Chapter 106: A Good Wallet

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character held himself up with his hands while his head was under the table and he stared at a girl with her legs wide open, his mind spinning all the while. Since his sight was blurry, all he could do was blink his eyes. The person sitting next to Zheng Mo was wearing a denim miniskirt without any stockings, showing off her smooth white thighs. Her calves were slender, her knees were smooth, and her thighs were fleshy.

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Even though Su Ke’s gaze was hazy since he’s drunk, he could see the lace pattern.


The inverted triangle was like a splendid and delicate blossoming peony.

The gap between each flower was transparent, like there was only a thin layer of gauze connecting them. With just one look he knew that it was open. Below her waist, the flowers became even denser. Only when Su Ke looked at her innermost part did they change into a black piece.

The continuous laughter and the sound of clinking glasses made Su Ke realize that he could hide under the table. The decision he made after drinking two cups of beers and having a loose mind let him observe a golden triangle.

Under the table was definitely a sinful place and not as great as he imagined.

As expected, just as Su Ke got into position, he felt a little awkward.

As he moved, he saw that there was another head beside the denim skirt, frightening him greatly.

The more he stared at their face, the more familiar it was to him.

Unconsciously, he rubbed his eyes, trying to see a little clearer.


Zheng Mo had taken off her hat a long time ago and put her hair up into a ponytail.

Just now, Han Mei had softly asked her about her romantic history with Su Ke.

When Han Mei asked if they’ve kissed, she was really embarrassed.

When Zheng Mo got back her bearings, she discovered that Su Ke was gone, so she assumed that this fella had fallen drunk on the floor!

She faced Han Mei before bending down and pressing her right hand onto her thigh and looking under the table. As she expected, Su Ke was actually there.

However, his pose was really weird; he had both of his palms on the ground and he was staring straight ahead with a flushed face.


Zheng Mo frowned, “Wei, what are you doing?”

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“Eh!” Su Ke finally reacted after noticing that the head was actually Zheng Mo.

However, before she could even release a breath, his brain suddenly screamed at him.

The alcohol in his system was flushed out as he immediately sobered up.

His heart beat wildly like it was going to jump out of his throat.

“I’m done for! I’ve been caught voyeuring!”

His limbs started to tremble and his eyes widened.

Su Ke stared at Zheng Mo idiotically, not able to say anything.


“Wei, I’m talking to you! Have you drunk enough?” When Zheng Mo looked at Su Ke’s abnormal expression, her first thought was that he had drunk too much.

Thinking back though, the expression on his face after drinking two glasses wasn’t like this.

She then figured it out after staring at Han Mei’s thighs and her arm on it.

As she felt the smoothness of her skin, she could guess where Su Ke was looking.

Her face suddenly changed.

“Eh! I’m a bit dizzy, so I can’t get up!”

Su Ke saw that Zheng Mo had a concerned look at first before suddenly having an angry expression. Since he knew things were bad, he quickly bullsh*ted an excuse.


While flustered and babbling with weak limbs, he spied a life-saving straw, “I was looking at your feet and noticed your wallet!”

His eyes lit up as he pointed below Zheng Mo’s chair at something that resembled a wallet.

It was a palm-sized light-blue rectangle, but Su Ke didn’t see what exactly it was.

Looking at the shape and the thickness, he decided that it was a small wallet used by girls.

When he finished speaking, Su Ke saw Zheng Mo’s gaze flicker under her chair before picking it up and holding it in her hand.


At this time, Su Ke fully relaxed. Just by this amount of labour, his whole person collapsed and was left without any strength. In order to cover up his perversions and to prove his innocence, he quickly added, “Is that your wallet? I stared at it for half a day and I still can’t figure it out!”

“Shut up!” Zheng Mo didn’t know why, but she was blushing and looking really awkward, her eyes evasive. She automatically banished the thought of Su Ke peeking as she fiercely said,

“Are you kidding me!? Telling me about my wallet is also wrong!”

Su Ke then muttered to himself, about to withdraw from under the table.

At this moment, Han Mei’s voice traveled downwards with a really low voice, but he still heard it,

“Little Mo, why did you take out a sanitary napkin? Are you going to the toilet?”

“Sa-Sanitary napkin?” Su Ke was stunned. He didn’t expect that that thing would be a sanitary napkin. Even though it was a girl’s private item, he had actually mistaken it for a wallet and even pointed it out to Zheng Mo.


“Oh my god! Doesn’t this mean that Zheng Mo’s Big Aunt is here to see her? She’s been having mood swings the last few days and randomly flipping out.”

Thinking until here, Su Ke didn’t dare say anything as he pulled his head from under the table and sat back in his original position, pretending that nothing had happened.

Zheng Mo also sat up straight, her hands gripping tightly onto the sanitary napkin.

Her ears were entirely red as she pouted and glared at Su Ke like she wanted to kill him.


It was true that her relative was visiting. When she left her house, she had packed a sanitary pad in her pocket. Who knew that it would have dropped out and even be seen by Su Ke.

Thinking until here, she felt even more embarrassed and her heart started beating irregularly.

Looking at Zheng Mo gritting her teeth like she wanted to kill someone, Su Ke shook his head and forced a smile. He then chanted in his heart, “Don’t blame me for someone making a napkin like that! Me not mistaking it for a wallet and picking it up is already not that bad!”


As Han Mei looked at Su Ke before glancing at Zheng Mo, she was completely oblivious that he just examined her underwear. After looking at their weird expressions, her smile widened as she patted Zheng Mo’s hand before whispering into her ear, “Hey! Since your Big Aunt is here, does that mean you can’t do a threesome?”

Author Note:

1: A method to stay alive, or bullsh*t well enough in this case

2: Slang for menstruation

3: Meaning her “Big Aunt” (menstruation)


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