Chapter 528 – Souls Uncontrollably Shook

The Demon Revealing Mirror affects the souls of enemies, it causes a delay in their reactions for a short time.

However, the effect is not suitable in the situation when facing multiple enemies.

Ji Mo Ya did not plan to use it that way anyway; he flicked a finger under the fearful eyes of every masked person.


The next instant, a furious and berserk roar was heard, and the souls of everyone that was shined by the mirror was affected!

The pressure was overwhelming, and despite their abilities as Mystic Spirit Masters, the six masked men all felt their souls shook uncontrollably!

The precise source of this pressure came from the Ancient Tyrant King Lizards soul trapped within the Demon Revealing Mirror!

His current strength was not at a level where he could completely refine the soul despite having trapped it for such a long time.

This remnant soul belongs to a King Rank power!

If Ji Mo Ya had not prepared such plan beforehand, and without the suppressive control the Demon Revealing Mirror had on it, Ji Mo Ya too would also need to plan for an escape after using such a move!

Originally, he did not wish to use this move as he was worried of unforeseeable accidents; however, he was currently filled with anger and had thus discarded any logic.


The six Mystic Spirit Masters instantly fell into a dazed state, and without hesitation Ji Mo Ya quickly threw a black bead towards them


From the center of the six Mystic Spirit Masters, an earth-shattering explosion was heard as smoke and debris flew everywhere.

On a closer look, these debris were actually pieces of flesh and limbs!

The smoke was also tainted with the color of blood!

Thunderbolt Bead!

Six individuals were attacked but only one voice was heard; filled with shock, despair and sorrow.

The person that stumbled out of the smoke was Elder Ming.

All disciples, retreat now!

Huan Qing Yan also took action at that moment, since she became a Seven Star Spirit Master, she was still unable to handle healthy True Spirit Masters, but injured ones; she should be able to take them on without much of a problem. She loudly shouted, Run? Dont think it will be easy! Who was the one that wanted to sacrifice me?

When Ji Mo Ya heard her, he was exalted.

From the lasss tone and mannerism, had she made a full recovery?

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Thousands of happy thoughts flashed through his heart, but the current situation was not the right time to celebrate!

He needs to beat up these losers first.

He quickly stood beside Huan Qing Yan, when both of them exchange a glance, a thousand words and a hundred feelings was exchanged in that moment. Huan Qing Yan felt her eyes was turning red, but her hands did not remain still, and the both of them started their attack on the man in black.

When the man in black saw the incoming devasting strike of Ji Mo Ya, he was scared silly.

Elder Ming quickly turned and ran without looking back, while doing so he also shouted towards the masked men to gather and escape.

At the same time, an endless sorrow filled his heart!

A failure!

An utter failure!

He got too complacent and too drunk at the thought of an impending victory!

Elder Ming knew that his opponent was an exception individual and was sure that the opponent would possess some powerful trump cards, yet Elder Ming did not maintain alertness, and caused them to lose their whole plan!

The Thunderbolt Bead was fine, that item might be powerful, but it was still avoidable if they had been careful enough.

The problem was that abnormally strong pressure that caused them to be completely suppressed by it!

Elder Ming did not know, but the Ancient Tyrant King Lizard was a peak existence within Spirit Treasure Continent in the past and was known to be extremely ruthless; only after a Sage acted was it suppressed and eventually, sealed.

Although it was only a remnant soul, but the soul power it possessed would have exceeded most ordinary King Rank individuals!

The masked men had all escaped, and at that moment, a group of people was charging towards them from afar!

Young Master! Mo Si is late!

Young Master…”

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It was the Ink Guards and the Feather Guards!

Ji Mo Ya was stood tall on his white dragon, Good timing! Kill all those masked men!

After he gave the instruction, he himself charged towards the retreating group too.

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