Chapter 144: Yao Na Is Jealous

“It seems like the other party is not someone ordinary. However, even if he has some influence protecting him, in Yunhai, our Hong family isn’t afraid of anyone,” Hong Guanlin was very curious about Cheng Yu. After all, the other party managed to injure both of his grandsons. No matter what, he still must settle this score with Cheng Yu. Otherwise, his Hong Family’s reputation would definitely suffer.

“Thank you, Grandpa!” The duo were immediately delighted. Since their grandfather had spoken such words, then Cheng Yu would definitely not be able to escape from this incoming calamity!

“The two of you better be more well behaved from now on and stop invoking troubles for me every day. Especially you, Xiao Jun. You are already a soldier. Not only do you represent yourself, you also represent the image of Huaxia’s soldiers. You have brought soldiers to look for someone openly. If this matter were to be spread out, how am I going to bear this humiliation?!” When Hong Guanlin saw how happy his two grandsons were, he felt resentful towards them for failing to meet his expectations.

After hearing his grandfather’s words, Hong Jun’s heart felt uneasy. It was because today’s incident had been witnessed by a lot of people and a lot of them had already recorded all the scenes. If they were to post them online, wouldn’t he be done for?

“In addition, from tomorrow onwards, the higher ranks are coming down to do an inspection. The two of you better be more cautious. Don’t cause any stupid mistakes that will make me look bad in front of them,” Hong Guanlin added an additional statement.

At this moment, Hong Jun’s expression changed. Now that the higher ranks wanted to do an inspection, it was very likely for something bad happening. However, he also had no other choice. With so many present at the scene, no one knew who had a recording of the whole incident.

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Even if Hong Jun knew, what could he do about it? With so many people, could it be that he had to slowly find them one by one?

“Xiao Jun, what’s wrong with you?” Hong Guanlin asked when he saw Hong Jun’s peculiar expression.

“Nothing. It’s just that my hand is a little painful,” Hong Jun tried his best to force his expression to look a little more neutral.

“Since it’s like that, the two of you should rest,” Hong Guanlin no longer wished to criticize them any longer.

Hong Guanlin sat down on his chair and thought of the incident. He picked up his phone and dialed a number, ”Connect me to Yunhai City Mayor, Zhao Minglong phone.”

Not long later, the call went through.

“Hello. May I know who is this?” A middle-aged man’s voice transmitted through the call.

“I am Hong Guanlin.”

“Oh? It’s Chief of Staff Old Hong. May I know the reason for you to call me so late in the night?” Even though they hardly interacted with each other, they were still one of the big shots in Yunhai. No matter what, they would still know of each other’s title and identity.

Although Hong Guanlin had already retired, his son had managed to take over his position. In their family, there were two major generals and that was something that could not be achieved so easily. In Yunhai, there was no one who dared to belittle their Hong Family.

“I heard from both my grandsons that your nephew had beaten them up and have even injured them severely. May I know if Mayor Zhao knew about this?” In Hong Guanlin’s tone, there were some hints of blame.

Zhao Minglong was Yunhai’s Mayor and Hong Guanlin was an authentic major general. Even though they were not under the same system, a major general could also be counted as a minister level and if it came to the regional, it could also be counted as a vice-minister level.

However, Yunhai was a sub-provincial city. Zhao Minglong’s position as a Mayor also equated to a vice-minister level as well. If it was to really differentiate who was weaker and stronger between them, it would be hard to say. It could only be said that they were not afraid of each other.

“There was such a thing? I was not informed of this happening. I will find out what the situation was first. If it was my nephew’s fault, I will get him to apologize to your grandsons,” Zhao Minglong spoke with confidence. He was not in the least afraid of Hong Guanlin, this retired old Chief of Staff.

“It couldn’t be better. I hope that Mayor Zhao will get to the bottom of this incident,” With regards to Zhao Minglong’s attitude, Hong Guanlin was very unhappy. After Hong Guanlin finished his sentence, he hung up immediately.


When Zhao Minglong returned home, it was already very late. When he saw his wife and sister-in-law still awake, he went over and sat down with them.

“What’s wrong? Why is your expression so ugly?” When Cheng Meiyan saw Zhao Minglong expression was somewhat different from normally, she asked.

“Where’s Xiao Yu? Is he asleep?”

“No, he’s at Qianshui Villa with his girlfriend. Is there something wrong?” Yang Sifeng asked.

“Just now, the retired military Chief of Staff, Hong Guanlin, gave me a call. He said that Xiao Yu injured both his grandsons,” Even though Cheng Yu’s mother was around, Zhao Minglong felt that it was appropriate to tell her about it as well.

“This scoundrel! Going around and causing trouble again! What did that old man say?!” Yang Sifeng was somewhat furious about her son going around and causing trouble, but since the other party was just a military district Chief of Staff who was retired, Yang Sifeng did not place him in her eyes at all.

Just a small major general, there were lots of them in the capital. Just a district major general could not be counted as anything worthy in Yang Sifeng’s eyes.

“He said to ask Cheng Yu to apologize to his grandsons,” Zhao Minglong said unconcernedly.

“What! Ask my son to apologize to his grandsons?! Ask him not to even think about it,” Yang Sifeng did not even care about Hong Guanlin’s demand. She didn’t even bother to ask who was at fault.

“This…I think we should at least ask Xiao Yu what happened. Even though he had already retired, his son took over his position. In Yunhai, he can be counted as someone who is in the upper echelon of society,” Zhao Minglong did not say much. After all, Hong Guanlin was still a major general. Although his position was equal to him, Zhao Minglong felt that there was no need to go to the extent of offending him.


At this moment, Cheng Yu was sitting on his bed while teaching Lin Yuhan how to cultivate. Cheng Yu totally had no idea that the two Hong Family kids had gone home to report the incident. Of course, even if Cheng Yu knew about it, he would not care. It was daytime when Cheng Yu managed to teach everything to her.

“Alright, go and take another shower.”

Lin Yuhan sniffed and realized that she was stinking. On her skin, there were sticky substances that were lingering. She quickly ran into the bathroom after that.

Cheng Yu was at a loss of what to do. All these women, he had taught them the cultivation method, Art of Heart Confusion. However, what caused him to be gloomy was that he did not know how to refine a weapon. With regards to his refinement ability, even after much research from his previous life, he was only able to manage refining a storage ring. Furthermore, the space inside was also very small. Only about a few cubic meters.

Furthermore, Art of Heart Confusion needed a music instrument to accompany the cultivator. Zither? Wasn’t that too big? Nowadays, which young lady would be willing to carry a zither on her back?

Flute? This was indeed a lot smaller and it would barely meet the requirements needed for them. However, if there was no need for it and they still carried it around, it wouldn’t look very elegant.

At this moment, a gentle wind blew over causing the wind chime to ring. This was a present his cousin had given to him that was hanging on the balcony. Wind chime?! Oh yes! I can make a purple wind chime for every single one of them.

“Why are you staring into space?” Lin Yuhan came out of the bathroom and saw Cheng Yu was sitting there daydreaming.

“Haha! Nothing much. In two days, I will give you a present,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“What kind of present?”

“You will know about it in two days.”

Because there were still a lot of things Cheng Yu had to settle, Cheng Yu did not continue to keep Lin Yuhan around. As Lin Yuhan had just experienced the joy of having a boyfriend, even though she still wished to be with Cheng Yu for a while more, she still knew that he had something to handle. Therefore she did not say much as Cheng Yu sent him back to the bus stop near her village before returning.

While driving, Cheng Yu received a phone call from her mom, ”Scoundrel, did you fight with someone yesterday?”

“How did you know?” Cheng Yu asked as he was surprised she knew.

“You don’t need to care about how I know, but explain to me what happened.”

“Nothing much. He harassed your future daughter-in-law. Therefore, I beat him up. In the end, he did not wish to give up and found a group of saviors. Thus, I beat both of them up again.”

“So simple? Did you get hurt?” When she heard that the other party had gotten a group of people to fight Cheng Yu, she immediately became worried.

“This incident as actually very simple. If something were to happen to me, do you think you would still be able to talk to me?” Cheng Yu laughed.

Yang Sifeng thought about it and felt it was true. Since Cheng Yu still had the mood to play around with his girlfriend, he should most likely be fine.

“Since it’s like that, we shall not bother with them anymore.”

“What? They went to look for you guys?” Cheng Yu’s expression turned cold.

“The grandfather of the person you beat up called your uncle and demanded you to apologize to them. Since it was their fault, then we shall not care about them. Since you also beat them up already, just count it as they apologized to you,” Since it was not her son’s fault, Yang Sifeng did not have the time to bother about them.

“Ok. I understand.”

“I am going back to the capital today. Be more careful. Don’t always hang out with the fools and cause trouble everywhere,” Lastly, Yang Sifeng gave Cheng Yu another reminder.

“Understood,” After hanging up the phone, Cheng Yu smiled coldly and did not think too much. If they were to provoke him again, then he would be more ruthless this time around.

When he recalled the things he needed to settle today, he took out his phone once again and gave Yao Na a call.

“Hello. Is there an issue?” The voice sounded very lethargic. This beautiful teacher probably hadn’t woken up yet. It was a hard to come by a holiday right now for her. She also wished to be able to enjoy her sleep.

it was already the holiday, but as a homeroom teacher, there was still some work she needed to settle before she would be able to return home. Therefore, all these days, Yao Na was still staying at the school.

“Nana, I missed you,” There were traces of deep emotion in Cheng Yu’s voice.

“Don’t address me so intimately. I am your teacher! Furthermore, don’t you have a girlfriend already?!” When Yao Na recalled the scene of Cheng Yu being so intimate with Lin Yuhan, Yao Na felt an indescribable feeling rising in her heart. She felt that she was like a mistress, hiding in the shadow while Lin Yuhan was his authentic girlfriend.

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“Nana, are you jealous? If you are not afraid of those students gossiping, I can also be intimate with you. I just don’t wish to create a difficult situation for you,” In fact, Cheng Yu was actually being very considerate.

To the women he loved, he would not avoid arousing suspicion by avoiding them. Since he loved them, he would not lie to another woman just because of one of them.

Of course, there were times where he would need to tell them some white lies. After all, Cheng Yu was not from this world. And to those women who were born in this world, they weren’t very open to accept such a thing.

Because from young, they wished to be able to have a man who would love them truthfully for their whole life and would only do it for them. As for sharing a man with other girls, it was something that had never crossed their minds before.

“Hmph! Only a ghost would be jealous. What’s there to talk about?! If there’s nothing else, I am hanging up,” Yao Na was throwing a tantrum right now as in her heart, she still loved Cheng Yu a lot and did not wish to give him up.

“Nana, do you have anything going on today? How about going on a date with me today?”

“Of course I have some matters to handle. Who would have the time to go on a date with you. You should just go and date your little girlfriend,” Even though she did not wish to throw a tantrum in front of Cheng Yu, she wanted to make him to feel guilty. Actually, there was nothing much for Yao Na to do. Every day, she just needed to sort out some files.

“Hehe. Since you are also on holiday and do not have any urgent matters to settle, you should take a rest today. I will wait for you outside the school gate. Besides, in a few days, I will be leaving Yunhai. If you don’t come out, there might not be a chance in the near future,” Actually, Cheng Yu had intended to handle some other matters today, but when he heard Yao Na’s aggrieved voice, he decided to accompany her first.

“What?! You are leaving Yunhai?! Did you not say that you will be attending university in Yunhai?!” When she heard Cheng Yu saying she might not have the chance of meeting him anymore, she immediately became anxious and thought that he would no longer return to Yunhai.

“Of course. Just that I am leaving for a period of time. And maybe the time frame will be a little long. Leave your place first. I am reaching there soon,” Cheng Yu hung up.

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