance.

However, after expending great effort and much resources, and reading nearly all books available, they were greatly surprised to learn of the key component they needed to prepare.

To activate the totem, the blood of a person possessing an ancient bloodline must be used.

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An ancient bloodline!

Although they were an ancient clan as well, but no one with an ancient bloodline has appeared within their clan for many years already. The founders of the Eight Great Clans were all individuals of ancient bloodline; but as members of their family reduced, the number of descendants who inherited the ancient bloodline within the Nan Gong Clan was currently none.

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