Chapter 107: Third-Year Female Senior Holding a Brick

“Go die!” Zheng Mo felt her face heat up with red-hot humiliation.

Who knew that Lecherous Mei would still mention the threesome?

At that moment, she wanted to vent her anger.

“If I’m not available, doesn’t he still have you?”

Zheng Mo’s eyes burned with rage as she shot out her right hand and grabbed the edge of Han Mei’s skirt like a dragon reaching into the sea. “Let me check if you’ve done anything bad today.”


Even though Zheng Mo was rather quick, Han Mei’s reaction was even faster as she closed her legs. Her snow-white thighs abruptly converged, like a hostess declining a guest. She then naturally leaned down, causing her chest to nearly pop out of her shirt because her neckline was rather short.

“Save me! These people are acting immorally!”

Han Mei bent down and slammed down on Zheng Mo’s right hand; the two of them suddenly becoming a group.


After the hair-raising experience below the table, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s body broke out in a cold sweat and he felt rather sober. His innocent image had nearly been destroyed by the dangerous situation.

After sobering up, he suddenly realized that his stomach was growling. The basketball game was rather refreshing, but he used up a lot of energy. Xiao Xian Ren and co. had already put down their glasses and started to eat, so if he didn’t start quick, he would go hungry.


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After three rounds of beer and a variety of dishes, Su Ke was getting closer to the guys.

Liu Feng grabbed Su Ke’s shoulder. “Su Ke, come play with us again next time, your technique is really good! Oh yeah, which school are you from?”

“Eh!” Su Ke closed his mouth before quickly looking at Zheng Mo, who had been speaking to Han Mei. When she heard Liu Feng’s question, she immediately turned around. “Hey! Are you investigating him!? Su Ke, I forbid you to say!”


Su Ke gave Liu Feng a shrug with an innocent smile.

“If you want to play, come and find me. I believe that there’ll be a lot of chances in the future!”

Liu Feng didn’t expect for Su Ke to be so obedient to Zheng Mo, but he was actually happy that he didn’t reveal his school. He even patted Su Ke’s shoulder instead.

“Brother, it’s fine if you’re scared of your wife, but can you not make it so obvious!”

“Eh!” Su Ke choked. His mind then went back to the time that he was outside Lang Fang institute and Zheng Mo had very seriously told him that he couldn’t reveal what school he went to or what grade he was in. He was to put an end to anything that could reveal his age.


“Okay, everyone!” Zheng Mo said, as she obviously changed the topic.

People already thought about Su Ke as her boyfriend, so if they also knew that he was just a 3rd-year high school student, the ridicule she would receive as a cougar would kill her!

Zheng Mo stood up from her seat and brandished her hands, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Our little wealthy Lecherous Mei made a difficult decision just now. After the meal, she’ll be bringing us to Jin Se Hua Nian to sing ktv, okay?”

“Yeah! 100% agreed!” Everyone was stirred up and in high spirits.

If there was some nightlife stuff going on, it would undoubtedly be more fun.

“This wealthy woman said it! In order to celebrate our victory, the heroic appearance of Zheng Mo’s little boyfriend, and to celebrate their life together; we’ll be going to karaoke. We’ll eat, drink, and sing!”

Han Mei was very heroic as everyone calculated the amount of money everything cost.


Jin Se Hua Nian ktv was one of the top 3 ktv lounges in Lang Fang city.

The decor was splendid, the sound system was luxurious, and the service was really good.

Even though the price was rather high, customers still came in droves.

People would be strongly interested when it comes to this place of entertainment.

Once they heard they were going to Jin Se Nian Hua, they were immediately in high spirits and wanted to go. Only Su Ke smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Sorry, everyone! I have plans for later, so I’m afraid I can’t make it!”


“What kind of plans?” Han Mei, as the leader of this activity, quested him, but he looked at Zheng Mo with a suspicious face.

However, Zheng Mo, with a face full of sweat, immediately pulled Su Ke to the side.

“You have something to do? Can you reschedule?”

Zheng Mo knew that Su Ke was in an important stage in his 3rd year, but everyone was having fun, so if Su Ke left, it would definitely bring the mood down.

Since she had the illusion that Su Ke was her boyfriend right now, she answered like it.

“Can you go back later?”

Zheng Mo raised her head, acting a bit spoiled as she pulled on Su Ke’s arm and swayed her body.


Su Ke felt her supple mounds on his arm, making him feel very comfortable.

That feeling passed through his body, causing him to gulp audibly and turn his face bright red.

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“I can’t reschedule because it’s my second job!”

Su Ke could only speak the truth since he couldn’t think of anything else.

“A second job? You still have another job?” Zheng Mo really didn’t know that and was momentarily shocked before immediately thinking about Han Mei’s stares.

She then took a deep breath, “I don’t care. You definitely have to accompany us today. I still haven’t gotten you back for that time you stole my kiss, right?”


“Eh!” Su Ke never liked to reject people, and it was even Zheng Mo this time.

He felt a little anxious, but he didn’t know how to reject her.

“Hey! If some people want to kiss, please be more sensitive or the consequences will be on you guys!” Han Mei pouted. Under the light, her rouge lips were even more tender, making Su Ke’s mouth dry.

At this moment, Zheng Mo saw Su Ke’s gaze. Even though his mind was in the gutter, his eyes were clear and limpid. Even though he wasn’t so tipsy anymore, his fair cheeks were still red with a high nose bridge. Zheng Mo could almost feel his hot breath on her face.  


Since there was a moment of despondency, maybe having this kind of guy as her boyfriend wasn’t too bad. Zheng Mo became even more attracted to him at this moment, and she wasn’t that much older anyway!

Zheng Mo was in her 4th year right now, but because she skipped a grade when she was younger, she was only older than Su Ke by three years.

Not to mention, a woman older by three years carries a golden brick.

Age doesn’t matter, and he also took her first kiss!


Just as Zheng Mo was daydreaming, Su Ke suddenly moved and supported her slim waist with his hands before bending down and placing a kiss on her lips.


1 Name of the ktv lounge

Karaoke which is a very popular pastime in China. It’s basically just singing songs.


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