Chapter 529 – What? Why Are You Not Calling Me Uncle?

When the dust settled, the dull totem remained where it was, on the altar.

But the nine huge pillars were broken beyond recognition, and the entire area was in ruins

Within the ruins, and with deep affections, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan looked at each other; they were so focused on each other that it was as though there was no one else in the world other than the two of them.

After some time, Huan Qing Yan smiled as tears began to form in her eyes, she was unable to endure any longer and initiated a run towards Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya was current in quite a bad shape; he had never managed to fully recover from the injuries received from the Wolf Kings ambush, and later he was stabbed in the heart by Huan Qing Yan in Surging Wave Academia. Despite bearing these compounded injuries, he never found time to properly rest and recuperate.

Now, after a huge battle which just greatly drained him, he was at a state of extreme weakness.

However, he only felt happiness as he stretched out his arms towards the crying and smiling Huan Qing Yan who was running towards him.

His starry eyes were filled with joy, happiness, gratefulness and celebration

That suave image would make any person feel dizzy with enjoyment.

Only a man like him was able to produce such a noble and elegant image despite being clothed in injuries and tattered clothes.

With Huan Qing Yans soul completely restored, it allowed her to remember everything which had happened.

Including the period when she turned into a fool, the experiences and treatment she gotten, the moment when Ji Mo Ya descended from the sky like an angel to save her

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It was also Ji Mo Ya who entered her mind and dealt with the reincarnated girl for her

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When her intelligence was low, it was also Ji Mo Ya who carefully and tenderly took care of her, not despising her

This man!

What did she possessed, to be so fortunate to meet such a good man!

What did she possessed, to be so fortunate to earn his love!

This should be the person who loves her the most in the world, right?

Her heart was filled with blissful happiness, this man was someone worth loving for the rest of her life

No matter how difficult their future path may become, she Huan Qing Yan will never easily let Ji Mo Ya go again.

This man, was hers!

Huan Qing Yan jumped into Ji Mo Yas embrace in tears, Young Master Ya…”

Ji Mo Ya hugged her, and with a light smile of playfulness, What? Why are you not calling me uncle?

Huan Qing Yan blushed in embarrassment and buried her head onto his chest before replying with a sweet mushy voice, You wish, you are already lucky that I am not calling you Little Ya Ya.

The three words: Little Ya Ya, caused Ji Mo Yas smile to freeze.

Young Master Ya, I have something to say! someone spoke from afar at that moment.

The two of them looked over and saw that it was the Gnome King, Herbu.

Herbu was also in bad shape, his clothes were torn and tattered, the crown and jewelries he was wearing was also gone, while his entire person was being bounded by a large amount of rope.

He was looking at Ji Mo Ya with a hopeful face.

Oh? What do you have to say now? Ji Mo Ya looked at him interest.

This person could be said to have been one of the masterminds, thus Ji Mo Ya had no intention of letting him off.

Herbu also knew that this was the only chance he had to survive, so he quickly replied, The current Lady Huan might have restored her soul, but after a while, she might revert and become a fool again turning back into a person with an incomplete soul.

What do you mean? Ji Mo Ya frowned.

That gnome might be dumb, but it would not be so dumb to joke when his life is on the line, can it be

Eh, earlier on, Lady Huan only consumed a Seven Star Treasure Vine, it was enough to temporarily restore her soul, but after a while she would likely …”

Ji Mo Yas heart sank.

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