Chapter 110: Questioning

Everyone loved to gossip and were especially curious about other people’s whispered conversations. Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was originally in the innermost stall and stayed completely quiet, so no one expected that he was an eavesdropper.

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He listened to the conversation until his forehead was covered in sweat, especially the parts about the bed, feeding her drugs, and pulling down her skirt.

The system then suddenly sounded with a new task, stunning him.

“Save Hong Chen!”

The task only had three words that showed that Hong Chen was in danger, but there weren’t any more details. Su Ke could quickly figure out what was going on after mentioning Little Snow.


“I don’t know if she’s still inexperienced or not. Seems like she just graduated from university!”

“You don’t need to care about that. Regardless of whether she’s inexperienced or not, once she leaves Brother Long’s bed, she won’t be anyways!”

‘That’s right, she deserves to be drugged! Brother Long tried to show his love, but she rejected him. If she was a bit more obedient, it wouldn’t have ended like this. I reckon that she’ll be stuck there for 10 days or longer!”

The two men chatted in front of the urinal while relieving themselves, completely unaware.

However, Su Ke’s entire body had stiffened and his breathing was getting faster.

What should he do now?


What he could now confirm is that Hong Chen had ingested some kind of drug and had maybe lost her reasoning. However, who is this Brother Long, and where is he?

He tightly clenched his fists before relaxing and calming down for the most part.

Even if she was a reporter or a prostitute (1), he still considered Hong Chen a friend.

If she was in danger, he couldn’t ignore it, especially since the system had given him the task.

He couldn’t help but remember when they faced each other in the past.

Hong Chen had a smile on her face as she ate a popsicle just like it was yesterday.

The toilet door opened with a ‘Creak!” and Su Ke walked out.


The two men turned around at the sound and looked at Su Ke with shocked expressions.

They had already played their part while talking just now.

Privately talking about everything is fine, but if an outsider heard them, it would be rather troublesome.

Fortunately for them though, Su Ke looked to be quite weak and immature. Just one look and they could tell that he was a student. Since his stomach was churning uncomfortably just now, his face was also pale, which made the two men sigh in relief.

When Su Ke pushed open the door, he also breathed out a sigh of relief. The two men didn’t look as tall and strong as he imagined them to be. They were wearing black waiter outfits and they looked to be rather intelligent. As long as they aren’t real thugs, things should be fine.

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He had seen Liu Fei Hong’s men at her side before; after just one glance at their bodies, he knew that they weren’t good people.

He then nonchalantly walked towards the exit and the two men looked at each other before going back to their business.

Who knew that Su Ke would make a move when he was right behind them.

His gaze suddenly went cold and he shifted his center of gravity to his left foot before spinning around and facing their backs. He then chopped the neck of the person closet to him.

To make sure that he succeeded, he had very quick and strong movements.


When Su Ke’s hand shot forward and struck his neck with a “Bang!”, the body collapsed to the floor unconscious.

All of Su Ke’s movements were actually instinctive, especially the last two.

Similar to God’s help, it was like there were diagrams in his mind as he struck in a very accurate and clear position.

The back of someone’s neck wasn’t just full of nerves, the positon of the carotid artery was obvious as well. Not only could he stop the blood flow, but he could also mess with the vagus nerve and make someone quickly faint.

Su Ke’s actions were completely unexpected.


Only when the person beside him had closed his eyes and fainted, did the other male react with a terrified expression on his face.

Just as he was about to yell for help, he saw Su Ke’s fists aimed at his head.

Su Ke then released the full power of his Jeet Kune Do (Beginner) reward and smashed his ear with lightning-fast reflexes, rattling his eardrum.

The person he just punched looked to be around 24 to 25-years-old.

Although he didn’t have a bad physique, compared to Su Ke, there was no room for retaliation. His head felt heavy and he started falling forward, like he was about to kowtow.


Su Ke lifted up his right knee in a flash and smashed his face.

As his knee made contact, his elbow also moved, like the weight of a thousand catties (2) slamming down the middle of his back.

The second staffer was efficiently taken down, but under Su Ke’s hands, he didn’t immediately faint; he was stunned and laid on the bathroom floor.

It was at this moment that Su Ke let out a breath of relief, “Hu!”

The soundproofing inside Jin Se Hua Nian was really good; he strained his ears, but the outside was silent. Looks like no one heard their fight.

Su Ke squatted down and grabbed the collar of the stunned man before pulling him up and coldly asking him,“Where is Little Snow?”


“!” His eyes were glazed over as he stared blankly at Su Ke.

His nose was oozing blood that trickled and splashed onto the ground like a red flower.

“I’m asking you a question! Where is Little Snow!?”

Su Ke didn’t know Hong Chen’s situation right now, but he wanted to save her, so the faster the better. If he was too late, he was afraid that everything will be lost.

Su Ke then noticed that the person he was holding was staring at him, his mouth seemingly in a smile. His nosebleed made his entire face crimson, looking very sinister.

Su Ke used his right hand and smashed the person onto the floor with a “Bang!”, the side of his face kissing the tiles. The contrast between the white floor and the blood was very impactful.

“Not talking?”

Su Ke frowned before releasing his collar.

He then gripped his neck with a strong force.


His throat made choking sounds under his palms, like he was having trouble breathing.

He opened his mouth widely as he tried breath, but his eyes looked they were about to roll backwards as he drooled.  

“Cough, cough! Who’s Little Snow?”

Su Ke finally lost it and blurted out,

“The one you mentioned that just graduated! The one who didn’t have a big chest!”

He had never thought about these descriptions applying to her, but they seemed to fit her situation.

“Cough! She was sent to Brother Long’s room!”

He then suddenly felt the pressure around his neck increase as his body lost the strength to fight back. He finally gave up and quickly added, “On the 4th floor! VIP room 8!”


1 Reporter and prostitute have the same pronunciation in mandarin; it’s wordplay.

The catty is a traditional Chinese unit of mass used across East and Southeast Asia, notably for weighing food.


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