Chapter 143: He’s Only A High School Student?

Chapter 143: He’s Only A High School Student?

“Who is your wife! Don’t spout nonsense. My mom also didn’t agree to be your mother-in-law,” Lin Yuhan blushed. Even though she said it as if she was very unwilling, her expression said otherwise.

“Your mom didn’t say that she did not agree. However, I feel that the chances of her agreeing is higher than not agreeing!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! I can’t bother with you,” Lin Yuhan harrumphed. After that, she walked around. This was her first time entering someone else’s villa. She wanted to take a look around to increase her knowledge.

“You can walk around as you wish. Inside the kitchen, there’s food. If you are hungry, you can cook it yourself and there is also drinks inside the fridge. Once you are thirsty, go ahead and drink anything you want,” At this moment, Cheng Yu’s phone rang. Cheng Yu went to pick up the phone.

“Hello, Mom. What’s the matter?” After looking at the caller ID, Cheng Yu spoke.

Lin Yuhan held onto two water bottles as she walked out from the kitchen. When she heard Cheng Yu was talking to his mother, she immediately stopped moving as she listened to their conversation quietly.

“What are you doing? It’s already so late. Why aren’t you back for dinner yet?” Yang Sifeng voice transmitted over.

“I am not coming back today. I am at Qianshui Villa.”

“What are you doing there? Being alone there is very dangerous. What if something happens to you again?”

“Nothing much. I am with your daughter-in-law. We are extremely safe,” Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan as he laughed. When Lin Yuhan heard that, she immediately blushed. She was feeling anxious and nervous at the same time.

“Daughter-in-law? With you? Then I shall head to your place now,” When Yang Sifeng heard Cheng Yu’s words, she immediately got excited.

“Hey! Don’t! If you do this, aren’t you scaring her away? There will be a chance in the future,” There was proper business Cheng Yu needed to settle tonight. If his mother came over, how was he going to teach Lin Yuhan how to cultivate?

“Alright then. What’s her name?”

“Lin Yuhan.”

“The name sounds good. Sounds like she is a good young lady. You better not do anything funny to her. If you cause any troubles, I will definitely not let you off!” Mothers alway know their sons the best. If it was the former Cheng Yu, once there was such an opportunity, he would definitely mess around. But the current Cheng Yu was totally different from the former one.

“I know. I am hanging up then.”

“What did your mom say?” Lin Yuhan said impatiently. Just now, Cheng Yu had mentioned her to his mom and she had no idea what was his mom’s attitude towards her was.

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“My mom said that you are a good young lady. She asked me to take good care of you and that I must not bully you. Are you satisfied?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hmph! More or less!” Lin Yuhan said contentedly. She was somewhat proud of herself. At least Cheng Yu’s mother knew of her name. It could be counted as a form of introduction to his mother.

“Are you hungry? Want to go out and have a meal?” Cheng Yu saw that it was already quite late and he still needed to teach Lin Yuhan how to cultivate. The time needed to teach someone to cultivate was not short at all.

“I just went to take a look at the kitchen. There were a lot of fresh ingredients inside the refrigerator. We can just cook the dishes ourselves.”

“You even know how to cook?” Cheng Yu was surprised. However, considering that Lin Yuhan was raised from a poor family, he also understood the reason why.

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“Of course!” Lin Yuhan said proudly.

Following Lin Yuhan into the kitchen, there were lots of fresh ingredients inside the fridge. It was probably handled by Qin Canghai. Cheng Yu also felt that the trio were getting more and more reliable nowadays. It seemed like it was about time he would need to take a look at how their cultivation was progressing.

Looking at how proficient Lin Yuhan was in cutting, washing and picking the ingredients, Cheng Yu felt that this scenario was quite blissful. It was like the warmth from a family.

Not long after, three dishes and a soup was served. Cheng Yu sniffed them. All of them smelled delicious!

“Tsk. I am truly unable to tell that my house’s Xiao Hanhan was actually such a great cook,” Cheng Yu looked at the dishes on the table while he felt that his appetite had increased.

After the meal, the food was already emptied from all the plates. Naturally, it was all due to Lin Yuhan’s cooking skill and Cheng Yu’s appetite.

Cheng Yu burped as he rubbed his belly, ”Xiao Hanhan, it’s really difficult to enjoy your meal. My tummy is already bursting!”

“Who asked you to eat so much!” Lin Yuhan smiled as she quickly cleaned up the plates.

Cheng Yu did not bother about such stuff. He really filled his stomach to the bursting point for this meal. He sat there as he rubbed his belly while enjoying this kind of satisfaction.

After washing the plates, Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan holding onto the underwear and nightgown they bought today as she walked into the bathroom. He immediately felt somewhat aroused.

“Should I charge in or not? Such a good opportunity. Even if I can’t eat her up, I should at least take a good look at it, right?”

Cheng Yu tiptoed to the bathroom door as he tried to slowly open the bathroom door. It was actually locked! Cheng Yu felt a sense of regret. “This little lass really doesn’t know her place! She was showering at my place, yet not letting me have a look at her doing so! This is too much!”

Not long later, Lin Yuhan came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a diluted red nightgown. The reason Cheng Yu had picked this piece was because it was erotic and more importantly, it was translucent!

Lin Yuhan walked over embarrassed as the inside of the gown was faintly discernible and Cheng Yu was able to see that she was wearing a set of purple underwear inside. This was also picked out by Cheng Yu. The young lady was embarrassed. She had insisted on buying white, but Cheng Yu was not willing. White was too fresh and pure, there was nothing arousing about the color.

Even though Lin Yuhan was not well developed, her figure was still incomparably matchless. Besides, she was still young, so naturally she could not be compared with Yang Ruoxue or Lan Ya.

But they each have their own kind of beauty. At every age, the pretty ladies would have a different kind of beauty.

Lin Yuhan’s black hair was still a little moist with water dripping down. Within her nervousness, there were traces of bashfulness. It was a picture of a belle exiting out of the bathroom! Cheng Yu only felt that his blood was running wild in his body as if it wanted to break out of his body. He quickly tightened his state of mind as he recited an incantation to calm his mind.

“Xiao Hanhan, you can return to your room first. I will go and have a shower first,” After suppressing his arousal, Cheng Yu quickly went to take a shower. He was afraid that the more he looked, the more he couldn’t take his eyes off her and the more aroused he would get.

But when the words got to Lin Yuhan’s ears, she became even more shy. Even though she knew that Cheng Yu did not mean that kind of thing, the words he spoke were filled with a lot of ambiguity.

After a cool shower, Cheng Yu felt a lot better. When he returned to his room, he saw Lin Yuhan was already sitting on his bed nervously.

“Alright. I will start teaching you how to cultivate now. I already told you all the fundamentals. Close your eyes and sit cross-legged. Pay close attention to the pathway the Qi circulates through your body as well as the feeling of circulating it,” Cheng Yu dispelled Lin Yuhan’s nervousness to prevent himself from losing control of his state of mind again.


Yunhai Hong Family.

“Stop right there both of you! Why have you both turned into this?” Hong Guanlin saw the hands of his grandsons were wrapped in bandages and the smaller grandson was even wearing a sling. Immediately, his fury rushed to his heart as he shouted angrily.

As a traditional military family, he was very stringent with his younger generation. These two grandsons had always been doted on by him since young. However, he did not spoil them. In the recent years, there was a lack of scolding and beating received from him.

However, these two grandsons became less obedient as they grew up. They would cause trouble everywhere they went. The older grandson was still tolerable since he had placed the older grandson in the military barracks, so the older grandson had become a little more well-behaved and started to improve himself. Even though he had managed to become a company commander at the age of 27, there would inevitably be a reason for him to be able to accomplish that.

As for his smaller grandson, he would mess around everywhere and would frequently not return home. This caused him, his grandfather, to be extremely furious.

Now that he had seen both of them looking like that, Hong Guanlin was able to tell that they had caused trouble once again and had even fought with someone else. However, what made him curious was that even though his smaller grandson was beaten up, it was still quite normal. But his older grandson who possessed some fighting abilities had also gotten beat up by someone else! This showed that the other party was definitely not someone ordinary.

“Grandpa, you must help me take care of this!” Even though he saw that his grandfather was angry, Hong Bing did not care about it. This time he had hit a hard wall. With just his miserable ability, he would definitely not be able to take revenge on that kid.

“What exactly happened?” Although he was unhappy with his grandson causing trouble outside, Hong Guanlin was still angry about his grandson being beaten up so badly.

“Grandpa, it’s like this…” Hong Bing added superficial details into the whole story as he told his grandfather about it. He made it seem like it was Cheng Yu who had provoked him and was even arrogant when doing so.

“Is it really like that?” Hong Guanlin stared at Hong Bing’s eyes closely. It seemed like he was trying to see if it was true or false from Hong Bing’s eyes. Even though Hong Bing had a guilty conscience, he still nodded assuredly.

“Xiao Jun, is what your little brother said true?” Hong Guanlin wanted confirmation from his older grandson as he believed Hong Jun more.

Hong Jun recalled Cheng Yu’s strength as well as the disdain Cheng Yu had shown him. Hong Jun felt that the other party was humiliating him ruthlessly. So, he also nodded his head in confirmation.

“Then did you guys manage to find out who he is?”

“Yes. He is called Cheng Yu. He is the nephew of Zhao Minglong, Yunhai’s Mayor,” For the whole afternoon, they had sent people to look into Cheng Yu’s details. To them who held a lot of social resources, it was very easy for them to find out about Cheng Yu’s identity.

However, only a few people knew of Cheng Yu’s real identity because it had long been kept confidential by the Cheng Family.

“Yunhai City Mayor? What does his nephew work as?” The military and politics were two independent systems. Both of them had no relation to each other directly. Therefore, both sides hardly had any interactions. Even though there were military garrison stationed in Yunhai, both sides had only met each other a few times only.

However, what made Hong Guanlin curious was that Hong Jun had always been studying in the army since young. It was normal for Hong Jun to possess wrestling experience. But when he heard from Hong Jun saying that they had a few people, yet they were still not a match for Cheng Yu, then this was no longer normal. How many years had the other party been training? Furthermore, who did he learn from to be able to turn so powerful?! However because of face, Hong Jun did not say that it was dozen of people.

“He is a graduating student in Yunhai High School. Not long ago, he had participated in the national exam,” When Hong Jun found out that Cheng Yu had only graduated from high school, they were stupefied. They had never once expect Cheng Yu to only be a high school student. The strength Cheng Yu had shown completely went beyond what they had imagined!

When Cheng Yu had caught the bullet with his hand, it was absolutely able to cause others to be astonished to the point of where their hearts had forgotten to beat.

“What?! The kid is only a high school student that just graduated?!” Even Hong Guanlin who was experienced was inevitably startled.

“Yes!” Although Hong Jun did not wish to admit it, he had no choice but to do so if they wished their grandfather to make a move himself.

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