Chapter 550 – En, Young Master Ya

“I want, but there’s no more now; shall I go to the dimension to get more?” Huan Qing Yan mumbled.

“No need.” Ji Mo Ya brought up his half full winecup; the dragon spirit treasure might have snatched away Huan Qing Yan’s drink, but it would not dare to snatch its master’s.

Ji Mo Ya drank the wine from the cup, hugged Huan Qing Yan, and then lowered his body;  he then sealed his lips to hers. Wine started to slowly enter through Huan Qing Yan’s cherry lips.

The dazed Huan Qing Yan did not struggle as well, she had been ambushed by Ji Mo Ya’s kisses countless of times ny then.

With a muffled voice, “Young Master Ya…”

Her voice was soft beyond recognition, and her body had turned into mush while her face flushed redder.

“Ssshh, don’t talk…” Ji Mo Ya spoke in an unclear voice as well.

The mouth of wine flowed from Ji Mo Ya’s lips into Huan Qing Yan’s mouth; as her mouth was occupied, she had no choice but to remain silent as well. The refreshing fragrance and sweet taste of the Spirit Grain Wine filled the lips and tongue of both individuals.

Huan Qing Yan was forced to suck and swallow as her brain stopped functioning, the combination of alcohol intoxication and amorous feelings had caused her to feel dizzy, as well as an indescribable excitement.

She also felt her body burning up.

Her chest was raising and falling heavily from panting, Ji Mo Ya felt a softness that was pressing against him rhythmically, this caused his eyes to turn dark as he increased his wine feeding speed.

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The mouth of wine was completely fed to Huan Qing Yan without losing a drop, after feeding her, Ji Mo Ya did not stop and continue to enjoy as he started to gently suck on her lips and tongue that was covered in the fragrance of wine. He stared lightly tease with both focus and gentleness, circling slowly while sucking on the sweetness in her mouth.

Huan Qing Yan started to move restlessly, her entire person was tightly embraced by Ji Mo Ya like a meek little beast that was surrounded, “En, Young Master Ya… I do not want to drink anymore…”

The intensity of the two soft bundles on her chest rubbing against Ji Mo Ya also intensified, Ji Mo Ya completely enveloped her voice and prevented her from making any sounds, the hand that held the winecup was unknowingly empty now as it slides into her clothes and started to knead her the soft bundle on the left.

Huan Qing Yan’s body shuddered and started to go out of breath, she can now only rely on the air transferred over by Ji Mo Ya.

With Ji Mo Ya’s busy hand working hard in front of her chest, Huan Qing Yan could no longer endure it anymore and released a soft moan while her entire body turned soft and leaned her entire weight onto Ji Mo Ya.

When Ji Mo Ya felt the weight pushing against his hand, he finally released her lips, his breathing was also very heavy. He continued going south and started to nibble on her earlobes and tease them.

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Wave of numbing softness came from her ears and chest, causing Huan Qing Yan’s voice to turned even more weakly, “Young Master Ya, what are you doing…”

“What do you think Little One?” Ji Mo Ya’s voice had already turned hoarse.

After enduring for so long, he wants to collect all the debt and interest accumulate up till today and prevent her from escaping again.

As he spoke, he shifted his hand from the bundle of softness and princess carried her while ignoring the gluttonous dragon spirit, heading towards the bedroom.

Along the way, he did not rest as he started to undo her outer robes and roughly discard it the clothes onto the floor.

The clothes on her were all worn with his help, removing them was a very easy task for him.

Very quickly, only a thin layer of inner clothes was left before Huan Qing Yan was thrown onto a huge soft bed.

The beautiful and slender young girl on the bed was blushing meekly, the proud peaks on her chest was exceptionally alluring, the entire sight had caused blood to heat up and flow rapidly.

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