Chapter 531 – Kiss

His last sentence faded away as he latched onto Huan Qing Yan’s cherry red lips.

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Huan Qing Yan was slightly embarrassed as there were gnomes nearby still so she wanted to escape, however she was overwhelmed by the domineering attitude of Ji Mo Ya as her lips was captured…

The kiss contained a mixture of yearning, happiness, dominance and gentleness.

Huan Qing Yan no longer thought of escape as she closed her eyes and tipped her toes, stretching out her arms to hook onto his neck, her entire person to be half hanging off him. This was the first time she proactively reacted to him and their tongues intertwined.

The moment the tips of their tongues touched, both of them felt as though an electrical current had passed through them, it was a numbing yet comfortable sensation. Huan Qing Yan felt her entire body turning pliant as waves of electricity travelled from the top of her body to the tip of her toes, to the point her toes curled up… her entire body was experiencing a state of relaxation that she had never felt before.

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Tears started to gush out as well.

She had been framed by Jin Da Zhong; accused of being a Demon Man, she got locked up in a cage meant for Demon Men, her soul was torn apart by the reincarnated girl… all her grievances were slowly vented out and reconciled through this kiss.

No matter how much grievances she felt, no matter how much hardship she experienced, she still has this man who loves her! She was satisfied knowing that this man who was the greatest and most excellent in the world would never leave and forsake her.

Ji Mo Ya felt the emotional change as Huan Qing Yan underwent; he slowly shifted away from her lips and tenderly kissed her tears in adoration, gently and sweetly.

“Don’t cry Little One, everything is in the past, the future will only be bright.”

The choked voice of Huan Qing Yan was as loud as a mosquito, “Let’s never separate from each other from now on, okay?”  

Never separate from each other, as long as Ji Mo Ya not push her away, no one would ever be able to pull her away from his side.

No matter how tough the future may become, she was willing to face it head on.

As long as they can stay together and live happily.

Ji Mo Ya’s smile was like the gentle sun that possessed great healing capabilities, he gently licked her face as though he was savoring an extremely delicious pastry, before speaking in a tender voice, “Ok, whatever you say…”

There is no measure for how deep love can go, when the two lovers hugged each other, they felt as though they possessed the entire world.

Dorna had return long ago, he was followed by a group of gnomes in the attires of court officials.

In his hand was the King’s Scepter, he silently looked at the two intimate individuals with complex looking eyes. He did not disturb them but chose to quietly observe them instead.

At the same time, he looked at the corpses-laden ground, they were all bodies of the masked men, but what were their identities?

After some time, Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya approached, hand in hand.

“Young Master Ya, these humans did not possess any forms of identification on them, who are they?” Dorna used the opportunity to ask.

“I am temporarily unable to confirm.”

Huan Qing Yan asked curiously, “What is their goal for activating the totem?”

“It is likely for the Power of the Sage that is within the totem! They hope to extract the energy left behind by the gnome Sage to forcefully increase their own cultivation.” Ji Mo Ya was able to confirm the point; in fact, he had some guesses about these men’s identities.

When Dorna and the other gnomes heard those words, they were instantly enraged. To think that someone was scheming after the power of the ascended sage’s totem; these men deserves death.

Ji Mo Ya continued, “A pity that the totem no longer held the Power of the Sage.”

The gnomes did not understand, “Why did the Power of the Sage disappear?”

“I am not sure as well, but I am unable to sense it.” as a God Chosen, the Sage’s Light emitted by Ji Mo Ya would resonate with the Power of the Sage within the totem, but he did not sense anything from it.

The totem felt like a well that dried up.

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