Chapter 112: This is a Misunderstanding!

“Bang bang bang!” His three punches were very quick and caused Zhang Wen Long to let out a sound before falling face down on the floor like a dead dog.

“Hu!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character let out a heavy breath before releasing Zhang Wen Long’s shoulder and slowly standing up.

Only after Su Ke checked that he wasn’t faking did he walk over to the snow-white bed where Hong Chen lay in the middle. Her arms were spread open and her exquisite peaks were still in her chiffon low-cut shirt. Her two straight legs were also revealed from when Zhang Wen Long opened her skirt.

Her skin was snow white and she had slightly thick thighs and beautiful legs that gave off a translucent jade-like light, attracting Su Ke’s enamored gaze.

He couldn’t help but audibly gulp down some salvia after taking in the sight of her body and her pure-white cotton panties.

Su Ke was unknowingly in a daze, his breathing becoming erratic and heavy.

His heart beat quickly and his whole body weakened and became heavy.

He then tightly clenched his fists and felt a slight wetness in his palms.


His right hand coincidentally rose up and slowly advanced towards her pure white panties.
As he inched closer, his breathing became increasingly heavy and vulgar, and his palms started trembling.

The protruding buns, the thin indention, and her plump and smooth legs were all attacking Su Ke’s mind. Maybe it felt wrong, but when Su Ke’s hand reached her Bermuda Triangle, he could feel the heat rising from it. Even though it didn’t burn him, his whole body shivered.


He had flushed cheeks and a body full of sweat like he had been standing under the hot sun. “F*ck, I can’t take it anymore!” She was so lovely and charming, but now wasn’t the time.

Even though there won’t be another shop like this one in another town, he forced himself to calm down and his eyes cleared.

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He grit his teeth and stamped his feet on the ground.

He then reached forward with his right arm and hovered over her utopia before pulling up her dress without any hesitation.


The Bermuda Triangle that had the ability to confuse people was quickly covered up by Su Ke like he was pulling on a curtain, instantly sobering him up.

The faster he covered the utopia in front of his eyes, the better.

After thinking until here, Su Ke forcefully shook the sleeping Hong Chen by her thigh.

“Hong Chen! Wake up, wake up!”

When his fingers touched her skin, he immediately felt an exquisite softness that was slightly cold and really comfortable.

He felt like if he wasn’t careful, he would slide into the Bermuda Triangle.

“Wei! Hong Chen!”

After realizing that it looked like Hong Chen wasn’t going to wake up, Su Ke felt extremly uneasy. Since he had no idea what kind of drugs they gave her, he felt really anxious.


Following Su Ke’s shaking, Hong Chen’s body swayed side to side and her graceful peaks swayed along.

‘En!” Hong Chen let out a weak sound like she had just woken up.

Her eyelids were heavy and when she tried to rub them, she found that her arm was like a stone that sunk as soon as she barely lifted it.

Only at this time did she really wake up and force her eyes open.

She then painfully raised her head and looked around at the unfamiliar room.

She only remembered helping a customer pick songs and drink a cup of beer, but right now she was in a guest room and lying on a bed.

Her heart fluttered as she panicked and thought what kind of place this was.


Tears spilled down her cheeks.

If one didn’t enter the tiger’s cave, one would not have tiger’s cubs.

She was unable to accept her current situation.

Through her glazed over eyes, she suddenly saw a man that looked like he wanted to pounce on her.

Her voice was hoarse and weak as she yelled,“Get out!”

She wanted to escape, but she only had enough strength to sit up.

At this moment, Hong Chen felt drained and had a splitting headache.

‘Hong Chen, it’s me!” Su Ke said quickly after she had finally woken up.

It felt like a stone was lifted from his heart. “It’s me, Su Ke!”

‘You?” Hong Chen squinted her eyes, her tears having blurred her vision.

When she heard his familiar voice, the anxiety in her heart had eased.

She then finally saw his appearance. “Su Ke!”


Su Ke then turned around and saw Zheng Wen Long still passed out on the floor, so he hurriedly urged Hong Chen, “Hurry up and leave!”

“I, I can’t move…. I don’t have any strength!”

Even though her heart was filled with relief, she couldn’t calm down as she looked beseechingly at Su Ke.

“F*ck!” Su Ke cursed inwardly.

He then walked around the bed and placed his hands under Hong Chen before pulling her into his embrace and lifting her up into a princess carry.

His right hand cradled her back while his left hand held up her thighs.

Even though Hong Chen had used up all of her energy, she tightly grabbed onto Su Ke’s neck to fix her body in place.

Fortunately, Hong Chen wasn’t very heavy, causing her exquisite chest to press up against his cheek.


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With every step he took, he would rub against her very elastic and soft peaks.

Without taking any time to think, they quickly left the room and ran to the third floor.

The staff on the third floor eyed him suspiciously as he walked by, but before they could speak, Su Ke had already run into the room that Han Mei had booked.

“Su Ke!” The originally jovial room that was filled with drinking and singing turned completely silent when Su Ke burst in and they saw him tightly hugging a girl wearing scantily clad clothes.

After just one look they could tell that she wasn’t a good person.

Zheng Mo had not even opened her mouth yet when Han Mei exploded and stormed over to Su Ke while glaring.


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