Chapter 549 – Blur

It was not surprising that a spirit chef is able to brew spirit wine, but to be able to brew spirit wine of such quality was few and rare. If put up for sale, spirit wine of this quality would fetch a high price, especially people who likes alcohol…

“Of course, is it good?” Huan Qing Yan was seeking for praises.

“It’s delicious!” Ji Mo Ya took another sip and savor the taste before he continued, “You mentioned that you now know how to make other types of spirit wines?”

“There are a lot of recipes within the Brewing Room, the Spirit Grain Wine is considered the lowest level and uses the most common ingredient. Every half a liter of such wine possesses about 5000 spirit energy value; for higher level recipes, every half a liter of such wine will contain about ten thousand, with some even reaching as much as several tens of thousands of spirit energy value… a pity I do not have those ingredients.”

As she spoke, Huan Qing Yan slowly emptied her cup of Spirit Grain Wine.

And her face was by then slightly red.

As she rarely drank any wine, the single cup was enough to cause her to be affected by the alcohol.

Unlike Ji Mo Ya; he often drinks spirit wine which helped increased his alcohol tolerance, and so despite emptying two cups of wine thus far, he was still as elegant and as relaxed as before.

“What ingredients do you need? List all of them and this young master will arrange my men to get them. With better spirit wine in the future, your cultivation speed will get some boosting because spirit wine is in fact better than spirit food.”

Having received such great encouragement from Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan’s confidence skyrocketed, and in that moment of joy, she poured another cup of wine, and emptied it in one shot.

The flush on Huan Qing Yan’s cheeks got even deeper, her gaze also started to blur. She rested a hand uncontrollably on Ji Mo Ya’s shoulder and magnanimously said, “Sure, if Young Master Ya likes to drink it, I will brew wine for you every day… *hiccup*…”

She released a fragrant hiccup and her legs started to feel as if they were floating.

When Ji Mo Ya saw her, he spoke with grace and he maintained his expression, “Good, another cup?”

“Okay! Another cup!”

Huan Qing Yan was losing control of her hands as she spilled some of the wine on the table while  she poured another cup…

Ji Mo Ya took over the wine bottle and poured the wine for her as he found it a pity to allow the gluttonous kitten to waste such good wine.

As the alcohol took control, Huan Qing Yan’s body started to sway and she leaned onto Ji Mo Ya’s body, “Young Master Ya, why is the wine bottle swaying left and right? Did I drink too much?”

“What do you think?” Ji Mo Ya put down his winecup and hooked his arm around her waist as he whispered in a soft voice just beside her ears, so soft she felt itchy.

Huan Qing Yan shook her head and that got her vision to clear up slightly, “No, I can still drink, another cup…”

Ji Mo Ya did not stop her as he smiled and looked at her as though she was the most delicious food in that moment…

As the intoxicated Huan Qing Yan poured more wine to drink, a dragon’s roar could be heard.

A miniature dragon flew out of Ji Mo Ya’s wrist.

It opened its salivating mouth and dipped it into Huan Qing Yan’s winecup…

The dragon spirit snatched away Huan Qing Yan’s wine!

In a flash, the wine within the cup was completely gone, but the dragon spirit did not stop at that; it dived into the wine bottle, and helped himself to the wine.

Huan Qing Yan was not frustrated, she giggled at the scene instead, “Little dragon… so you like to drink spirit wine as well! From the looks of it, I must brew even more… *hiccup*…”

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Ji Mo Ya gracefully lifted Huan Qing Yan’s chin and used his alluring voice to guide her, “Do you want to drink more?”

His voice was gentle, and soft like smooth silk.

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