Chapter 530 – That’s Great!

Huan Qing Yan’s beautiful face paled, she did not want to continue on as a dumb lass.

Ji Mo Ya looked at Herbu and solemnly said, “Since you speak of this, then I believe you have a solution to that.”

Herbu quickly nodded, “Yes! Yes! However, I hope Young Master Ya would promise to spare my life.”

Just as Ji Mo Ya wanted to speak, a loud voice came from nearby.

“You can stop dreaming!”

The three of them looked over and saw Dorna’s approach, “Today is the day you pay for the crime of murdering my father!”

A shiver ran down Herbu’s spine and he turned to looked at Ji Mo Ya, “Young Master Ya…”

Ji Mo Ya looked at Dorna.

“You wish to use a Nine Star Treasure Vine to exchange for your life? Dream on!” Dorna looked at Herbu coldly, “Let me tell you now; that Nine Star Treasure Vine is gone!”

Herbu frantically replied, “It’s still there, inside the treasure vault. Don’t listen to him Young Master Ya…”

Seeing the panic and flustered Herbu was something refreshing to Dorna. This great revenge that lasted for so many years could finally be settled today. Dorna calmly said, “That Treasure Vine that you spoke of is indeed gone, as it has been consumed by someone!”

“Consumed? That’s impossible!” huge beads of sweat covered Herbu’s forehead, “That Treasure Vine was specially hidden within a secret chamber, it is impossible for anyone to find!”

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Dorna felt pretty good that he given a chance to toy with his father’s murderer’s death, “Oh, that hidden room within the vault? My poor uncle, didn’t you know that there is someone else that can open it other than you?”

“You are saying… it’s you! You stole the Nine Star Treasure Vine!” Herbu finally understood and fear filled his heart, “You… who did you gave it to?”

Dorna smiled, “Who consumed it? You have seen it personally, why still ask me?”

Herbu was stunned for a moment before he looked at Huan Qing Yan, “You are saying, that she consumed it… the Treasure Vine she consumed earlier on was a Nine Star Treasure Vine and not a Seven Star one?”

Dorna nodded.

“That… you… so the person who delivered the Treasure Vine was you! You swapped it!” Herbu finally understood, and with a heart filled with hatred, he charged towards Dorna with a headbutt.

This could not be helped, Dorna was unrecognizable as he was wearing a stone helmet and looked exactly like any normal guard would.

In addition, Elder Ming was the one who had intercepted the box and blocked his vision, otherwise Herbu would have never expected such an outcome to happen!

Dorna easily evaded the attack, causing Herbu’s strike to land on air; his head buried into the ground.

When Huan Qing Yan heard the conversation, she was filled with joy.

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“So that means I am really fine? That’s great!”

She turned around and hugged Ji Mo Ya happily.

Dorna pouted as he complained in his heart, ‘I am the one that you should be thanking!’

Since everything worked out fine and with a beauty in his arms, Ji Mo Ya was also in a great mood, his trademark smile of a noble young master was on display, while he stretched his naughty hands and started to caress everywhere…  

“Young Master, what are you doing? There are still people around…”

Dorna had already dragged Herbu off to the prison and left behind a group of gnome warriors to tidy up the ruins; this was after all their sacred grounds, they must restore its state as soon as possible.

Mo Si and the Feather Guards were still chasing after the masked men and were not around to be observers.

Ji Mo Ya displayed an innocent look, “I am checking for injuries, it was too dangerous earlier on…”

Huan Qing Yan was basically the only one least damaged after the battle, this was because she had not engaged in any fights, plus with her current Seven Star Spirit Master cultivation, any minor injuries would not pose any problem to her.

Ji Mo Ya hooked his arm around her waist and locked her against his waist before lowering his face, “The body seems fine, time to check your little lips and see if…”

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