Chapter 461: The little lolita’s spring scenery

Dry Bones left. When he left, he took Bite Xiuge’s undead magic manual and notes. He also took the Extra Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic given to him by Long Yi.

Extra Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic was a great undead magic spell. Long Yi believed that with Dry Bones’ talent, he would definitely be able to combine the Extra Dimensional Undead Summoning Magic with traditional undead magic. He would be able to reach a higher level with knowledge of the spell.

“Do you trust me so much? I saw between you and Dry Bones….” Mu Hanyan asked Long Yi with a smile the moment Dry Bones disappeared.

“Of course I trust you. You are my woman. I have no reason to not believe in you…” Long Yi grinned and pulled Mu Hanyan’s little hand.

A trace of strange luster flashed through her eyes. Gently retracting her hand, Mu Hanyan sighed, “It’s already late, I should be going. You should go back to the imperial palace to accompany your princess…”

Long Yi noticed that something was wrong with Mu Hanyan, however, his expression didn’t change at all. He still had a smirk on his face as he looked at Mu Hanyan in the eye. Grabbing her small hands, he looked at her with an intoxicated gaze. With a soft voice, he pacified her, “In my eyes, you are also my princess.”

Mu Hanyan slightly trembled and a layer sweat of appeared on her palm. She replied Long Yi with a smile on her face, “Don’t flatter me. Set aside your sweet words and honeyed phrases for other women, I am leaving.” After speaking, she retracted her hand and rode on Bai Yu’s back. She instantly disappeared into the horizon,

The smile on Long Yi’s face slowly disappeared and his eyes glimmered with a hint of an intriguing smile. Whether Mu Hanyan was an enemy or a friend, he simply didn’t care. He believed that she would willingly become his woman in the end.

As it wasn’t early anymore, Long Yi started his trip back to the imperial palace.

Would Yinyin be sleeping together with Ruyue again? If… If they were, they would be giving me the invitation to eat them up. Long Yi had some wicked thoughts in his head. Yinyin’s body was really not bad… The feeling he had when he squeezed her ** was also the first rate.

When he was lost in his licentious thoughts, a whistling sound came from behind him and a milky white light beam shot towards him in a surprise attack. The light instantly interrupted his thoughts. Long Yi looked up and saw Dongfang Kexin wearing a red priest robe floating not far away from him. She was giving him a cold gaze with her beautiful eyes.

“Kexin, why are you looking for me so late at night? What do you want? How about we go to the imperial palace and have a cup of tea? I think your cousin-in-law will be very happy to see you.” Long Yi said with a smile as he returned Dongfang Kexin’s gaze. Honestly speaking, he was truly unaccustomed to Dongfang Kexin’s sudden change in behavior.

“Shut up! That evil necromancer I was chasing just a moment ago, did you save him?” Dongfang Kexin snapped impatiently. She had an annoyed expression when she looked at Long Yi.

“I saw that necromancer and I also saw that someone was attacking the innocent in the name of the Light Church. As for who saved him, everyone with eyes would be able to see. Why on earth would you think that I saved him?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said with a slight smile.

“Who was attacking the innocent in the name of the Light Church?” Dongfang Kexin glared at Long Yi with her beautiful eyes. Although there wasn’t any killing intent in her eyes, Long Yi could feel the bone-piercing chill behind her gaze. She clearly cared about this issue.

“You know who I am talking about, cousin Kexin.” Long Yi smiled at Dongfang Kexin, completely ignoring the coldness she emitted. Originally, he was somewhat happy because Dongfang Kexin would not pester him any longer. However, when he saw Dongfang Kexin’s current appearance, he felt even more uncomfortable.

“Do you mean me? How can I attack the innocent in the name of the Light Church?” Dongfang Kexin firmly held onto her magic staff. She had already made up her mind to pursue the matter. She won’t allow Long Yi to get away without explaining himself.

“Then, on the beach, there was a person who didn’t care about the life of that little girl. Wasn’t that you?” Long Yi got closer to Dongfang Kexin with a smirk on his face. He walked closer to her and he could smell the delicate fragrance coming from her body.

Dongfang Kexin wanted to retreat immediately. However, she thought that Long Yi would believe that she retreated because she was afraid of him. She endured the restlessness and nervous feeling welling up in her heart and she didn’t move a single muscle. However, the fluctuation in her eyes showed that the effect Long Yi had on her was still present somewhere deep in her heart.

“Of course not. Not killing that necromancer will result in more people getting hurt. I just want to save more people.” Dongfang Kexin righteously said and a layer of sparkling light shone around her body. Even though she appeared to be acting for the sake of saving more people, and the white light made her look holy, Long Yi felt disgusted when he looked at her.

“How do you even know that that necromancer is evil? How do you know that he will kill even more people? Did you catch him in the act of killing people?” Long Yi watched Dongfang Kexin with an intense stare when he fired off multiple questions at her.

“Every single necromancer is an evil person. They should be killed on sight without pardon.” Dongfang Kexin slightly avoided Long Yi’s gaze. For some unknown reason, she wasn’t confident when she answered Long Yi.

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“What a joke. That is just a reason the Light Church gives for killing random people, nothing more. Necromancers summon undead creatures and they don’t mess with living beings at all. Why are you saying that all necromancers are evil? You were present when necromancers were committing evil?” Long Yi sneered.

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“I……” Dongfang Kexin was speechless for a moment and was unable to refute. That was because she had no way to prove that all necromancers were evil and she relied on the light doctrine to tell her everything. There was no evidence to prove that necromancers were evil. She had never seen any necromancer commit evil before.

“You should think about your own actions. Do not rely on the light doctrine for everything.” Long Yi indifferently said. After leaving behind his last words of advice, he ignored Dongfang Kexin and walked to the imperial palace. Dongfang Kexin was left in a daze after hearing what Long Yi said.

Dongfang Kexin was still floating in the air and her ice-cold beautiful face distorted a little. She held her head as she felt a wave of pain coming from her heart. A crack seemed to have appeared at the bottom of her heart.

When Long Yi returned to the imperial palace, Nalan Ruyue’s room was still brightly lit. However, Long Yi couldn’t see anyone in the room even after he entered from the balcony.

“Strange, where did those two girls go?” Long Yi looked around the room and thought aloud.

All of a sudden Long Yi heard sounds of water splashing coming from the bathroom. The voices of the girls could also be heard. Long Yi listened carefully and heard the voices of both Nalan Ruyue and Nalan Rumeng.

Seemed as though the sisters were taking a bath together… Long Yi smiled and sat on the sofa. Casually opening a bottle of wine, he raised it to his lips.

“Big sister, don’t… Hahaha!” The voice of the little Lolita resounded and the bathroom door was opened with a bang. A petite, snow-white stature rushed out from inside the bathroom.

“Puff!” Long Yi sprayed out a mouthful of wine. He stared blankly at the stark naked little Lolita in front of him. That wet beautiful brown hair draped over her snow-white shoulders and a pair of little meat buns that had yet to develop at her chest [could cause violent nosebleed to whoever saw it. When Long Yi moved his gaze downwards, there was…

“Smelly husband, you are still looking!” A shout filled the room and a white bath towel flew over from inside the bathroom. It blocked off Long Yi’s line of sight and Long Yi’s eyes were shining with lewd light. Next, the little Lolita issued a scream that was comparable to a dolphin. Hurried footsteps and rustling sounds followed and anyone could imagine that the little lolita was throwing clothes over herself.

After a little while, Long Yi guessed that Little Lolita had already finished putting on her clothing. As such, he removed the bath towel from his head. However, the scene before his eyes shocked him even more.

He saw that Nalan Ruyue was wearing a hollow-style sexy pajama without wearing anything inside. Her exotic fragrance assailed his nose and Long Yi was instantly aroused. As for the little Lolita who used to be confident in front of Long Yi, she appeared to be extremely shy now. She had shrunk inside the quilt and she refused to climb out.

“Eh…… This……” Long Yi raised his hand and placed it down after a little while. He instinctively wanted to explain himself. However, he realized that he had nothing to explain! He had just sat there without moving, this entire incident had nothing to do with him.

“What this that, didn’t you intentionally keep quiet after entering the room? Not letting us know even though you returned, bad husband.” Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes as she snorted.

“This is also my room! Do I need to make a sound when I return? Ruyue, when did you become so unreasonable?” Long Yi pretended to be angry and he gritted his teeth. He expressed his dissatisfaction to the sisters who were on the bed.

“I’m an unreasonable person to begin with! Did you just notice this? Well, it’s too late now.” Nalan Ruyue naturally knew that Long Yi was joking. As such, she folded her arms in front of her chest and proclaimed proudly. Such an action made her bosom even more prominent and he could clearly see her cherries.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and he suddenly pulled Nalan Ruyue into his bosom. With the classic smirk on his face, he said, “It’s not too late for anything. If you want to be unreasonable, I’ll be unreasonable too. That makes us even.”

From the wolf-like pupils of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue could discern the upcoming ** storm. If Nalan Rumeng, this little light bulb, was not present at the moment, Long Yi would definitely have pounced on her. She knew that her actions were like pouring a kettle of oil on an open flame. Currently, there was only one thing she wanted to do, escaping was the only thought on her mind.

“Oh…… So hateful…… Rumeng… She is still…… Ah……” Since Nalan Ruyue was dishonest, her little mouth was sealed by Long Yi’s in a moment. His skillful tongue took advantage of her protests to slide into her mouth. As a result, she had to swallow down all of her remaining words.

The two of them kissed passionately and the devil’s talons which belonged to Long Yi rubbed, pinched, and wreak havoc on Nalan Ruyue’s twin mountains from the top of her nearly transparent pajama. The two cherries on top of her breasts stood erect in a second.

When they were indulged in their happiness, Nalan Rumeng had stealthily popped her head out of the silk quilt. Her little face was bright red as she watched the fiery ** of Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue.

“Hus… My husband…… Let’s go to another room……” Nalan Ruyue exhaled a scorching hot breath and she whispered into Long Yi’s ear. Her ** which she had suppressed for quite some time was thoroughly provoked. However, the little bit of reason she had left in her made her unable to completely enjoy Long Yi’s ** in front of her younger sister.

Long Yi didn’t consider this for too long. Although making love in front of this little Lolita was stimulating, it wasn’t the best time to do so. As such, he carried Nalan Ruyue and rushed into the next room.

“Truly so hateful! Why on earth did you two run away?” Nalan Rumeng muttered. Before long, she covered her burning hot and beautiful face with the silk quilt.

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