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Chapter 526 – Ouch, Who Hit Me?

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That marble was known as Spirit Refining Marble, a necessary item needed to perform the sacrifice.

It costed their clan huge amount of resources and efforts to acquire the object.

The originally thought that they had wasted their wealth on the object as they never found someone suitable as the sacrifice; however, it had unexpectedly become useful at this point of time.

Elder Ming organized the entire process of the sacrificial ritual within his mind once, and after confirmation that everything was in place, he turned and addressed his group, This old man needs the spirit power of seven individuals to perform the technique, you can expect a great reward when it is completed. Those who wish to volunteer step out.

A moment later, a lanky man stood out.

Elder Ming glared at him, Go back!

After that, he decided to choose the seven by himself instead, and the individuals choosen all possessed the cultivation level of True Spirit Masters!

Herbu observed them from a short distance away and was confused.

All of them were wearing masks, so he was unable to recognize even a single person.

Humph! It was not like this in the past, why are they acting so shadily now; what in the world was happening?

The seven got into positions based on Elder Mings instructions; who then started forming seals with his hand and spirit energy was sent into the Spirit Refining Marble.

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The jet-black marble slowly started to change as tendrils of mist started to emit and spread out from it.

The Spirit Refining Marble could not only store spirit energy, it also possessed the ability to cleanse tainted spirit energies.

Elder Ming continued to form seals with his hands and direct the cleansed spirit energy into Huan Qing Yans body.

Indeed, that was Elder Mings motive, he planned to forcefully increase Huan Qing Yans cultivation!

A Five Star Spirit Master was far from enough to fulfill the criteria of a sacrifice!

A short while later, Huan Qing Yan started to expand like a balloon, turning fatter and fatter.

Her clothes were by now extremely tight around her due to her expansion, and seemed to be on the verge of explosion.

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Elder Ming ignored her state as he continued to quickly form the seals.


Far away, Ji Mo Ya finally discovered that something was off.

They were currently fighting to the death thus it made no sense for so many people to gather around the altar.

Did the rebels clash with Herbu?

Then Yan Lass

When he thought of her, Ji Mo Ya ignored everything and quickly rushed towards the altar.

His white dragon gave him the advantage of speed, so the other five Mystic Spirit Masters could only follow him closely from behind.

Before he arrived, he saw Huan Qing Yan was laying on the altar from afar, she had turned fat again but was currently unconscious, there was also a strange marble above her head

Shocked and furious, Ji Mo Ya loudly shouted, What audacity! How dare you!

His voice was extremely loud, it was also his attempt to awaken Huan Qing Yan.

The people around the altar all looked at him.

Ji Mo Ya ignored their gazes but noticed that a masked lanky individual had secretly shot a stone towards Huan Qing Yans head!

With his sight, Ji Mo Ya was able to confirm that the stone was not a lethal attack; its purpose was very likely to be the same as what he had in mind.

Can it be that this masked person be

Ah! Huan Qing Yan woke up after being hit, she sat up and looked at her surroundings, confused.

Ouch, who hit me?

Why am I here? Who are these masked men who were surrounding her? They seem to be performing some sort of ritual?

She instantly went into alert!

Was she not supposed to be in Surging Wave Academia? Jin Da Zhong was about to use Soul Search on her, where is the reincarnated girl within her mind?

She started feel a splitting headache as it grew in intensity!

She felt that it was not the time to think of these matters; her current situation seemed extremely precarious. Especially that pearl above her head, it seemed to be absorbing energy from her body and like an invisible whirlpool, it felt as though it wanted to devour her as a sacrifice.

It was not her style to sit about and wait for things to happen, she was still confused about the situation but had already started circulating her energy as she firmly grabbed the pearl on her head and without hesitation tossed it into her dimension

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