Chapter 527 – Sacrifice Her!

The pressure coming down on her head was instantly lessened!

When Elder Ming saw her actions, he was instantly flabbergasted.

The seven True Spirit Masters all fell onto the ground!

That Spirit Refining Marble could be said to be a form of magic equipment as well, however, it was not like others.

It could store and absorb spirit energy; there was no need to bound it a user, in fact it could not be bounded to anyone at all.

That was why it was easily stored away by Huan Qing Yan.

Elder Ming felt stuffiness as it formed in his chest, but he did not pursue the matter as everything was still within his control.

With absolute power, a small incident like this was not an issue.

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What they need to urgently do now was to quickly sacrifice her and activate the totem while Ji Mo Ya was still being harassed and unable to come over

Therefore, instead of stopping the ritual, he increased its speed instead.

After Huan Qing Yan kept the Spirit Refining Marble, the pressure she felt had reduced, but she quickly noticed that her current body was off, it was filled to the brim with spirit energy and she seemed to be on the verge of exploding.

F*ck, who did this?

Something felt off to her, the feeling of exploding felt dangerous, she must not allow this explosion to happen; she must quickly absorb it.

Instead of resisting the surging energy, she calmed her mind instead and started to channel the spirit energy that was about to go berserk within her body.

In addition, she was also very unhappy with this plus size image of hers.

She cannot be bothered about the details anymore, she must rank up and prevent her body from exploding.

She quickly sat in a lotus position and direct the spirit energy into the spirit imprints on her wrists.

A short while later, a flying star the size of a goose egg descended and merged into Huan Qing Yans head.

Elder Ming was extremely shock, such a large flying star, this lasss heaven defying talent was something he had never seen before.

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At that instant, he suddenly felt a sense of pity if they were to lose such a great talent, even to the point he considered stopping the ritual.

But when he thought about the prosperity of his entire clan, he quickly sharpened his gaze as they turned cold.

A moment later, another huge flying star descended!

Huan Qing Yan had improved by two consecutive ranks!

The combination of ranking up and being nourished by the Treasure Vine within her body had slowly cleared Huan Qing Yans confused mind, her entire memory restored, and like an opened floodgate

Her hazy eyes were completely gone as the sharp clear light of intelligence replaced it!

So, these people were trying to sacrifice her!

They were simply too naïve!

She managed to quickly identify the problem but dare not act lightly, she would wait till the arrival of Ji Mo Ya

On the other side, Ji Mo Ya was quickly approaching the altar, but was stopped by Elder Ming when he was near.

What happened?

The other five Mystic Spirit Masters who grouped up with Elder Ming asked as they had yet to have a clear understanding of the situation.

Heh heh, it is time for our clan to prosper! That lass actually possesses an ancient bloodline! By sacrificing her, the totem could be easily activated without hiccups!

Ancient bloodline? Did you make a mistake?

The five Mystic Spirit Masters were all surprised, one of them even questioned his discovery immediately.

Humph, do anyone of you dare to say that you are better in the Blood Observation Skill then this old man?

The other five nodded in agreement to his statement as they got excited, The heavens are helping us…”

Are all of you done? a voice suddenly broke through their conversation.

Initially, Ji Mo Ya only had confusion about Huan Qing Yan ranking up.

When he heard the conversation, he immediately understood the situation and the raging flames of rage instantly welled up within him.

Sacrifice, they want to play with Huan Qing Yans life!

If you are still not done, then all of you can continue your conversation during the journey to hell! Ji Mo Ya shouted furiously as he raised an ancient looking mirror; the Demon Revealing Mirror!

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