Chapter 525 – Seven Star Is Enough

That has caused them to be disappointed and was also the reason why they had from the beginning treated the gnomes rather politely.

If not, how could mere gnomes possess any qualifications to talk to them?

But now, at this moment, everything has changed.

He never would have dreamt of encountering this type of people so easily!

To think that this lass was of ancient bloodline!

He even suspected that it might be a gift specially sent from heaven; a sign that his clan was meant for prosperity!

If not, how could such a coincidence happen?

Elder Ming looked at the far away battle as it happened and decided not to wait anymore, since those guys would not be of much help with what he had planned for next.

So long as the totem becomes activated, he would become the clan member who achieved the greatest merit within his generation!

Elder Ming forcefully suppressed the excitement within him and checked Huan Qing Yans condition in detail.


He sucked in a deep breath uncontrollably; as per expectations, the task could not be done that easily!

This lass, her soul was incomplete, and her cultivation was also too low!

When Herbu saw Elder Mings reaction, he curiously asked, Elder Ming, what happened?

This girls soul is damaged to a very serious degree…” Elder Ming frowned; it seemed like he was talking to himself instead.

Someone had made a report about this matter to him earlier on, but he did not think about the implications too deeply. However, this soul was too incomplete to proceed to the next step.

This lass will need a Nine Star Treasure Vine to recover properly, and I have it…”

Oh? Elder Ming was rather surprised, Thats good, take it out!

Herbu was stunned for a moment before he cautiously replied, You want to cure her? Why?

Elder Ming glanced at him, My clan has a secret technique that could activate the totem by offering a sacrifice, and this lass possess the qualities to fulfill the techniques criteria. However, it is impossible to proceed with her incomplete soul; in fact, there is no need to use a Nine Star Treasure Vine, a lower star one is good enough, we just need to strengthen her soul.

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If that was the case, activating the totem was also something that Herbu wished to see.

The Nine Star Treasure Vine was worth a lot and a greedy individual like Herbu would not be very willing to bring out a Nine Star. Upon learning that there were to be no need to use a Nine Star and a lower star one would sufficed, it was even better.

For a moment, his eyes shifted before he said, Will a Seven Star Treasure Vine be enough to temporary restore her soul?

A Seven Star is enough.

Elder Mings goal was not to cure the person.

Herbu was thoroughly delighted, he called a subordinate to him, handed off a key and whispered, Go to the treasure vault, and withdraw the Seven Star Treasure Vine from the second rows shelf.

His subordinate took off as ordered.

Just as Elder Ming was feeling impatient about the long wait, the subordinate returned carrying a box.

Give it to me!

Elder Ming instantly appeared and grabbed the box from Herbu.

Herbu was not happy with the Elders actions but he dared not voice it out.

Elder Ming opened the box and its contents was a mess; it seemed that the vine was broken due to carelessness when it being dug out.

If one had not seen a Treasure Vine before, they would likely not be able to recognize it.

Elder Ming lightly took a sniff and confirmed that it was indeed a Treasure Vine; without further words, he held the Treasure Vine with a hand and crushed it into powder in one motion, before pouring the powder into the unconscious Huan Qing Yans mouth.

Next, he took out a flask of water from his storage ring and pour the water into Huan Qing Yans mouth. Gulping sounds could be heard as the mixture was forced down her throat.

After everything was done, Elder Ming threw Huan Qing Yan onto the altar in the distance with a flick of his hand; the motions through the entire distance travelled looked gentle and controlled, so Huan Qing Yan was not startled awake by the toss.

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After that, he waved his sleeve and a jet-black marble shot out, stopped on top of Huan Qing Yans head, and started rotating.


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