Chapter 145: I Will Not Allow You To Leave Me

Cheng Yu parked his car outside for the school for 20 minutes before he managed to see Yao Na walking out with a bag. Yao Na looked around the parking lot. As Cheng Yu’s Lamborghini was very glamorous, after glancing around, she easily spotted it before running towards it.

“Tsk. Are you trying to seduce me with your beautiful dress?” When Yao Na boarded the car, Cheng Yu took a good look at her dress for today.

A black and white striped tight fitting dress. At the end of the skirt, half of her thighs were exposed. It had manifested the appeal and well developed body of a mature woman extremely well.

“Who is trying to seduce you?! Don’t talk nonsense. It’s just that all my other clothes were still washing when you asked me out. I can only wear this then,” When Yao Na saw Cheng Yu was staring at her blankly, she felt very satisfied, because it caused her to feel that she was still very attractive.

Yao Na had to muster up a lot of courage to wear this dress. She had never wore such a short skirt before. Perhaps, it was because she was a teacher, so she was used to not wearing anything too revealing. But she thought for a very long time as she summoned up her courage to wear this dress. However, Yao Na would naturally not tell Cheng Yu that she wore it just for him.

“Hehe. It better be not meant to seduce me. Otherwise, I am truly afraid that I would not be able to control myself,” Cheng Yu knew that Yao Na’s face was very thin and no longer exposed her as he started his car. However, just as they left, a pair of eyes filled with hatred had been staring at their leaving figure.

After He Jian failed to threaten Yao Na previously, Yao Na then never entertained him again. Early in the morning today, He Jian ran out to buy breakfast and just as he was about to return to school, he saw Yao Na wearing a very seductive dress as she walked out of school.

He Jian had never once seen the seductive side of Yao Na. Just as he was about to brace himself and go to talk to her, he saw Yao Na show a smiling face as she ran towards a luxurious sports car parked not far away.

As that sport car was very glamorous, everyone in school knew that the car was Cheng Yu’s. Because whenever Cheng Yu came to school, he would always drive that car.

Even though He Jian saw the illicit couple had left just like that, he had no way to put a stop to them. Other than feeling angry, he could really not figure out what else he could do. He could only vent his anger on the bun he was chewing.


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“Where are we going?” Yao Na asked.

“Where would you like to go?” Cheng Yu had no idea where he should go. He couldn’t possibly bring Yao Na to the amusement park as well, right?

“Oh right. Don’t you know how to drive? How about we go and look at cars?” Cheng Yu suddenly remembered that he had promised Mother Yao that he would buy Yao Na a car.

“Ah? Buy a car? I don’t want to,” Yao Na was somewhat surprised. Even though she did have some feelings for Cheng Yu, they still weren’t in that kind of relationship. If Cheng Yu gifted a car to her, then wouldn’t their relationship become more ambiguous?

“Why? Could it be that you are not fond of beautiful cars? I thought women were always attracted to nice cars?” Cheng Yu asked curiously.

“You are not anyone to me. Why would I want you to buy a car for me?” Yao Na was a little angry. She kept on feeling that she was like a mistress.

“What are you talking about! I always treated you as my wife. It’s only natural for me to buy you whatever you want.”

“What about Lin Yuhan? What do you take her as?” When Yao Na heard Cheng Yu’s words, she felt a little better, but she was still dissatisfied in her heart.

“She is also considered as a wife,” Sometimes, Cheng Yu was way too blunt.

“You…hmph! Wife, wife, wife! How many wives are you going to get married to?!” However, it was also because Cheng Yu was too genuine and blunt, Yao Na got even more angry as he did not try to win her favor.

“Er…” Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to say that he would marry all the women he liked. But when he saw that Yao Na was truly angered, he did not dare to continue his sentence.

“What? Nothing else to add?” When Yao Na saw Cheng Yu had nothing more to say, she became even angrier.

“Nana. I know that I am a bit fickle minded and greedy. Maybe, I was originally such a person. But I never once lied to you and I do not wish to do so. The love I have for you and Lin Yuhan is genuine. If I had to give up one of you for the other, I would not be willing to do so. The only thing I wish to do is make all of you happy and stay together forever,” Cheng Yu would usually show an indifferent attitude and would hardly speak to anyone about this.

Looking at Cheng Yu’s serious expression, Yao Na blanked out. She had no idea what to say. Cheng Yu had truly treated her very well. It was also because of this that Yao Na did not wish to give up on Cheng Yu. But how can a woman be willing to share their man with other women? This was also what Yao Na could not accept.

“Formerly, there was a person who was very important to me, but she left forever. Even if I possessed heavenly abilities, I did not have any way to allow her to open her eyes to look at me once more. Therefore, I swore that as long as the person is someone I care for, I will not allow them to leave me and would let them stay with me eternally. Even if you are not willing to be together with me, I will also not let you leave because I will not allow you to be like her, leaving me. I want you to accompany me generation after generation.”

Thinking of his biological mother, Cheng Yu felt extremely sad. It had already been thousands of years, but that day when he returned home, the feeling of loneliness and the pain of losing a loved one was like a knife piercing into his heart ruthlessly.

“Cheng Yu…” Yao Na had never once seen Cheng Yu sad before. But when she saw Cheng Yu was in grief to the point of shedding tears, Yao Na felt that her heart had been stabbed, causing her to feel extremely depressed as well.

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“Today, I asked you out because I have something I wish to tell you. I am a cultivator. Currently, I have a lifespan of 300 years. In the future, my lifespan will be unlimited. Therefore, I will not allow you to pass away while I am still alive,” Cheng Yu calmed his mood before speaking.

“…” Just now, when she heard Cheng Yu’s words, she felt something was amiss. But when she saw Cheng Yu was so sorrowful, she did not give any thought to it. Now that she heard Cheng Yu’s serious words, Yao Na was shocked. Shocked to the point of being speechless. He actually had a lifespan of 300 years? It would even increase in the future? Unlimited? Cultivator?

“You don’t need to be surprised. What I said is true. That’s why I will not allow you to leave me because I want you to be the same as me. To possess an unlimited lifespan so you can stay by my side forever,” Cheng Yu did not pay attention to Yao Na’s astonishment as he continued to speak.

“Unlimited lifespan? Can this even be achieved?” After her astonishment, Yao Na asked curiously.

“Of course. You will know about it in the future. Besides, you have witnessed some of my special abilities. That time, when I was healing your dad and how I jumped down the abyss to gather medical herbs, those were some of the abilities a cultivator would possess…” Cheng Yu spoke continuously as he imparted cultivation knowledge to Yao Na.

At this very moment, Yao Na only felt that her head was blank. She was a teacher. Everything must be scientifically proven to her. But what Cheng Yu spoke of could not be explained by science!

“Are all the things you just said true? Then how can I possess the abilities you have?” She still felt that it was like science fiction, but if it was really as what Cheng Yu had explained, wouldn’t she be able to become a deity?!

“This was the reason why I asked you out today. Tonight, I will teach you how to cultivate. When the time comes, you will possess the fundamental strength a cultivator would possess.”

“Then why wouldn’t you just teach me how to cultivate now?” Yao Na’s curiosity was piqued by Cheng Yu. She seemed somewhat excited that she had even forgotten that just a moment ago, she was still feeling jealous of Lin Yuhan.

“What are you so anxious for? The time needed for me to teach you will take very long. During the day, we could easily be disturbed by others. If we were to be disturbed midway, our lives would be in danger. Therefore, it would be better to do it during the night. Besides, we still have something we need to do during the day,” When Cheng Yu saw Yao Na had gotten excited, his sorrowful feelings also started to dissipate.

“Then where are we going now?”

“Going to buy a car.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Didn’t we come to an agreement already?”

“Who came to an agreement with you?” Even though Yao Na had quietly approved Cheng Yu being fickle minded, she still did not want him to get away with it so easily.

“I don’t care. Mother-in-law requested me to buy you a car,” Cheng Yu did not care about her opinion as he stepped on his accelerator and shot towards the car dealer.

“You scoundrel!”


Yunhai Hong Family.

“Grandpa, how is it?” Both of Hong Bing’s hands were wrapped in bandages as he sat in the living room and asked Hong Guanlin.

“Hmph! Today, Zhao Minglong returned my call and said that it was you who went to harass his daughter-in-law first. You better be honest with me, was that true?!” Today, Zhao Minglong had specially called to explained the whole incident to him. He even said that Cheng Yu would not apologize to his grandson.

At that point of time, Hong Guanlin was so angered that he hung up the phone immediately. His grandson was beaten up by others and he had asked them to apologize. Now, on the contrary, it was him who was being unreasonable as the other party had said that it was his grandson’s fault, but they did not need his grandson to apologize. Wasn’t this giving Hong Guanlin’s face a tight slap?!

Therefore, he also wished to clarify this incident. He wanted to know what exactly had happened.

“Grandpa, don’t listen to their drivel. It was obviously them stealing my parking lot first. After that, I was trying to reason with him, but he just made a move on me first,” Looking at his grandfather’s angry expression, Hong Bing’s heart tightened. However, he still did not wish to admit that he was the one who harassed Cheng Yu. Furthermore, it was also him who made a move first.

“Is this really how it happened? You really are not lying to me?” Hong Guanlin was still unconvinced of the words spoken by this grandson. After all, Hong Bing had a criminal record.

“Grandpa! I am your biological grandson! How can you trust others and not me?!” Hong Bing struck while the iron was still hot because he did not wish to admit his faults no matter what.

Hong Guanlin stared at Hong Bing closely as he wished to see if Hong Bing was really telling the truth. Ultimately, Hong Guanlin still sighed, ”Alright. I will believe you this time. You better watch out if I were to discover what you said was a lie.”

Hong Guanlin picked up the phone beside him as he called Zhao Minglong, ”Hello, Mayor Zhao? I have already confirmed with my grandson over and over again. This incident was definitely incited by your nephew first. Don’t you think you should give me a satisfactory reply?”

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