Volume 3, Chapter 7: His Majesty The King’s Warning

The rest of the voyage passed by with little of note happening and we soon arrived at a port town in the Earl of Chaos’ territory. From there, following after Grants’, we boarded a carriage headed to the capital. After several days passed, we arrived at the capital without incident.

Just as you’d expect from the capital of the Sacred Kingdom of Glial, the streets were packed with people running here and there. This city was far more advanced than any I’d seen in this world.

We continued on in the carriage along the boulevard towards the castle. When we reached the entrance, we had our possessions searched before being allowed entrance to the castle.

Grants guided us into a small room with sofas and tables. It must be a kind of waiting room.

“I’ll inform Lakshu of your arrival right away. Please, wait just a moment in this room.”

“I understand.”

Grants left the room and it was now just Claudia, Rose, Sylphy and I.

We all took a seat on the sofa and as I was reaching for a cup of tea Claudia suddenly titled her said and said, “…eh?”

“Is something wrong?”

“No, there’s just a message in the log window.”


I looked down at the log window displayed in the corner of my vision and saw the message, “To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes: SSS has been nullified.”

“Aah…this must be the countermeasure against yanderelization.”

I was worried about this…. From what I’ve been told, my ability to draw out the yandere trait of people should now be nullified.

It feels a little strange, but…I think I’m happy. As I thought this, Claudia started pulling on my sleeve while saying, “Master~….”

“What’s wrong?”

Claudia doesn’t have the yandere trait, but this countermeasure affects all bad statuses….oh.

Claudia possesses a few different bad statuses. [Easily Pressured], [Weak to Pleasure], and [Shy]. The ranks for all of these are decreasing and Claudia doesn’t like that….

“Claudia, you pervert.”

“Fueh!? I-I-It’s not like that!”

Claudia panicked and shook both of her hands at me…but that panic basically confirms it. I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“Mou~, I told you it’s not like that. That’s not fair, Master.”

Claudia puffed out her cheeks. She looked cute, but…that reaction is completely different than normal. Usually, she’d turn bright red and look down at the ground.

It seems her skills are being affected more than I thought. Our usual shame play might be difficult while we’re here…. Well, even if we can’t do our usual stuff, Claudia is still beautiful. I doubt we’ll have too much trouble in that department.

Anyway, these countermeasures made me excited and I turned to Rose. If Claudia is affected that heavily it’s possible Rose is no longer a yandere.

“…what’s wrong, suddenly staring at me like that.”


What’s happening? She’s wearing a dress fitting of her noble status and showing me her bright smile. She looked like a normal, beautiful girl…. In other words, she looked the same as always.

…no, I can’t tell just by looking at her. It’s possible she’s changed inside!

“Hey, Rose, do you want to imprison me?”

“Eh, well if you’ll let me, we can go back to the mansion now and I’ll prepare a room for you.”

“…nothing has changed.”

She’s the same yandere as always.

Actually, if I think about it, Rose is always suppressing her desire to lock me up…. Even if her yandere rank has dropped by one or two, I doubt it would change much.

In other words, Rose is essentially lowering her yandere rank every day for me. Which would mean it must be a really high rank currently.

By the way, Sylphy…was staring at me with the same smile as always. Her smile wasn’t filled with madness or obsession, but…nothing has changed in her.

Based on everyone’s reactions, I don’t think I can rely too heavily on these countermeasures. I’ll still need to be careful.

A short time later, Grants returned to the room.

“…the King wants to see us?”

“Yes. Before meeting with Lakshu-sama, Walt-sama wishes to meet with you.”

Why would he want to meet us? I turned to Rose for an answer.

“His Majesty, King Walt is not yandere.”

Rose’s words were enough to wash away the initial fears I had when first meeting with this person.

Still…that’s surprising. Yanderelization is common throughout this world and for someone in the position of a king, you’d expect them to socialize with hundreds of people, greatly increasing his chances of becoming a yandere.

The Guild told me that they had countermeasures to prevent yanderelization, but…I turned Sylphy into a yandere only a few seconds after meeting her.

In this castle, my SSS ranked skill shouldn’t have any effect or at the very least should be weaker. So a non-yandere man shouldn’t become a yandere from my skill.

…well, unless he’s like Claudia, I can’t say if I’ll be safe or not. However, if I tried to avoid yanderes at all costs, I’d never be able to live in this world.

So, with Rose by my side, we walked toward our audience with King Walt.

Our audience was to be held in the throne room.

The room was large with a stone floor and a set of stairs positioned in the centre. I dared not raise my head, but I assumed the King is sitting at the top.

“– Raise your heads.”

I was kneeling on the floor with my head lowered when I heard a dignified voice coming from above me. I followed his instructions and looked up the stairs. I slowly looked up the stairs before seeing an elderly man sitting on a throne.

“Your Majesty, this is our first time meeting. My name is Rose. I am the eldest daughter of the Brad family.”

“– This is also our first meeting. My name is Yuzuki from Wells’ Clothing Shop.”

I quickly followed Rose’s actions, but after I finished my introduction, I thought it was unnecessary to say I was from Wells’ Shop.

“Are you the Yuzuki and Rose that I’ve heard the lords talking about? There are a lot of rumours going around about you.”

“…r-rumours? Are they about the skill that I have?”

I could instantly feel a cold sweat break out all over my body. I turned several young noblewomen into yanderes at the Brad family’s party. I know that yanderelization is a serious problem facing this world. I really did something stupid.

“You don’t need to feel so worried. I have heard about your skill, but those you’ve affected have only been young and inexperienced. I don’t plan on blaming you.”

“…I’m very grateful for that.”

In this world, there’s nothing worse than turning someone into a yandere. I was worried that the King would punish me for this, but I was relieved by his words.

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“The other rumour I’ve heard is about you showing off a dress at the Brad family’s evening party. I’ve heard several lords praise the beauty of both your dress and Rose.”

“…I’m honoured to hear you say that.”

I bowed once more and thanked him. Still, his praise is entirely based on the words of others. Lakshu’s praise, who saw my dress herself, means much more.

“Now then, on to why I called you here…. First, I want to confirm something. My daughter saw your dress at the party and wanted you to make one for her. Is this what you’ve been told?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

After hearing my answer, the King spoke in a solemn tone, “Lakshu will have various requests for her dress, but…make sure it’s suitable for a princess.”

“Umm…of course, I’ll do my best.”

I wasn’t expecting such a normal request. Of course, I didn’t say that to him.

“It’s good that you understand. However, do not forget my words. This is an order, not a request.”

“I understand. I will keep your words in my mind.”

“Well, as long as you don’t forget them, you’ll be fine.”

…what does that mean? I was unsure how to respond, so I just nodded and said, “I understand.”

“All right. I’ve prepared a reward for you if you make a dress meeting Lakshu’s expectations. However, if you fail to do so…. No, I don’t need to say anything on that point.”

Was that a threat?

Well, if I fail Lakshu and the King, I don’t think I’ll have any future as a designer in this country. I need to do my best to satisfy them.

— These were all of the King’s requirements. He had a busy schedule so we were asked to leave straight away.

“Hey, what do you think the King meant earlier?”

As we were making our way back to the waiting room, I asked Rose this.

“Hmm~, maybe….the dress you designed for me, the skirt was a bit short, don’t you think?”

“Oh…I see.”

I don’t think it was showing that much leg, but I guess that’s too short for this world. I guess a princess should be covered up.

It makes sense if the King heard more than just rumours about my dress.

“Still, don’t I have to make the dress Lakshu wants?”

“Yes. She’ll have several requests –”

Rose cut her words short as a few men entered the corridor ahead of us. She grabbed my sleeve and pulled me against the wall. I followed her actions and lowered my head.

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Based on the brief look I got, I could tell that the man at the front of the group was young, but based on Rose’s actions, he must be high-ranking. We were pressed against the wall, waiting for the men to pass by….

“Is that you, Rose? I thought I recognized you.”

The man in front stopped in front of Rose.

“It’s been a long time, Your Royal Highness, Harold.”

After hearing Rose speak, I now know this man is a prince. However, he hasn’t acknowledged me so I should remain silent and let them speak.

“You’re as beautiful as ever, but…I’ve heard that you’ve become a yandere.”

“Yes. I’m sorry if that disappoints you.”

“Yanderelization is common throughout the world, so there’s no reason for you to apologize…. Still, it is unfortunate.”

“I’m really not deserving of such kind words.”

It was a noble conversation that I had no place in but they did seem somewhat friendly. I remained silent until they finished speaking and the Prince walked away.

After seeing the Prince turn down another corridor, I was finally able to relax.

“…that was surprising. I never expected to see the Prince walking around so casually.”

“Well, the King has a lot of children.”

“I see.”

Lakshu is supposed to be his twelfth daughter. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume he has anywhere between twenty and thirty children…. There’s no chance I’ll be able to remember all of them.

For now, I’ll just remember His Royal Highness Harold and Princess Lakshu.”

“By the way, are you friends with Prince Harold?”

“Yep. I wasn’t a yandere until I met you, Yuzuki onii-san. I had met him before when my mother was still looking to get me engaged.”

“And that’s not the case anymore?”

“While being a member of a noble family is important, being a non-yandere or having resistance to yanderelization is valued even more. One’s education and bloodline comes after that.”

“I see…. So being a yandere has that much of an impact.”

The yandere trait has more of an effect than I imagined.

I don’t know how common non-yanderes or girls with yandere resistance are, but I should be more protective of Claudia.

It was then that I realized something I didn’t notice earlier….

“Were you supposed to be engaged to Prince Harold?”

When I think back on their conversation, they did seem rather close. And Prince Harold was disappointed that Rose was now a yandere.

Rose didn’t seem to dislike him either…..

“Don’t worry.”

Rose gave me a smile and hugged my arm. I didn’t know what she meant. Then, she brought her lips close to my ear.

“There were talks about us being engaged, but…the one I chose to be with is you, Yuzuki onii-san.”

As she whispered in my ear, my entire body trembled.


After regrouping with Claudia, it was now time to meet with Her Royal Yandere, the Princess.

With Claudia, who is my seamstress, and Rose acting as my escort, we arrived in front of a large door that led to Princess Lakshu’s private room.

After I knocked, a maid emerged from the room and said, “Her Royal Highness, Princess Lakshu has been awaiting your arrival. Please, come in.” Following her words, I took one step into the room.

— and I was met with an amazing sight.

The room was bathed in the dying light of the afternoon sun pouring in from a large window. It coated the room in a warm golden colour resembling honey. There was a beautiful girl sitting at a round table on a soft and fluffy carpet.

She had brilliant platinum blonde hair and beautiful dark skin. She had a small, innocent face and bright blue eyes that were likely to suck you in. A beautiful girl that appeared to be pure and innocent was staring at us as we entered.

This exotic looking girl opened her full lips and let a hot sigh leak out.

“…I’ve been waiting for you…my master. Please, turn this horny princess into one of your slaves. Haa~….please, treat me like your pet~”

The words that left the Princess’ mouth were more suited to that of a masochist. After hearing this…I slowly closed the door.

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