Chapter 146: Yao Na’s Classmate

“Chief of Staff Hong, I also believe that my nephew would not lie to me. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to agree to your demands,” If it was in the past, Zhao Minglong would never believe Cheng Yu’s words. However, in these recent times, he had witnessed Cheng Yu’s transformation with his own eyes. He would definitely not believe Cheng Yu would lie to him regarding this.

“Really? Let’s not talk about who is at fault in this incident first and take a step back to look at this incident. Even if my grandson had spoken rudely to your nephew’s fiancé, there is no need for your nephew to cripple my grandson’s hand, right? Furthermore, both of my grandsons’ hands were injured by the explosion. Don’t you think this is a little too overboard?” When Hong Guanlin saw that Zhao Minglong’s attitude was so firm, he had no choice but to say gloomily.

“Chief of Staff Hong, I am very clear on what kind of person my nephew is. He will not hurt someone severely for no reason. Furthermore, it was a fight between the younger generation, and there will be times that they would overdo it and I don’t think that we, as an older generation, should interfere in it. Why not just let the younger generation settle it themselves?” Zhao Minglong said tactfully. But anyone would be able to tell that what Zhao Minglong meant was if it was not your grandson’s fault, Cheng Yu would not have injured him severely.

“Mayor Zhao, our Hong Family is also an influential family in Yunhai. Your nephew beat my grandson up in front of so many people. Could it be that just because I, Hong Guanlin, retired from the scenes that you think that there is no one else in my family that would be able to help you discipline your nephew?!”

“Chief of Staff Hong, for the younger generation to get into conflict with each other is very normal. You as an elder should not use your influence to pressure the younger ones. Don’t you find it very inappropriate?”

“I also do not wish to use my influence to bully people, but this incident caused my Hong Family to lose a lot of face. There should at least be some form of compensation. As long as you ask your nephew to apologize to my grandson, I can let this incident off and I will not mention it ever again in the future,” Even though Hong Guanlin said that he did not wish to use his influence to bully others, the meaning behind his words was still very clear.

“I have faith in my nephew. Since this incident is not his fault, it’s impossible for me to ask him to apologize,” When Zhao Minglong heard Hong Guanlin’s words, Zhao Minglong also got angry.

The Hong Family might be very influential, but the Zhao Family was also not an easy target. Besides, there was the Cheng Family supporting him as well. Who was afraid of who?!

“So you are trying to say that there is no longer a need for us negotiate on this peacefully? Since it’s like that, good! Then I can only choose some other ways to handle this,” Hong Guanlin hung up the call immediately.

“Grandpa. What did the Zhao guy say?” Hong Bing asked cautiously when he saw his grandfather’s expression was very ugly.

“Hmph! It’s all because of you causing troubles every day! This Zhao Minglong is getting more and more arrogant. Does he really think that the sky in Yunhai is under his control?” In Yunhai, who would not give him, Hong Guanlin, some face? He did not expect that Zhao Minglong would not appreciate his kindness. This caused Hong Guanlin to feel extremely angry.

“Grandpa. They have obviously not put us, the Hong Family, in their eyes. First, it was Cheng Yu. Now, there is that Zhao one. I think we should teach them a harsh lesson. Otherwise, how is our Hong Family going to have a footing in Yunhai?” When Hong Bing saw his grandfather becoming so angry, he became even more delighted. No matter how angry he was, he was not a match for Cheng Yu. But when his grandfather got angry, it would no longer be just his problem as even if he did not wish to exact revenge anymore, his grandpa would still want to.

“Hmph! Call your father back tonight. I will discuss it with him. I don’t believe that we, the Hong Family, would not be able to handle a little kid,” Since Zhao Minglong failed to appreciate his kindness, Hong Guanlin could only use the military to handle it.


Cheng Yu brought Yao Na to the car dealership that he bought his car from.

“Mr. Cheng, here to buy a car again?” When Cheng Yu led Yao Na into the hall, a woman walked over. Cheng Yu recognized her. She was one of the ladies who had looked down on him when he came to buy his car previously. But after both purchases made by Cheng Yu, this lady’s attitude had changed for the better. Even her smile had become more sincere.

“That’s right. Where’s Xu Li? Ask her to come over,” It was not that Cheng Yu was picking on this lady, but because Cheng Yu was more familiar with Xu Li. Furthermore, she was very pretty. In particularly after having witnessed how those ladies had caused her to look so pitiful, Cheng Yu still wished to leave all the benefits to Xu Li.

“Mr. Cheng, Xu Li resigned last month,” With regards to Cheng Yu requesting Xu Li to attend to him, the lady was not surprised. After all, when Cheng Yu first came, no one was willing to serve him other than Xu Li. It was not surprising for him to favor Xu Li more.

“Oh? She resigned? Wasn’t she doing very well here? Why would she quit?” Cheng Yu said surprisingly.

“It seems like something happened to her family. As for the details, we aren’t sure,” The lady said honestly.

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“Since it’s like that, then you will lead us to look at the cars,” Even though Cheng Yu had only met Xu Li twice, they still could not be counted as very familiar with each other. But Cheng Yu still wished to be able to meet the naive little girl.

Cheng Yu was able to tell that Xu Li was someone who would resign herself to fate and hide everything in her heart. Cheng Yu was able to tell that this time, her quitting was not so simple, but he had no idea what had happened to her family.

“Ok, Mr. Cheng! I am very happy to serve you,” When the lady heard Cheng Yu’s words, she was very happy. She had seen Cheng Yu’s generosity before. All the cars he bought were not cheap brands. She would finally be able to earn a large commission after so long!

“Hisssss!” The lady was at the front while Cheng Yu was behind. Suddenly, Cheng Yu felt that his waist was in pain and at the same time, he saw Yao Na’s expression was very ugly.

“Who is Xu Li? Don’t tell me she is one of your other girlfriends?” Yao Na said with jealousy.

“How is that possible? I only met her twice when I came to buy a car. She was quite a naive girl. That time, she had just started working here and was getting bullied by the senior staff here. I helped her out and allowed her to get a large commission from my transaction,” Cheng Yu seemed to have gotten used to Yao Na’s jealousy.

Frankly speaking, Yao Na and Yang Ruoxue were somewhat similar. They both were easily jealous. If both of them were to meet each other, Cheng Yu really wondered what would happen. There was still Han Xue! That lass also seemed like one of them! Thinking up to here, Cheng Yu felt that he had a headache.

“Is it really like that?” Yao Na was still somewhat unconvinced.

“Of course it is. If you don’t believe me, you can ask her,” Cheng Yu pointed at the lady leading in front of them.

“Mr. Cheng, may I know what kind of car you are looking for this time?” Arriving at the showroom, the lady smiled and asked. Needless to say the smile she was showing was extremely sweet.

“What kind of car would you like to have?” Cheng Yu did not answer the lady, but asked Yao Na instead.

When the lady saw that Cheng Yu was buying the car for the woman beside him, she was very envious. Although she had no idea what Cheng Yu’s occupation was, with Cheng Yu being so young, even if he was not a second generation young master, he still did not lack money. If only she had such a rich boyfriend…

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“I am also not sure. Why not take a look around first?” Yao Na had never once thought of her having so much money to purchased a car. Therefore, usually, she would not bother about cars, so she had no idea what kind of cars she would be fond of.

“Sure. Miss, over here are all the new arrivals. You can start from here first,” Once she knew who was buying the car, the attendant would naturally try to please their target thus, she changed her target to Yao Na.

“Yao Na? How come it’s you? You are also here to buy a car?” Cheng Yu and Yao Na had only just walked over when a woman suddenly popped out. She looked at Yao Na with some surprise as she spoke delightedly. Behind the woman, there was a 30-year-old man following her.

“Ai Ling? You are also here to buy a car?” Yao Na was surprised. She did not expect that she would actually meet one of her university classmates here.

However, Yao Na was not delighted at all. Ai Ling was not only her classmate, but also her ex-dormitory roommate. Ai Ling looked quite pleasing to the eye and had a beautiful appearance. She liked to dress up. But compared to Yao Na, she was worse off by a grade.

Most importantly, during their university, a lot of rich young masters liked to pursue Yao Na. Even the man Ai Ling liked also chose Yao Na over her. This caused Ai Ling to find Yao Na a sore in her eyes, and she would usually find a group of students to go against her.

Ultimately, she had gotten together with a second generation rich young master and would always show off her branded goods in front of Yao Na. Therefore, with regards to meeting Ai Ling again, other than surprise, there were no other emotions.

“That’s right! Yao Na, long time no see, yet you are still looking beautiful as always. I heard that you became a teacher. Congratulations!” Ai Ling may sound like she was congratulating Yao Na, but when she spoke of Yao Na’s occupation, she was evidently looking down on her. However, very quickly, she concealed her hatred soon after.

“Thank you,” Yao Na did not wish to entertain her.

“Is this your boyfriend? He looks so handsome. But he seems to be a lot younger than you. Yao Na, earlier on, there were so many rich young masters and you didn’t even bother to look at any of them. Now, you actually found such a young handsome boy. It turns out that you are actually into younger boys!” Ai Ling saw Cheng Yu was so handsome. Obviously, she was somewhat jealous. However, she was more fond of mocking Yao Na at the moment.

“Lingling, is this your friend? Why didn’t you introduce us?” At this moment, the guy standing behind Ai Ling said.

What the man wore was very fitting. One glimpse and you would be able to tell he was someone with status. However, his looks were very bad. No wonder when Ai Ling saw that Yao Na had actually managed to find such a young and handsome boy, she mocked her.

“She was my university classmate, Yao Na. This is my boyfriend, Shen Hang. Yao Na, are you not going to introduce your small little boyfriend?” Ai Ling introduced them to each other. After that, when she spoke of Cheng Yu, she added additional words to obviously mocking Yao Na.

Shen Hang had long ago taken notice of Yao Na. Yao Na was so pretty, so naturally he would have thoughts of her. When he saw that Yao Na was looking at him, he quickly stretched out his hand and said, ”Hello, I am very delighted to meet you. I always heard Lingling mentioning that she had a very beautiful classmate. I did not expect that the actual person was even prettier than what she had described.”

“Thank you,” Yao Na said nonchalantly. However, she did not shake hands with Shen Hang.

Normally, to initiate a handshake with a woman was actually a rude mannered action. However, since Yao Na was also pretty, naturally Shen Hang would not be bothered by such things.

When Shen Hang saw that Yao Na did not have the intention to shake hands with him, he was embarrassed. After that, he retrieved his hand, but he acted as if he was tidying up his clothes.

“May I know how to address this mister? And where you work at?” After all, Shen Hang was someone who had seen how society works. He controlled his expression very well as he asked Cheng Yu.

“Cheng Yu. Unemployed,” Cheng Yu had seen through their intentions. When he saw Yao Na did not really like this classmate of hers, he also replied nonchalantly.

“Really? Mr. Cheng Yu looks like someone with great talent. You should possess lots of wisdom while this humble servant here is untalented and is just a CEO of an advertising company. If Mr. Yu is interested, you can contact me. This is my business card,” Shen Hang was praising Cheng Yu at first and mocking himself later. When he took out his business card to give to Cheng Yu, he wanted to give one to Yao Na as well, but when he saw Yao Na being so indifferent, he gave up as he was afraid that the other party would not give him any face.

Cheng Yu did not say anything as he took the card and placed it into his pocket. It could be said that Cheng Yu had given Shen Hang enough face. When he saw Cheng Yu’s actions, Shen Hang did not say anything after all what he just said were just some conventional greetings. The main point was to please Yao Na.

“Are both of you here to buy car as well? I am good pals with the manager here. How about we go together? Later, I can ask him to give you guys some discount,” Shen Hang intentionally showed off his wealth and social network in front of Yao Na as he smiled at Cheng Yu.

“That’s right. Yao Na, it’s been so long since we last met. Let’s take a look together and have a good chat as well,” Even though Ai Ling was able to tell that Shen Hang had some thoughts for Yao Na as well as having the intention to please her, she still wished to continue flaunting herself in front of Yao Na. Thus, she spoke passionately.

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