Chapter 108: Jin Se Nian Hua

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s movements were quick; so quick that his body couldn’t fully react, not to mention Zheng Mo. Like a dragonfly touching the water, the contact between their lips was very chaste.

When their lips touched, a current of electricity passed through both of their bodies, causing them to tremble.

“Do you want to die!?”

When she heard the bubble sound, Su Ke had already straightened up his body, pretending like nothing had happened.

Zheng Mo’s face flushed red with embarrassment as she thought about the people in their vicinity watching them.

She then aimed a kicked at Su Ke’s leg.


“Hey, be careful with your aunt!” Su Ke committed this action from the heart.

Even though he already said that he didn’t have a thief’s heart or bravery, he suddenly gained such courage.

Su Ke immediately dodged her attack and exclaimed, “You, you anger me to death!”

Zheng Mo slowly pulled back her leg before kicking at him again but with more force this time. Who cares that her Big Aunt is leaking!


“Eh! I’m in the wrong!?” Since Su Ke couldn’t just stand there and receive her attack, he quickly admitted his faults before covering his head and trying to flee.

He might have been too rash, but he couldn’t decide as he mumbled to himself, “It’s not my army that’s too impulsive, the enemy was just too tempting.”

Zheng Mo then started pushing Su Ke until his back was against the wall and he had no room for escape, causing him to only raise his hands in surrender. “I’m going, I’m going!”

Zheng Mo panted and glared at Su Ke while clenching her fists, her breathing causing her white rabbits to undulate.

Luckily for her though, Han Mei walked over at this time. “Kick him to death, Zheng Mo! He dared to kiss you in front us! What will happen when you’re pregnant?”


Su Ke nearly spat up blood and was rendered speechless, while Zheng Mo had a bright red face.

“Lecherous Mei, didn’t you always say that you wanted a child to raise? Why don’t I let Su Ke give you one?”

“Ah!? Give me one? I was just casually saying something and you suddenly want me to make a child? I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet!”

Han Mei didn’t know how she managed to say that, but it sounded like something from a movie, causing everyone around to laugh.

Zheng Mo used this chance to let Su Ke go after snorting and glaring at him.

Eleven people sat in three different cabs and rushed to Jin Se Hua Nian. The four girls squeezed into one, while Su Ke, Xiao Xian Ren, Lin Feng and Yu Le sat in another, and the rest of them took the last cab.

Su Ke grabbed his phone before taking a deep breath. Unknowingly, sweat started gathering in his palm. Even though he had already agreed to go, he hadn’t asked for a day off from the people of Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns before.

“Wei! Su Ke?” Luo Fei Yan’s voice was hoarse and slightly lazy.

Just as he heard her voice, the picture of a charming woman reclining on a sofa wearing snow-white sleeping wear came into his mind. With white jade-like skin, burgundy curls, black jewel-like eyes, and lips red like fire. She was very alluring.

He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva as he thought about her.

He then felt like Luo Fei Yan was frowning in front of him. “Sister Yan, I want to take leave!”


“Oh? Why? Are you sick?”

Luo Fei Yan was a bit shocked as she anxiously asked him, but she also held some concern in her voice.

“Eh, I’m fine. I’m just going to sing with a few friends, nothing else!”

Su Ke’s face was a bit stiff as he heard the concern in Luo Fei Yan’s voice and because he gave a bad excuse. No matter what, this was still his job and he wasn’t going out to play and sing!

“Okay, you can have a day off today!”

Luo Fei Yan was very generous and let Su Ke take responsibility.

Just as Su Ke breathed out a sigh of relief, the voice of the beautiful boss sounded once again.


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“I’m letting you have a day off, but Du Wan might not! I even heard her happily discussing training strategies just now! It’s a bit awkward for me to tell her about your leave. I’m afraid that she might explode or she might just go and find you and drag you back!”

Su Ke’s body noticably trembled and he gulped down some salivia.

He then thought about Du Wan and her devil training. If he skipped today, wouldn’t training be more exciting tomorrow!? Did he also need to take leave from her?

Luo Fei Yan waited quite a while for his reaction since she seemed to guess that Su Ke was stunned. She then laughed lightly, “So, who are you going to sing with today? What kinds of friends? Guys or girls?”


Luo Fei Yan being so gossipy was unexpected for Su Ke, making him speechless before he stammered out, “All guys. Sister Yan, you know me! I can’t speak to women, not to mention sing!”

“Who said that!? How come I feel like you’re not like that? You’re always asking for hugs from customers, me, and even the boss!” Luo Fei Yan’s teasing voice made Su Ke’s face flush even more. He then turned to see everyone in the cab looking at him, their ears like antennas.

“Sister Fei Yan, stop laughing at me. Help me talk to Sister Du Wan, ok!?”

Su Ke didn’t realize it, but his tone of voice was like coaxing a child.


At this moment, he could see a brightly-lit building with flashing lights outside the window.

The entire building was made up of mirrors and glowed gold under the neon lights, looking like a treasure exuding charisma. From top to bottom, Jin Se Hua Nian was written vertically across the building. Below that there were the prices for the ktv.

“Sister Yan, I’m here. You definitely need to help me explain everything to Du Wan!”

When Su Ke felt the cab stop, he hung up immediately.

As he hung up, Lin Feng, who was sitting beside him, gave him a curious look.

“Su Ke, who was that just now? Your boss? She sounds like a beauty!”

“Let’s go, let’s go! We can talk later!” Su Ke then told them about her and how they became rather close after one meal. They just opened the door and left the taxi instead of responding.


“Han Mei, thank you! This is my first time here!”

A group of people stood in front of Jin Se Nian Hua’s door, causing Ming Yue to sigh.

It wasn’t just him; pretty much everyone in this group of people have never been here before.

Han Mei was rich and overbearing as she spoke, “Let’s go, less talking!”

With a wave of her spring onion-like hand, she ordered an attack.

The eleven of them then entered the building.  

Su Ke was suddenly really shocked and couldn’t help but glance a few more times at the person in front of him. “Hong Chen?”

The girl in front of him wearing some heavy makeup was surely the intern reporter who interviewed him. Could it be that this little reporter had been fired and got a job here?


1 As stated, this means her period

The beauty parlour Su Ke works at


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