Chapter 105: Another Impressive Sight

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character continued to stare at the girl in front of him.

Her whole body is perfectly portioned and her chest was full and shaped like snow pears.

Not only was her figure impressive, but her face was also rather beautiful and had held no trace of makeup. Her eyes shone gently, carrying a trace of humor. Her nose bridge was high, her mouth was like a cherry, and her lips were light pink.


After looking at her for awhile, Su Ke finally reacted with a stunned voice, “Eh!”

The two of them didn’t even know each other.

Before he could say anything, she saw Han Mei stand up and block his view, “Hey, who are you?”

“Third-year student in International Trade, Yao Yi Chen. What about you?”

Even though Han Wei was using an impolite tone, this self-declared Yao Yi Chen didn’t care at all and replied in a mild and gentle manner.

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“I’m Han Mei, what do you want? Su Ke already has an owner, so don’t even think about it!” Han Mei, who Zheng Mo calls Lecherous Mei, was not only perverted, but she also had the guts to say that someone owned Su Ke.

When she saw someone trying to talk to him, she came out to deal with it even before Zheng Mo.


“Hehe, so you’re called Su Ke? Ah!”

Yao Yi Chen looked past Han Mei and nodded at Su Ke.

She smiled before opening her vermillion lips and saying, “Even if this famous handsome guy has an owner, I’m just here to plow the land. If my technique is good, then any grass (handsome guys, opposite of flowers), can be pulled out. If everything’s fine, come here to spread fertilizer. Let’s see who will smile in the end?”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Su Ke.

Her smooth words caused Han Mei’s face to tighten. She obviously intended to cause trouble!

At this moment, even Zheng Mo couldn’t hold back as she marched forward, “What do you want Su Ke for!?”


“Are you his girlfriend?” Yao Yi Chen smiled sweetly. She felt that even though Han Mei could be called joyous, she looked a bit unhappy. The girl in front of her wearing a cap was a bit more alert, like she found someone trying to make a move on her beloved toy.

Zheng Mo shifted forward before sizing Yao Yi Chen up, “What?”

Su Ke could only stand behind them as they stared at each other. The wild look from the court is now gone, leaving just his embarrassment and awkwardness behind.

Xiao Xian Ren and a few of the other guys were at the side and watching the situation like it was a good show.

“Nothing!” Yao Yi Chen then smiled before continuing, “Don’t misunderstand me. I just noticed Su Ke’s good basketball skills. Coincidentally, I have a friend who wants to learn how to play. Is Su Ke a student in our sports department?”


“He isn’t!” Han Mei’s reply was quick. Perhaps this will make Yao Yi Chen change her mind.

Yao Yi Chen started to praise Su Ke, “I didn’t feel like you were. Our school’s players aren’t bad, but they’re all too rigid and play by the book; they don’t have any basketball spirit. Su Ke definitely plays better, like street basketball!”


Zheng Mo’s mouth trembled and her smile turned cold, “Could this friend you’re referring to be you?” She then reached out with her right hand and pulled on Su Ke’s collar, pulling him close to her. She hugged him with one arm and leaned on his shoulder. “Sorry, but my boyfriend isn’t so free!”

“Oh?” Yao Yi Chen gave a meaningful look at Su Ke’s embarrassed face before tilting her head, her black hair cascading down like a waterfall. Her eyes shined like a sky full of stars as she spoke with a sweet voice, “Su Ke, are you sure you aren’t free? What if I’m the one that wants to learn?”


“Eh!” Su Ke didn’t expect all the attention to focus on him.

He then felt Zheng Mo slightly tremble as she turned to look up at him. Her hand tensed up, making her thumb and forefinger more alert and ready to pinch him at any time.

“Eh, he he! I really have no time for that!” Even though Su Ke wasn’t the kind of person to reject someone when they’re in trouble, the current situation wasn’t something he could agree too!

Not only was Zheng Mo beside him, but she was also ready to take action. However, the biggest reason is that he was still just a third-year high school student, so when would he actually have any free time to spend?

“Oh!” Yao Yi Chen shrugged her shoulders before speaking with an unreadable face, “Okay! Looks like I’ll just go play some tennis!”


Su Ke then felt Zheng Mo’s fingers untense and her body relax.

Honestly speaking, Su Ke felt anxious about rejecting a girl’s request.
If Yao Yi Chen had pushed some more, he didn’t know how he would reply.

He heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Yao Yi Chen’s words.

He then nodded at her with a sincerely apologetic face.

Yao Yi Chen was also easy-going, “I’m leaving! We can talk next time!”  

When turned around to leave, her skirt fluttered and her butt bounced as she walked.

Su Ke glanced down and had the urge to grab it before he quickly looked away.  

Zheng Mo watched as Yao Yi Chen walk away before moving away from Su Ke’s arm and snorting, “Looks like you have some tact!”

After everyone rested enough, Su Ke followed the group and heroically left.

Counting Su Ke, 7 guys and 4 girls were filling up a table.

“Come! Since you contributed the most, let me toast to you, Su Ke!”


Su Ke was red with embarrassment as he watched Xiao Xian Ren stand up and smile bitterly.

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He could only helplessly drink two cups of beer since his mind was already becoming dizzy.

“If I drink anymore, I’ll puke!”

“It’s fine. Just eat some food to calm down. How can guys not drink? Have you never heard that if guys don’t drink, girls don’t have a chance?”

Since Xiao Xian Ren drank a lot more than Su Ke, he sounded a bit stupid without a filter.

“That’s right! Su Ke, just puke, it’s not embarrassing!”

“Right! After you puke, I’ll drink for you!”

Su Ke was at the end of his rope as he watched the four girls secretly whisper to each other.

“I’ll eat some food!”


Feeling his ears buzz, the two cups of beer seemed to fill his whole stomach.

From time to time, it seemed to churn. As he lifted his hand, there was a clatter as his chopsticks dropped to the ground in a moment of clumsiness.

F*ck! Su Ke didn’t expect that he couldn’t hold his chopsticks only after 2 drinks.

He quickly bent down to pick them up, but before he could touch him, he was shocked by the sight before him.

Zheng Mo was wearing light gray ¾ pants, so who was the person in front of him wearing a short skirt? Su Ke squinted his eyes as he stared at the two white thighs in front of him that were spread open naturally. Even though he was drunk, surely this was the blurry triangular shape under someone’s skirt!


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