Chapter 111: Nice to Meet You, Brother Long!

The 4th level of Jin Se Hua Nian was the guest lounge. It was already prepared for the guests who got tired of singing or were just too drunk and wanted to relax for a bit.

After stunning the remaining waiter, he took their belts and tied them up.

He then shoved them inside the stall that he was just in before leaving the bathroom.

The right knee of his jeans was stained with a little blood, but it wasn’t very obvious.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character tried to calm himself down with every step he took, taking in measured breaths.

He expected to encounter someone as he walked, so he was very observant.


Su Ke then stood in front of VIP room 8 and tightly clenched his fists.

He didn’t know the situation inside, but he didn’t care.

He then glanced around to make sure he was alone before knocking on the door.

Zhang Wen Long, who was sitting on the sofa, was wearing a bathrobe with the front wide open. Years of pampering has left his skin white and soft, and his bulging belly was like Zhu Ba Jie(1) who had drunk from the Zi Mu River

He held a goblet of red wine in his right hand that sloshed around as he moved.

He then smirked and cocked his head, his gaze focused on the bed not too far away.

Snow-white sheets that looked to be a large expanse of cotton glowed under the light.

It looked really comfortable, but Zhang Wen Long’s attention was solely focused on the girl on the bed.


“Tch!” He then put the goblet to his mouth and took a sip, closing his eyes to savor the taste. Zhang Wen Long was 100% relaxed as he took a deep breath, making his stomach look like a inflated balloon.

Little Snow, who was actually Hong Chen, was lying on the bed with her eyes tightly shut, looking like she was sleeping. She had a very comfortable expression on her face as she laid out spread open. She wore a thin muslin skirt and a pink chiffon off the shoulder dress.

Even though her chest was quite conspicuous, it was her legs under the skirt that captivated people.


Jin Se Hua Nian was a KTV studio, but it was also a brothel. Zhang Wen Long had run this place for less than two years and had already lost a million dollars.

Of course, a majority of the women who worked here were forced by Zhang Wen Long to switch from private room waitresses to special service people.

Only like this can they maximize the economic benefits.

The methods were very simple and crude; drugs, beatings, and confinement.

As the owner of this establishment, Zhang Wen Long had the privilege of first taste.

He had his eye on Little Snow for quite some time.

The youthfulness and vitality of a young college graduate made him unable to control his desires.


Zhang Wen Long counted the time in his head as he thought that the drug should’ve lost half its effectiveness by now.

He then put his glass down before smiling slightly and getting up from the sofa.

Drugging is way too overused. He isn’t interested in motionless girls who are affected by them. However, as soon as the drug had slightly worn off, they would wake up and rebel, but they could only submit. He loved the feeling of having a mass of girls submit to him.

He stood next to the bed and took in her beauty; a graceful figure with a pure face, two exquisite peaks, and two jade white legs like a compass.

Zhang Wen Long, a veteran when it comes to women, smiled with a satisfied expression as he thought about violating her.

He traced up Hong Chen’s whole body with his gaze before settling on the hem of her pink dress. He gulped down his saliva as he inched closer with his right hand.


“Bang bang bang!” The sound of someone knocking came at an inopportune moment, spoiling his mood and making him angry. If anyone faced this kind of situation, it would be hard to calm down, not to mention that he was treated like a king in Jin Se Hua Nian.

“What?” Zhang Wen Long frowned as he got up from the bed while cursing.

His fat jiggled as he walked to the door. The only people who know were the room is is his lackeys. Without a shred of hesitation, he opened the door.

However, he was instantly suprised when he saw a strange kid that looked to be about 17-18 years old standing in front of him. “Who are you?”

The kid in front of him was small, skinny, and looked to be rather inexperienced.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Long!”


He was so surprised that the kid knew him he instantly acknowledged it.

He then unconsciously looked the boy up and down, but he didn’t have the slightest inkling who he was.

Thinking about the beauty waiting for him inside, Zheng Wen Long couldn’t care less about anything else as he shooed Su Ke away with his hand.

He then noticed the boy suddenly raise his leg and kick his stomach with a strong strength, causing Zheng Wen Long to fly backwards a few meters into the room.

His stomach became a spectacular mess and his head hit the floor, causing him to have two black eyes.


Su Ke didn’t dare confirm if this guy was really Brother Long, so he tried using his name. However, that actually confirmed his identity, so he didn’t have any qualms with the current situation.

He then raised his right foot and straightened his knees, focusing his entire body as he kicked at Zheng Wen Long’s stomach.

Su Ke watched the older man fall on the ground in the room before closing the door behind him.

He then walked into the room and found the sleeping Hong Chen.

Fortunately, it didn’t seem like anything had happened yet.

Even though her skirt was opened, the rest of her clothes were tidy, so he breathed out a sigh of relief.


Zhang Wen Long was part of the underground when he was younger.

Even if he was living like a prince for the past few years, he’s recently put on weight, so his reaction time is slower these days.

He could only grit his teeth and endure the pain before throwing a punch at Su Ke.

Although Hong Chen didn’t seem to have been bullied much, which made Su Ke feel better, he felt a fire in his heart that he couldn’t suppress after looking at her unconscious body.

After using military boxing and Jeet Kune Do (Beginner) to strengthen his body, he pivoted into attack mode.

His toes were light as he quickly moved his body.

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Upon noticing Zhang Wen Long’s fierce punch fast approaching, he didn’t retreat.

Instead, he stretched out his left hand and caught his wrist.

He shifted his body forward like he was falling into Su Ke’s embrace, his back to his chest.

Su Ke then slammed his right elbow ruthlessly into his side two consecutive times.

The sound of bones breaking could be heard as he did so.

He then exerted strength with his left hand and twisted his body 180 degrees before grabbing Zhang Wen Long’s right shoulder with his right hand and expertly slamming him onto the ground.

He finished him off by smacking his forehead and making him pass out.


1 A pig-man in Journey to the West. More information here:

A river that can get someone pregnant if they drink it in Journey to the West;


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