Chapter 463: Riding the Light God

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The artificial thunder and rain had lasted for more than an hour. Now, the temperature was much cooler. The cool breeze blew through the city and everyone felt much more comfortable. The heat and anguish from before had disappeared.

Currently, everyone in Blue Moon City left their house in order to welcome the Light Pope. Everyone craned their necks and paid their respects to the Light God in their heart. In other words, they were paying respects to the Light Pope, Charles. This was someone who stood at the pinnacle of the Blue Waves Continent.

Suddenly, a deep and distant bell resounded. On the imperial stone path, a gorgeous eight horsed emperor carriage appeared. This Dragon Carriage was left behind by the founding emperor of the Nalan Empire. Even after thousands of years, it was still well maintained. The color and luster of the carriage was left unchanged. Every new emperor of the Nalan Empire would ride in the carriage. It was eight meters high, ten meters long and five meters wide. It had several long silk curtains on left and right side of the carriage. Whenever the wind blew against the carriage, the curtains would dance in the wind. This carriage was pulled by eight unicorns. Each one had four strong and healthy limbs. Their posture was graceful and they had smooth fur without any miscellaneous hair. When the common people saw the carriage, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

Two rows of elite imperial cavalrymen and attendants cleared the way on the left and right. They looked morally elevated and inviolable. Nalan Ruyue who was wearing the empress robe sat gracefully on the carriage. She was like an overlord, looking at all of her people who were kneeling at the sides. Currently, she looked majestic and serene. She clearly displayed the aura of an emperor.

Long Yi was high up in the air with the Little Lolita. He nodded his head inwardly. Nalan Ruyue didn’t let him down.

The Dragon Carriage advanced very quickly and arrived at the northern city gate in a short amount of time. The priests who were there slightly bowed towards Nalan Ruyue in a show of courtesy. At this moment, Nalan Ruyue wasn’t just a Saintess of the Light Church. She was also the empress of the Nalan Empire. However, the profession of a priest was a noble one. Other than the Light Pope, they didn’t need to kneel down to anyone else. Just a slight bow was enough to show their respect to Nalan Ruyue. One could well imagine how big of an authority the Light Church had in this era.

Long Yi held onto the Little Lolita in midair. He stared at everything which was happening below him. With a slight movement, Long Yi drifted away.

“Young Master Ximen, in this period of time, you seemed to be looking at the head of the magic dragon. However, you didn’t manage to see its tail…” Holy Priest Karen smiled and greeted Long Yi the moment he appeared.

“What? Did you, Holy Priest Karen, miss me?” Long Yi directly joked with Karen without giving her a proper greeting. He seemed to have missed the swift and fierce glares from the other priests. The atmosphere became tense and the smell of gunpowder appeared in the air. The moment Holy Priest Karen gave the order, all of the priests were ready to duke it out with Long Yi.

“Young Master Ximen you were spot on. Recently, I felt some kind of anxiety in my heart. It was about something related to you. However, I think His Majesty, the Pope, would be more worried than me. After the coronation ceremony, His Majesty the Pope cannot do without looking for Young Master Ximen. He said that he wanted to have a long talk with you.” Karen smiled despite Long Yi’s disrespect. She didn’t lose her temper at all. Instead, she turned the entire situation around. With a few words, she caused everyone to speculate about the relationship Long Yi had with the Light Pope.

“That’s something which was bound to happen. This Young Master believes that His Majesty, the Pope, was soul brothers with me since a long time ago. When this Young Master and Yue’er got married, I only got a glimpse of it. That was something this Young Master greatly regretted. This time, if there is an opportunity, this Young Master would like the Light Pope to give me some pointers. I would like to be enlightened.” Long Yi said with a smile. Although the words coming from his mouth was polite, the expression on his face and the tone he had was the complete opposite.

Karen and Long Yi looked at each other and smiled. No one knew whether they had a tacit understanding or had evil intentions.

When Long Yi was messing around with Karen, thousands of rosy lights came from the horizon. An auspicious and happy aura surged over like a time which made many people feel comfortable.

A milky white radiance suddenly emerged from the rosy lights and a figure was dimly visible in the midst of the radiance. The figure appeared in the sky above the northern city gate in an instant. There was a light halo behind him and even a pair of wings appeared on his back. Also, a dense light aura filled the entire Blue Moon City.

“Your Majesty the Pope……” Numerous priests greeted the Light Pope and the common people kneeled down. Each and every one of them devoutly looked towards Charles as they prostrated themselves and prayed. In their heart, they felt as though they could die without regrets. Since they saw the Light Pope, Charles, they would be happy even in death.

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The moment Charles appeared, Holy Priest Karen took the lead. She was the first to pay her respects to the Light Pope. Nalan Ruyue who was about to ascend to the throne was also no exception. Besides, she was the Saintess of the Light Church. She was accustomed to this since a long time ago.

However, there was one person who wasn’t kneeling or paying their respects. It was Long Yi. He held his head high as he stood upright on the ground. He stared at Charles who was floating in the sky with an incomprehensible smile on his face. Now that this old fellow had a favor to ask of him, Long Yi would be able to get away with anything.

Charles’ expression of bemoaning the state of the universe and pitying fate was on his face. His gaze rested on Long Yi for a moment, and his pupils flashed with a fanatical light for an instant before disappearing. As long as Long Yi unraveled the mystery of the light spirit tablet and gave him the chance to inherit the abilities, Charles would accept anything. Even Long Yi’s rude behavior… He could also agree to any request Long Yi had.

“All of you, rise. The Mighty Light God will bless and protect his believers, vanquish all evils, and let virtuous people have eternal life.” Pope Charles proclaimed using his low voice which could confuse and poison the mind. With a wave of his hand, thousands of white light specks fell to the ground. When these white light specks entered the body, everyone felt that their bones had become lighter. Their bodies also felt more relaxed and comfortable. This made them even more devout and they eagerly called out the slogan of the Light Church.

“Brother-in-law, why did Pope grow wings behind him?” Under the influence of Long Yi, the Little Lolita was unlike the others. She didn’t see the Light Pope as God.

“Those are fake, brother-in-law can also do that.” Long Yi smiled and replied to her.

“Then wouldn’t that make him a big liar? Just a moment ago, I felt something different about him! He seemed to have become a terrifying person…” Nalan Rumeng innocently bit Long Yi’s ear as she complained. Her senses could be regarded as sharp for someone her ago. She was unexpectedly able to sense the concealed, fanatical intentions the Light Pope had.

“He is the biggest liar in the world. He bluffed his way around using the name of the Light God. Look, these people are imprisoned in a drum [1].” Long Yi said with a smile on his face.

[1] imprisoned in a drum: kept in the dark

“Then… Isn’t big sister also being cheated by him? Brother-in-law, why don’t you let big sister know?” Nalan Rumeng angrily pouted.

“Your big sister…… She already knows. She is intentionally pretending to be deceived. You cannot go around talking about this stuff. Your big sister didn’t allow me to tell anyone about this matter anyway.” Long Yi spoke like he was fooling a child. In fact, he was also uncertain in his heart. If he and the Light Pope, Charles, shredded all pretense of cordiality, he had no idea whose side Nalan Ruyue would stand one. The power of religious brainwashing was very frightening. Now, he was doing his best to secretly influence Nalan Ruyue. He wanted her to free her spirit from the binding of the Light Church’s doctrine.

The coronation ceremony was naturally carried out in the Light Church of Blue Moon City. All the great nobles and ministers were present. In addition, there were numerous people who were there for the ceremony.


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At the start, Charles started out by reading out thousands of articles. They were the same rules which governed the Light Church. After that, he sang the praises of the mighty Light God. Of course, he didn’t forget to add in praises of himself.

Shortly after that, there was a series of tedious rituals which came one after another. Just being there tired him out. Long Yi was feeling sleepy, but the expression on Nalan Ruyue’s face never changed. She was dignified and sincere. She didn’t dare to be careless.

“Brother-in-law, it’s so boring.” Nalan Rumeng shrunk into Long Yi’s bosom and complained softly.

“Just in time! Your brother-in-law is also bored. Brother-in-law will take you to take a break outside.” Long Yi whispered into Nalan Rumeng’s ear and pulled on her little hand. He got up and walked out of the church in front of everyone. He ignored the row of light warriors who were blocking the front and he entered the side hall with Nalan Rumeng.

However, since the Light Pope didn’t express anything, no one dared to stop Long Yi. In addition, from the conversation between Long Yi and Holy Priest Karen, they were unable to guess the relationship between Long Yi and the Light Pope. All they knew was that the relationship wasn’t shallow at all.

“Brother-in-law, you are awesome! That Pope is really a big liar! Even when he saw that you left the hall, he didn’t dare to utter a word.” Nalan Rumeng said with admiration.

“That’s natural. In front of your brother-in-law, no matter how arrogant a fellow is, he is just a paper tiger. If your brother-in-law said to go left, they wouldn’t dare to go right.” Long Yi smugly bragged. In any case, there was no price to pay for bragging. He could say anything he wanted… Who would be there to stop him?

Passing through a long corridor inside the Light Church, Long Yi arrived at a small courtyard. Looking upwards, he saw a huge statue of the Light God on top of the Light Church. It had eight wings spread wide open and it looked somewhat imposing.

Long Yi thought about the time when he saw the statue of the Light God on top of the church located in Light City. It was a big city in the northern part of the Violent Dragon Empire. For the first time in his life, he felt disdain when he looked at the statue of the Light God. Now, after so many years, he had a different feeling. In the past, he didn’t believe in the existence of Gods. However, everything was different now. The Light Church, an organization to spread the faith of the Light God in this Blue Waves Continent, had already degenerated. However, Long Yi believed that the original intentions of the Light God wasn’t like this at all. Perhaps, he truly wanted to just spread the faith of helping others. However, following the change of era, it had changed into a tool which powerful people used to control the world.

Currently, the Dark God was in the dark space inside Lost City. The Lightning God had already vanished. As for the Light God, where did he go? What about the other Gods? What exactly happened in the Divine World? Long Yi was unable to understand anything even after racking his brains. Sometimes, he felt that he was already close to the truth. However, he realized that everything was foggy in the end.

“Rumeng, since the weather is so good now, how about we go up to feel the wind?” Long Yi smiled and asked Nalan Rumeng.

“Okay, okay, the wings of the Light God are so big, how about we ride on it?” Nalan Rumeng was extremely daring to suggest something like this. She wasn’t afraid of angering the public.

However, there was nothing stopping Long Yi from doing just that. What was he afraid of? Didn’t the Dark God stay in his body for a few years? He was still doing fine right now. It was the real Dark God which was in Long Yi’s body… This was just a statue of the Light God. What was there to fear?

“Not a problem, today, we will ride on the Light God.” Long Yi smiled and hugged Nalan Rumeng’s slender waist. He flew upwards and appeared in front of a huge wing of the Light God statue.

Currently, everyone in the square of the Light Church was kneeling down. Everyone was immersed in their prayers and none of them looked up.

“Refreshing, riding on the Light God is so refreshing.” Long Yi smiled.

“Brother-in-law… I have to pee…” Nalan Rumeng said to Long Yi with a slightly red face.

Eh…… Long Yi was startled. However, a sinister smile crept up his face. A wicked thought popped into his head and he said, “Girl, how about you pee on the back of this Light God statue. Brother-in-law will set up a barrier, absolutely no one will see you.”

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