Volume 3, Chapter 9: The Yandere Goddess’ Warning


“Yes, it’s your perverted onee-san.”

The person looking down on me with a captivating smile on her face was the Goddess of this world. Medea-nee was wearing Sylphy’s traditional elven dress.

“E-Eh? Why are you here?”

Sylphy was the one on top of me until a moment ago, but now it’s Medea-nee. She’s wearing the same clothes, but there’s no mistaking it.

Her hair colour and length, as well as her facial features, have all changed.

“Yuzuki-kun, you were wondering why Sylphy seemed to have such a high status.”

“I was curious about that, but…does that mean she’s also a reincarnator?”

“No, Sylphy was born in this world. However, she has been given several unique titles because she is my shrine maiden.”

“…shrine maiden? Ah…I see.”

Speaking of a shrine maiden, there are certain rituals that can be done that allow the deity that the shrine maiden worships to take over their body. It’s called divine possession. That must be what’s happening here.

Medea-nee has come down and taken control of Sylphy’s body.

“…is Sylphy okay?”

“Fufu~, even in this situation, that’s what you’re most worried about. That’s why I love you, Yuzuki-kun.”

“…are you trying to avoid answering?”

“You don’t need to worry. It would be quite taxing on the body of someone normal, but Sylphy has been given proper protections. Her mind is simply dreaming right now.”

“I see…. That’s good then.”

Medea-nee is a yandere Goddess that is obsessed with me. If it means she can get close to me, she wouldn’t mind sacrificing others — so I’m relieved to hear Sylphy is fine.

“Still…Sylphy is your shrine maiden. Was it not just a coincidence that we met?”

“No, it really wasn’t just a coincidence. There are other shrine maidens besides Sylphy.”

“There are more people like her….”

I have several titles given to me by Medea-nee so I know just how powerful they can be. I was able to grow strong in a very short time so I can only imagine how powerful Sylphy must be.

It’s fine as long as she’s on my side, but I don’t want to think about what she could do as my enemy.

“More important than that, I’m here to warn you, Yuzuki-kun.”

“…warn me? You came down just for that?”

“Yes. I could’ve just spoken directly into your mind but it’s been so long since I’ve touched you that I decided to come down, fufu~.”

Medea-nee is cute when she smiles. On top of that, she’s wearing a top that exposes a lot of skin and her thighs are exposed due to the position she’s in on top of me. I couldn’t help but be captivated by the slender figure of the black-haired onee-san on top of me.

I want to spoil this cute Medea-nee…but I can’t. Right now I have to hear what she’s here to warn me about.

“So, what do you need to warn me about? Did I do something to make you angry?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. It’s about your Feminist skill.”

“…Feminist skill? My bad status?”

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A skill that forces me to act like a feminist.

This ability has caused me a lot of trouble and it even makes it so I can’t shake off a woman’s hand if she grabs me. It’s due to this ability, that I can’t do anything to resist if I’m attacked by a female yandere.

“Yes. The rank of that skill is rising.”


I gave a response without even thinking. Is she saying my Feminist skill is rising to SSS rank?

But —

“So far, I’ve only got that skill to rank SS by using SP, but you’re saying it’s naturally increasing to SSS?”

Usually, you’d need to train a particular skill a lot to increase it. Naturally, the higher rank a skill is, the more you need to train it to increase it. It would be nearly impossible to naturally raise a skill to SSS rank.

At least that’s what I’ve been told.

“Yuzuki-kun, you had already become quite proficient in the skill when you raised it from S to SS. Even if you use your title to manually increase a skills level, you don’t lose the experience you’ve gained in that skill.”


“Yes. When you increased it to SS, you already had a lot of experience and, since then, you’ve activated the Feminist skill on many different occasions.”

“I-I see….”

I’ve been attacked by Rose, attacked by Claudia, and recently, even attacked by Claudia’s sister. Besides that, I’ve also been tormented many times in ways that would activate the Feminist skill.

So the rank has continued to increase. Even though I increased the skill from Rank S to SS, there were no additional effects…but at rank SSS there will be.

I won’t even be able to consider harming women in any way. When I thought about this, I realized I may have already started feeling the effects.

“Recently, I felt like I had to accept a girl’s request….”

“That’s just proof the Feminist skill is increasing.”

“Oi, oi, oi, you can’t be serious…!”

That means if a girl were to ask me to do something impossible, I’d feel compelled to do so. That would be dangerous. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’d be killed.

“How much time do I have before the rank goes up?”

Depending on this, I may even consider fleeing to someplace where no one else is around. Fortunately, Medea-nee told me I had around half a year.

For the time being, I’m fine, but I’m not feeling optimistic.

“…there’s no way for me to lower the rank?”

“Of course, I have the power to lower it, but I’ve told you before that I will only watch. I don’t plan on interfering.”

“…I feel like you’re interfering right now.”

More than just interfering for that matter. She’s currently straddling me.

“Oh, have you forgotten, Yuzuki-kun? I decide all the rules of this world.”

Even if she’s decided not to interfere, she can really do anything she wants.

“Anyway, you don’t plan on lowering my skill, do you?”

“That’s right. If you were to become my partner and do this and that to me, Yuzuki-kun, I’d consider lowering your Feminist skill.”

“…I’m sorry, but I won’t do that.”

After hearing my answer, Medea-nee had a lonely smile on her face as she said, “I thought not.”

“I’m sorry. It’s not like I don’t want to be with you, Medea-nee….”

It’s always been my dream to work with clothing and live a peaceful life. If I could achieve that dream by being with Medea-nee, it might be something I’d consider.

However…I want to live out that dream with Claudia and Rose. I would never be able to be happy if Rose and Claudia weren’t with me.

“I know. Please, enjoy yourself as much as you want until you’re satisfied. And someday…. No, that is my only wish.”

“…thank you, Medea-nee. But you could’ve said that in a less suggestive way.”

The way she told me to enjoy myself until I’m satisfied could easily be misunderstood…. There’s no doubt she did it on purpose.

“Returning to the topic at hand, is there no other way to lower its rank? I can’t use points to lower it?”

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible for you to lower it, Yuzuki-kun. However, that’s not to say that there’s no other method.”

“…tell me how I can do it.”

In order for me to make my dream come true, I have to lower the rank of my Feminist skill.

“Even without you looking at me like that I’d tell you. If you were to fall under the complete control of a girl my fun would end.”

“It sounds like you’re saying it’s fun to see me in distress.”

“There is a holy site within the Imperial City where a spirit resides.”

“If I go to this site I can lower its rank?”

“Yes. If you can overcome the spirit’s challenges, you’ll be given a fruit that can lower the rank of all the bad statuses you possess by two.”


All of my bad statuses will decrease…. Does that mean To Be Loved To Death By Yanderes will also decrease…? No, that’s not classified as a bad status.

Why isn’t it? Is this due to Medea-nee’s interfering? It seems likely.

“By the way, do they allow anyone to enter this site?”

“It’s managed by this country so I’m sure if you ask the royal family they’ll grant you access.”

“I see….”

If I make Princess Lakshu’s dress, I should be able to get permission.

I’ll have to wait to see if what Medea-nee said is true…. That is, of course, if I can manage to grant both Princess Lakshu and the King’s requests.

“There was something I wanted to ask, Medea-nee.”

“You’re so kind and gentle and don’t discriminate against yanderes.”

“…umm, what are you talking about?”

“I was telling you why I like you so much, Yuzuki-kun.”

“No, no, that’s not what I was going to ask.”

I was embarrassed to hear her tell me so directly why she likes me. Medea-nee just smiled as she stared back at me…. It’s somehow vexing.

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“I wanted to ask you if I’m the only person that’s been reincarnated in this world.”

Depending on her answer, my plan may not be possible.

“…I see. I can’t tell you whether or not there are other reincarnators besides yourself. Is there someone you’re suspicious of?”


Many of the fabrics Karen has made far exceed the quality of other fabrics in this world. After hearing my question, Medea-nee smiled.

“I really shouldn’t tell you if there are other reincarnators, but if you ask properly I may.”

“…really? Then, please tell me.”

“I’ll tell you if you call me Medea onee-chan.”

“Medea onee-chan, please, tell me.”

I didn’t even hesitate. A beautiful onee-san is straddling me while wearing an incredibly sexy outfit. In that situation, I felt as if I should spoil this onee-san Goddess.

“Fufu~, it can’t be helped if you’re going to act so obediently. Yuzuki-kun, you’re right in believing there are others like you.”

“Oh, really?”

I was a little surprised. If there weren’t any other reincarnators, I was ready to give up…but now it should be possible. I should be able to fulfill Princess Lakshu’s request and the King’s.”

“If that’s the case, I need to start designing…. Medea-nee?”

I thought Medea-nee would leave now and allow me to start on the dress, but she suddenly pressed her own chest against mine. When I looked up at Medea-nee, her cheeks were flushed and there was a lustful look in her eyes.

“Yuzuki-kun, do you remember what you said before?”

“Eh, about what…?”

“Rose’s technique was better than mine.”

“Wha –!?”

I thought that when Rose was servicing me once before. At that time, Medea-nee voiced her complaint in my log window.

“On top of that, you said Claudia was even better than Rose. Are you trying to say I’m the worst?”

“Umm…well, that’s…technically true.”


Medea-nee looked cute as she puffed out her cheeks. She then put more pressure on my chest, pinning me to the bed.


“If I practice, I’ll get better. Yes…practice.”

“You’re going to…practice?”

“Yes. Don’t you want to see how much I can improve?”

Medea-nee whispered in my ear.

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