Chapter 462: Your Majesty the Empress

After **, Nalan Ruyue lied limp on Long Yi’s body. Under the illumination of a dim lamplight, her body seemed to have a pink luster around it. She looked extremely alluring and flirtatious.

“Smelly husband, you are very bad! How can you do that in front of Rumeng?” Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face had a hint of red blush on it as she scolded Long Yi. She grumbled in a flirty manner as she pounded her small fist on Long Yi’s sturdy chest.

“Haha, it’s that girl that should be embarrassed. It is perfectly justifiable for us, a pair of husband and a wife, to have fun as a couple. That little girl appears before us every day, getting in our way. It’s time to make her understand these things.” Long Yi smiled and he caressed the beauty in his bosom. No matter how many times he held her, he would never get tired of it.

Nalan Ruyue sat up and her firm and fair ** looked even more soul-stirring. Rolling her eyes, she exposed Long Yi’s evil intentions, “You think I don’t know about your evil plan? I’m pretty sure you want to eat us both sisters up.”

Long Yi smiled. It was impossible for him to deny this. That Little Lolita was also very likable. As a physically and mentally sound man, he was obviously tempted.

“My husband, hurry up and admit it. Do you have this idea in your head?” Nalan Ruyue pressed down on Long Yi and pestered. She wanted to hear his answer no matter what.

“How can that be? Am I that kind of person?” Long Yi pleaded his innocence. Even if someone hacked him to death, he wouldn’t admit his dirty thoughts to Nalan Ruyue.

“Do you mean to say that you don’t want Rumeng? Rumeng is almost 15 years old now. Moreover, you hug her to sleep every day. Now, you dare to say that you are not interested in her? How can you seduce and abandon her?” Nalan Ruyue snorted and she sat up. Turning around, she faced away from Long Yi as her spotlessly white back faced Long Yi.

Eh? Long Yi’s mind almost exploded. What on earth was this girl trying to say?

When Nalan Ruyue sensed that there wasn’t any movements from Long Yi behind her, she turned around to face him. She saw that Long Yi was lost in some thoughts with a blank expression on his face. She couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

“Why are you laughing? Is your ** itching again?” Long Yi came back to his senses and asked.

Nalan Ruyue smiled and snuggled into Long Yi’s arms. It seemed like she already had a thorough grasp of Long Yi’s nature.

“My husband, don’t be angry. Rumeng just had her first awakening of love. Even a fool can see that she has feelings for you. According to the general principle of our continent, girls aged 15 can get married. Rumeng only has half a year left before she turns 15. Up until that point, my husband, you are not allowed to eat her up.” Nalan Ruyue muttered as she leaned on Long Yi’s body.

“Then what about other things?” Long Yi smirked.

“You are asking me about the other things?? Whether or not you should do those things… Didn’t you already do all of them? In any case, you are not allowed to cross the last step until Rumeng reaches 15.” Nalan Ruyue nibbled on Long Yi’s chest and she said resentfully.

“Okay, okay.” Long Yi answered with a smile. Although that Little Lolita was adorable, she was still unripe. The general rule on the Blue Waves Continent wasn’t there without reason. There was a reason why only girls above the age of 15 could get married. If they got married and lost their virginity too early, it was easy to hard the body.


The sunlight reflected off the surface of the sea and a clear mist rose from the deep blue waters. At first glance, the mist seemed to be curling up towards the sky, flying high to a fairyland. However, the boiling hot air wave made the people sober up. They realized that currently, they were like a steamed stuffed bun above a heating stove which was the earth.

After the typhoon which struck the last time, Blue Moon City was exposed to the sun for many days. The unusually hot weather made those who had a weak body ill. The number of people who fell ill and those who passed away due to illness wasn’t small at all. Everyone inside the city wall was gloomy and miserable in this period. There were thousands, even tens of thousands of people praying and begging for rain on the streets. They hoped that they could pass the hottest summer in this century safely.

It was noon and it was the time of the day where the temperature was the highest. The streets were deserted and quiet. There were only a few stalls open for business. However, even the shopkeepers were sitting lifelessly on chairs by their shops. The magic fan was continuously rotating with creaking sounds as it pushed the air around it. However, the wind it produced was also hot. It didn’t help at all.

All of a sudden, a clap of thunder resounded and the sound of thunder filled the skies. The winds roused and clouds scudded. The sun was instantly covered by dark clouds and strong winds whistled through the walls. Countless flags fluttered on the walls and the heat was instantly blown away.

“Rain! It’s finally going to rain! God is blessing our Nalan Empire!” The number of people rushing out into the streets numbered in the thousands. The eyes of everyone were brimming with tears as they chanted, about how the Light God doesn’t abandon his people.

Crackle, boom. Several silverish purple streaks of lightning tore through the vault of heaven, as the thunder rumbled. Raindrops began to fall from the dark clouds. The entire Blue Moon City was full of joy. If the rain were to come later, more people might have lost their lives to the heat.

The rain for heavier and heavier. Before long, it became a downpour. The water from the heavens washed through the burning hot roofs and road surface. Even though it was raining heavily, none sought shelter. Everyone was screaming excitedly in the streets and they were thankful for the heavy rain.

Long Yi with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist stood at the balcony of Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarter. Watching this heavy downpour outside, a trace of a strange smile appeared on his face.

“My husband, why are you smiling?” Nalan Ruyue dressed in a silk nightgown tightly hugged Long Yi’s waist from behind and asked softly.

“I watched the stars last night. There wasn’t any sign of rain…” Long Yi gently stroke Nalan Ruyue’s little hands which were wrapped around his waist and he explained.

“My husband shouldn’t talk nonsense. Last night, you were continuously up to mischief. Where did you get the time to watch the stars?” Nalan Ruyue with a red face grumbled in a flirty manner.

Long Yi laughed hollowly. He only had some superficial knowledge on the configurations of the stars. However, he at least knew about the lunar halo which indicated rain. This was the only phenomenon he knew. As for the rest, Long Yi had far less knowledge about.

“Yue’er, don’t you want to slowly explore your husband’s abilities? Now, I’ll give you a warning. You should put on your empress dress and prepare to be coronated.” Long Yi mysteriously said as he looked at the rain outside.

Nalan Ruyue released Long Yi and stood beside him. Lifting her head to stare at Long Yi’s face, Nalan Ruyue asked curiously, “Why? Is the Light Pope here? According to the intelligence, he should arrive tomorrow.”

“You don’t believe me, your husband? Don’t you feel something fishy when you look at the surroundings?” Long Yi smiled and said.

When she heard what Long Yi said, Nalan Ruyue closed her eyes and she emitted her spirit power in all directions. She was searching for anything which was out of the ordinary. Suddenly, she opened her eyes. She realized that there was something fishy with the rain. Generally, wind, rain, and other natural phenomenons would cause magic element fluctuation. However, the magic element fluctuation in the air now was much more concentrated. The fluctuation of magic elements greatly resembled the fluctuation which was caused by magic spells. The fluctuation of magic elements in the air now was not something which would occur naturally.

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“My husband, are you saying that this heavy downpour is artificial?” Nalan Ruyue looked up and asked. Although she was asking Long Yi a question, it seemed like she already knew the answer.

“Correct. It’s not difficult to call for rain over a city as big as Blue Moon City. A forbidden magic spell can easily achieve this. However, there are no signs of a forbidden magic spell in the air as the fluctuations are not violent. It’s likely that many people joined hands to cast this spell together. If my guess isn’t wrong, Light Pope Charles will arrive right after the rain stops.” Long Yi said with a smile. In his heart, he admired Charles’ trick. This heavy rain would be associated to the power of the Light God without a doubt. This was the effect Charles wanted. Because of the rain, believers of the Light Church would be deeply grateful to Charles and the Light God because of this timely rain. Their faith in the Light Church would become stronger… This was really Charles using one stone to strike many birds.


Nalan Ruyue didn’t doubt what Long Yi said. This notice made the entire imperial palace tense and busy. Currently, the day for the coronation wasn’t fixed. It would be whenever the Light Pope arrived. Even if he arrived late at night, it would be the time for coronation. As such, everything was already decorated with lanterns and colored banners.

The rain gradually stopped and the dark clouds in the sky dispersed. The water vapor quickly rose to the sky, forming a thick layer of white clouds which blocked the heat of the sun. As a result, Blue Moon City was pleasantly cool and windy. The sea breeze was mentally refreshing.

The northern city gate of Blue Moon City was already boisterous and all the priests and light warriors from the Light Church had been dispatched there. They neatly stood on both sides of the public road outside the city gate. Holy Priest Karen and Dongfang Kexin were also there.

As such, everyone knew that Light Pope Charles would be arriving at any moment. The entire Blue Moon City was filled with exultation because this indicated that Nalan Empire was no longer without a head. Now, a new spiritual pillar would be erected in the empire.

Nalan Ruyue wore the new style empress dress with the help of her palace maids and she put on a dazzling imperial crown. In addition, the majestic and imposing manner with her sharp eyes that radiated faint coldness made everyone dumbstruck on the spot. It appeared as if Nalan Ruyue was made to be an empress, she was born to rule the entire empire.

“Brother-in-law, my big sister is so beautiful now! However, she seems somewhat frightening.” Nalan Rumeng hugged Long Yi’s arm and she pouted.

Long Yi smiled and his gaze looking at Nalan Ruyue looked like he was watching a peerless artwork created by himself. The feeling which was swelling up inside him couldn’t be described with words. Yes, Nalan Ruyue would become the first empress in the history of the entire Blue Waves Continent. The feeling he had now was the same as when Beitang Yu, who was also cultivated by him, made a name for herself on the battlefields. When Long Yi saw Beitang Yi commanding the wind and clouds in the Unparalleled Battalion as she shook the entire Blue Waves Continent, he felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

Swish, Nalan Ruyue flung back the lower hem of her magnificent empress gown and sat down on the spacious chair above. Her momentum startled people below her and they subconsciously looked at her in veneration. They subconsciously kneeled down to salute their empress.

Nalan Ruyue indifferently looked at the imperial maids and imperial guards who were kneeling below. However, she was also feeling nervous in her heart. She looked up and saw Long Yi who was looking at her with praise from not far away. After sneaking a glance at Long Yi, her heart gradually calmed down.

“Urgent report, Princess…… Your Majesty the Empress, Light Pope Charles will be at the northern gate soon.” An imperial guard rushed in to report. However, the moment he entered the hall, he saw that Nalan Ruyue was wearing a gorgeous empress attire as she sat majestically on the throne. There were neat rows of imperial maids and guards kneeling before the throne as well. The way he addressed Nalan Ruyue changed in an instant. From ‘Princess’, he changed his address to ‘Your Majesty the Empress’.

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“Since that is the case, we’ll set out now.” Nalan Ruyue stood up and said indifferently.

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