Chapter 109: Save Hong Chen!!

Han Mei was naturally heroic when she walked into Jin Se Hua Nian; she directly asked for a big and luxurious private room. At this moment, a waiter dressed in a completely black uniform and an earpiece was grinning from ear to ear as they led them away.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character then followed the group up the stairs to the 3rd floor, where only the rich people frequent. Beautiful paintings adorned every wall, giving off a very luxurious feeling that lived up to its name.


After walking out of the elevator, Su Ke saw a group of about twenty girls wearing identical smiles in the corridor. They were all dressed in thin and light muslin skirts that were faintly discernible. They all had jade white skin and held their short skirts with their hands, revealing their beautiful thighs.

Even though Su Ke had seen countless beauties in Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns, this was still his first time experiencing such a thing, causing his heart to pound.


“Welcome!” The girls all shouted with sweet voices that seeped into the mind, causing the group to relax a bit. When they spoke, their bodies would slightly twist and show off their snow-white thighs and voluptuous bodies. Their actions and looks made everything think that they were shooting a scene from ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’.

Han Mei and Zheng Mo naturally didn’t squint, and even lazily glanced around; causing the group of guys to feel bitter. What young man in their prime wouldn’t dream of spring?

Just look at Xiao Xian Ren becoming a mess after just taking a few steps.


Since it was their first time in Jin Se Hua Nian, Xiao Xian Ren felt blind even though they often sing KTV together.

After looking around at the other members of the group; it was obvious that Liu Feng and Zhang Hai didn’t know what to do and felt really helpless.

Su Ke audibly gulped down some saliva. These women aren’t the ones that provide special service, right!? His face flushed red as he thought about it.

At this moment, Han Mei turned around and saw their idiotic behavior, causing her to frown.

She hated that they were acting so foolishly, so she yelled to pull them from their fantasies, “Hurry up!”


Zheng Mo glanced around and noticed that Su Ke’s performance wasn’t bad, but she didn’t say anything. Everyone then returned to normal and they followed the waiter inside.

When Su Ke took just two steps forward, he suddenly saw a really familiar silhouette among the serving staff that shocked him greatly.

“Hong Chen?” Su Ke muttered in his heart.

He almost couldn’t believe it, but this girl was definitely the journalist who chased after him for an interview.


The same pink chiffon dress she wore seemed like formal wear and exposed her snow-white shoulders, showing off her beautiful clavicle. A transparent bra strap also disappeared into her chest. Even though it wasn’t as big as other people’s, it was still really cute, giving off a different kind of sexy.  

Hong Chen seemed to have noticed Su Ke’s gaze and tensed up her face before pretending to look somewhere else. She could still feel the weight of Su Ke’s gaze, causing her to look back around in the end. However, she looked rather anxious.

“Eh!” Su Ke’s forehead was covered in sweat and he didn’t understand Hong Chen’s meaning.


At this moment, the waiter standing in front of them noticed Su Ke’s gaze and introduced her, “He he! This is Little Snow. If you want any songs, you can ask her! Her voice isn’t bad and she has the ‘Song Empress’ title after only working here for a few days!”

“Eh!” Su Ke then realized that his words drew everyone’s attention to him, especially Zheng Mo’s, who looked like she wanted to eat someone.

He unconsciously shuddered before waving his hands, “No need, no need!”

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He then hastily turned around and walk forward.

“Little Snow? Why the name change?” Su Ke felt even more suspicious about this situation.

However, before he could guess, he was brought to a private room.


After the waiter left, Zheng Mo immediately walked over to Su Ke with a cold smile and looking like she was about to explode, “Did you look at her until you were satisfied!?”

“I didn’t!” Su Ke gave a strained smile and had an innocent expression on his face.

“What? Not satisfied?” Zheng Mo then took in a deep breath, like she was holding back her anger. Su Ke’s performance was really good as he didn’t act like an idiot like Xiao Xian Ren’s group. Who knew that before she could praise him, this brat focused on a single girl before even looking around, making her want to blow her top.

“You like to watch other people’s big chest?” Zheng Mo then noticed at Su Ke’s innocent expression and got even angrier. She didn’t know why, but she was acting like someone reprimanding her boyfriend.


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“I didn’t…. it’s not that. Her chest isn’t as big as yours, so why would I want to look!? Why not look at yours!?” Su Ke’s babbling trying to come up with an excuse caused Zheng Mo’s face to flush red. When she finally relaxed and breathed out, Su Ke let out a sigh of relief.

“Since you were quite well-behaved today, I’ll let you off just this once!”

After Zheng Mo finished speaking, she turned towards Han Mei and the girls before walking away, but not before looking down and observing her chest.

After seeing Zheng Mo let Su Ke off, Liu Feng, the manly man, grabbed Su Ke’s shoulder. “Good job, you rascal. You still dare to look at other people in front of your girlfriend! Come, I’ll toast a cup to you!”


The table had already been piled up with fruit, beer, and popcorn, so it was hard to reject Liu Feng. Su Ke didn’t dare run over to Zheng Mo’s side though, so he could only drink a single cup. He then suddenly had to pee, his bladder feeling rather full. “I can’t…. I need to go to the toilet.”

“Hey! This room has one!” Without waiting for Liu Feng to finish speaking, Su Ke hastily ran out of the room fast enough to participate in a race.

As he was running, it caused the beer in his stomach to continuously churn.

Su Ke felt really nauseous, but he was scared of people seeing the embarrassing image of him vomiting. He could only hide in one corner of the toilet and forcefully suppress himself.


Suddenly, Su Ke heard someone close by, “What do we do? Give her the drug?”

The voice wasn’t loud, but he could clearly hear what they were saying.

“I’m afraid that Little Snow will be sent to Brother Long’s bed already! It’s really to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink after a forfeit(2). When Brother Long is done, I reckon that she’ll give up. When she comes here for work, she’ll have to take off her skirt!”

Su Ke’s forehead was filled with sweat as he listened to their really explicit and violent conversation.

At this moment, there was a notification from the system, so he quickly went to take a look.


“Task: Save Hong Chen!! Reward: High School Language Proficiency (Expert).”


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2  Hesitiaing to do something until you’re forced to do even more.


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