Volume 3, Chapter 8: A Dress Worthy of a Debut

The words that left the Princess’ mouth made me think of only one thing. She’s a lewd princess. I closed the door and turned around to leave, but the maid was now behind me, blocking my escape.

“Lakshu-sama is waiting for you. Please, enter.”

“No, umm…I remembered I had something I needed to take care of so we need to return home.”

“Do you possess no heart? You are the reason Lakshu-sama has become like this.”


When I asked what she meant, I was told that when I met her and turned her into a yandere, she also became a masochist.

“On top of this, even within the walls of this castle, her yandere trait is ranked high enough to affect her personality. Lakshu-sama wishes to be imprisoned by you and treated like a dog.”

“…umm, Grants gave me the impression that Lakshu-sama wished to imprison me.”

“Oh, surely, Grants-sama was mistaken.”

How do you make a mistake like that?

“…won’t it cause problems if you allow me to meet with the Royal Princess when she’s in that kind of state?”

It doesn’t seem like I’m in any danger of being imprisoned, so I’m somewhat relieved, but Lakshu wants me to humiliate her.

“It can’t be helped since she’s a yandere.”

“What do you mean?”

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“It’s pointless trying to reason with Lakshu-sama ever since she became a yandere. Honestly, we don’t know what she’ll do if she’s told she won’t be allowed to see you. So, whatever may happen in that room, the Royal Family will not hold you responsible.”

In less crude words, she’s telling me I can treat the Princess like a dog.

I thought she may be joking but she was clearly serious. And, if I think about it rationally, that’s why Rose has remained by my side.

Trying to prevent a yandere from seeing the person they’re obsessed with is like keeping medicine away from someone that is sick. This seems to be an accepted theory amongst the nobility.

It makes perfect sense when I think about it.

If someone were to forcibly separate me from Rose and force her to marry someone else, I can only imagine the rampage she’d go on.

“Will you not allow me to return home?”

“You have seen Lakshu-sama’s secret. You cannot be allowed to return home as things stand.”

“Nobody told me that.”

“I’m sure you’ll be allowed to return home safely if you promise to keep Lakshu-sama’s secret and you listen to her request.”

“…her request to treat her like a dog?”

“No, it’s about her dress.”

“Ah…so that part was true.”

I feel like I’ve fallen into her trap…but, at this point, it can’t be helped. Besides, I made a promise to the King and it would be dangerous for me to break it.

So, flanked by Claudia and Rose, I entered Princess Lakshu’s private room. Then, after receiving Lakshu’s permission, I sat at the table with her —

“Haa~ haa~…is this what they call neglect play?”

After seeing Princess Lakshu’s flushed face, I regretted the fact that I decided not to return home. However, seeing as there was no turning back now, I just sighed and didn’t reply.

“Now for a proper introduction. I am Lakshu Glial, your masochist slave.”

“I don’t remember becoming your master, Princess Lakshu.”

“Fufu, it was something I decreed as the royal princess. It’s impossible for a commoner like you to refuse.”


Well, it’s true that even nobles can’t refuse commands of the royalty. There’s little chance that a commoner like me could get away with doing so. I still don’t really get it…. If she has that power, why not just make me her slave?

“…Anyway, you are now my master, Yuzuki-sama. This is a formal command from Lakshu Glial.”

“Umm…than as your Master, I free you from servitude.”

I guess I’ll just use the power given to me as her master. It may annoy the Princess, but I can’t allow this to continue.

…no, that’s not true. I am a man and the idea of having that kind of relationship with a princess excites me. I want to continue, but I know there will be no going back if I allow it to. And if I do something that offends her, she’ll certainly cut ‘it’ off.

After I attempted to refuse, the Princess’ face became redder.

“Fufu~, you can’t negate my command as princess…. Ah, I can’t stand it anymore. Please, humiliate me.”

A princess shouldn’t be saying that…. I definitely can’t do that.

Honestly, I don’t want to be involved with this girl anymore. However, she is a princess and she’s yandere. It would be dangerous to anger her and I’ve promised to make her a dress. What should I do…?

“Lakshu, could you please stop it?”

Rose, who had remained silent until now, spoke up.

I felt relieved after hearing her words. It’s difficult for a commoner like me to stand up against a princess, but Rose, who is the daughter of a countess, should be able to do more.

“Oh, is that you Rose? When did you get here?”

“I’ve been here since the start, and Yuzuki onii-san is Claudia and my Master, so, please, don’t make a selfish claim to him.”

That’s not what I wanted her to say, but it’s too late now. The war between Rose and Princess Lakshu is sure to break out — but that’s not what happened.


Princess Lakshu turned her attention to Claudia.

“Eh, umm…what?”

“You, Claudia, you are my master’s slave.”

“Eh, umm…you know me?”

“Yes, I saw you at the evening party.”

“I-Is that so?”

Claudia seemed embarrassed when she thought about that night. I’m sure that’s due to me making her wear that revealing dress I made for her.

“I’m very envious of you. Do you receive Master’s love every night?”

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“No, it’s not just at night….”

Oi, even if that’s true you don’t need to say it. I thought that would make Lakshu angry, but instead, she smiled with a face filled with ecstasy.

“It’s not just at night…? Ah, how lovely. I’m truly jealous of you. How did you become Master’s slave, Claudia?”

“Eh? Umm…I was…to be sold as a slave to pay off my family’s debt.”

“Wow~. So you happened to be seen by Master and it was love at first sight. I wonder if Master would buy me if I were to become someone else’s slave.”

“I-I wonder.”

The normally jealous Claudia wasn’t even able to act on her jealous nature.

But…I can understand why. Lakshu is still a princess, even if her actions would say otherwise. I can understand why she’d feel troubled when a princess asks her how to become a sex slave.

Or it could be the fact that that same princess seems to be seriously considering it.

And she’s acting this way inside the castle where all bad statuses are lowered. I’ll need to be careful around her if I ever see outside of this place.

If she were to actually sell herself to a slave trade, I’d certainly be executed — as I thought this, I realized something.

The Princess seems interested in everything involving Claudia and her relationship with me. She also said she was interested in the dress I made but hasn’t said which one.

“Princess Lakshu, by chance…is the dress you want me to make….”

“Yes, a dress like the one Claudia was wearing at the evening party. I want a revealing dress suitable for my debut!”

It’s just like I thought!

I was asked by the princess of this country to make a dress for her debut. Something that I considered to be a great honour had now become making a lewd dress for a masochist.

I wouldn’t mind making that kind of dress for her, but the King commanded me to make a dress suitable for a princess.

Ah…so that’s what he meant — I finally understood what the King meant.

He wants me to make a dress that a princess can wear in public.

If I make an appropriate dress, I can grant other requests from Princess Lakshu. In other words, I’ll be allowed to treat her as a dog as long as I don’t make a perverted dress.

…I don’t think I could ever lay my hands on the Princess anyway. No matter what I’m allowed to do to her in this room, I feel like it would cause irreparable harm to my future life in this world.

However, if I make the dress Princess Lakshu wants, I’d incur the wrath of the King, and if I make the dress the King wants, Lakshu will dislike me. If the royal family starts to hate me, I’ll have no future as a designer in this country.

There is no right choice.

I really should’ve escaped when I had the chance…. It doesn’t matter now, that opportunity has passed. As I was wondering what I should do, I decided to drink some of the tea the maid had laid out for me.

Even this tea is bitter. It’s as if it represents the position I’m in. I seriously need to do something about the tea situation in this world…. Oi, I can’t escape reality that easily.

“Is the dress you want…more like the one Rose wore?”

I asked this knowing it was pointless. Lakshu said, “That’s not right. I want a dress like Claudia’s, you know, like a prostitute’s dress.”

When Lakshu described Claudia’s dress like that of a prostitute, Claudia’s cheeks turned red.

…the countermeasures that lower bad statuses must be working well if that’s her only reaction…. I let out a deep sigh and turned to Lakshu.

Even if she’s been corrupted — or turned into a masochist because of me — she’s still a princess.

As if Princess Lakshu could read my mind, she then said, “Of course, if you grant my request, you’ll be properly rewarded.”

This reward is the reason I came here in the first place despite the obvious danger.

“…you’re saying you’ll side with the Brad family.”

“Yes, regarding the Chaos family’s recent attempts to undermine the power of the Brad family. I am just an individual, but if I were to openly side with the Brad family I’m sure I’d be able to shift public opinion in your favour. Of course, this won’t be your only reward for making my dress.”

“Is that so…?”

It’s not just the Brad family that’s at risk of losing power in the eyes of other nobles but also the Chaos family. The majority of other noble families are watching from the sidelines waiting for something to show which family is in the right. If we can get Princess Lakshu to side with us, it should help sway a lot of them.

“Besides that, I will also give you my chastity.”

“No, I don’t need that.”

I immediately declined her offer. If I were to say whether or not I’m interested in a princess’ chastity — I’d have to say I am, but I also don’t want to cause trouble for my future self.

Besides, I don’t want to betray Rose or Claudia. And no, this isn’t just because they’ll cut it off, rather, it’s because I actually love them. So, please, will you both stop looking at me like you want to kill me?

“Haa~n…. A cold master is truly wonderful…. It’s wonderful, but…if you won’t take that as your reward, what do you want?”

“…nothing else. If you side with the Brad family, that will be enough. However…the King warned me that I have to make a dress appropriate for a princess.”

“Oh…did Father say such a thing?”

Lakshu looked surprised when I told her this.

“That’s why, even though I’d like to accept your request…unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to make a dress matching your desires.”

“…that can’t be. Isn’t there anything that can be done?”

Lakshu’s gaze lingered on me, waiting for my reply. She may be a masochist, but she’s also a yandere with the power of a princess. It would be bad if I were to make her angry or upset her.

On top of that, I want to grant her request to help Rose and I just want to make a dress for someone that genuinely liked my design.

“Give me some time to think about it.”

“Are you planning on trying to escape? I’ve waited patiently to become your slave and if I’m unable to wear a perverted dress you’ve made, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

In other words, if I don’t make the dress she wants, she may force herself on me. My answer will determine her actions.

However, for the time being, it’s not necessary for me to worry about this.

“Honestly, I’d like to make a dress that I sincerely believe you’d love. Therefore, I can’t say whether or not I’ll be able to make the exact dress you want. I’d like a little more time to think about the potential design.”

“…so you’ll consider my request?”

“Yes. I don’t know if it will satisfy all of your demands, but I’d like to make a dress that I think you’d like. After all, you’re someone that saw my dress yourself and loved the design. If the King wasn’t in the picture, I’d be happy to make the exact dress you want.”

I’d love for the Princess to wear a revealing dress that I’ve designed. If I hadn’t been warned, there’d be no problem. I’d happily make a dress that would make Claudia’s dress look like a nun’s habit.

“…I believe you, Master. However, I’d ask that you remain in the castle until I’ve heard your answer.”

“Yes, of course.”

“All right then. I’ll guide you to your room.”

We were each guided to the rooms we had been assigned. I’m not sure if my room was the same as any other bedroom in the castle, but…it was a large room, around ten tatami mats in size. There was a table, a sofa, and a big bed. I lay down on the bed and thought about how I could satisfy the Princess’ demands.

It’s impossible for me to fulfill Princess Lakshu’s request while still satisfying the King.

If I’m only worried about my own safety, I should make a dress that would satisfy the King. Or I should just return home…. However, when I think about what’s best for Rose, I know getting Princess Lakshu on our side would be a great help.

The King did say he’d reward me if I make a dress matching his expectations. I could ask for his help in the matters regarding the Brad family.

However, unlike Princess Lakshu, I don’t know if the King would actually grant this request, and there’s also the fact that I want to make the dress that Lakshu wants considering she actually likes my designs.

Still, it would be pointless to get Lakshu on my side if I turned the King into my enemy. If possible, I’d like to find a way to satisfy both of them….

A classy dress suitable for a princess that’s also capable of satisfying the desires of an extreme masochist. As if such a ridiculous design would exist in this world…. It was as I was thinking this that I realized there was something I could try.

By doing this, I can make a sexy dress that satisfies Princess Lakshu despite it still being an elegant dress that will make the King happy.

The question now is whether or not it’s actually possible. If it fails, I won’t even be able to complain if the King decides to kill me. I need to check properly before I decide anything….

Do you have an answer for me, Medea-nee?

I waited for a message to appear in my log window…but there was no reply.

I wondered why she didn’t say anything when there was a knock on my door.

“It’s Sylphy. Is it okay if I come in?”

“…Sylphy? Yeah, I’m alone.”

Even if Medea-nee is no help, it’s possible the long-lived elves will know of a skill capable of what I want to do.

I sat up in bed and looked at the door as Sylphy entered…and I was stunned at what I saw.

An onee-san with medium length blue hair. She wasn’t wearing her usual receptionist outfit but instead was wearing a revealing outfit with a design like nothing else I’d seen in this world.

Is it a traditional elven dress?

I’m not sure whether to call her top a blouse or a bikini…but it exposed her midriff and somewhat resembled a tube top. On top of this, there was a diamond cut out of the front of her top that extended all the way from the top to the bottom, revealing much of her chest. Her skirt also had a long slit down the side that almost revealed her underwear.

The outfit was incredibly revealing and attractive, but that’s not the only thing that I noticed about it.

The design was truly remarkable. It’s as if it was designed to draw out all of Sylphy’s charm. As a designer, I want to examine every minute detail of the dress, but as a man, I want to attack her right now.

“Fufu~, do you like it?”

She did a quick spin and I was surprised to see that the back of the dress was rather modest. This just made the front of the dress that much more attractive.

“It’s a bit regrettable, but I have to admit the person that designed that dress if much more skilled than me.”

“I’m glad that you seem to like it. These clothes are a battle garb that’s handed down by the elves from generation to generation. Over the years, they’ve been altered by each elf that has held them.”

“…doesn’t it reveal too much skin for that?”

I understand that they’ve been altered, but…they don’t look like they’d have much defensive power at all. They’re also worn by elves that live in the forest. There’s so much skin exposed that I doubt they’d even protect the wearer from stray branches and twigs.

“That’s only natural. They’re battle clothes for seducing a loved one.”

Oh…that’s what she meant by ‘battle garb.’ That’s why only the front of the dress is revealing. You only need to expose yourself to your loved one —

“Wait a minute!”

“You don’t need to worry. I wore an overcoat until I got here.”

“Ah, that’s good then — that’s not what I’m worried about! You said seducing — !”

Sylphy moved far quicker than I believed her capable.

I panicked and tried to avoid her attack but was quickly pushed back down onto the bed. As she was jumping on me I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and I could see more of what was hidden beneath her skirt.

This truly is a battle suit…. I’ve been defeated.

“Sylphy, what are you planning on doing –?”

Sylphy is a yandere but she’s never attacked me like this. Even if she caught me off-guard, I’d never expected her to go this far — then, this thought quickly disappeared from my mind.

The girl sitting on top of me was now an onee-san with long raven-black hair.

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