Chapter 104: Straightforward Victory

Li Wan Gang swung his right arm with all the strength he had and thrust his palm out, “Go die!”

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character didn’t expect that Li Wan Gang would jump so high.

When Su Ke reacted, Li Wan Gang’s right hand had already flew over him.

Luckily, he hadn’t shot the ball yet as his body continued upwards.

He swiftly slammed the ball with his right hand to his left.

When his left hand received the ball, he stretched it out and easily avoided Li Wan Gang’s palm. It was at this time that his jump reached its peak, making him feel like he was suspended in the air.

He pushed lightly with his left hand and flicked his wrist, releasing the basketball from his hands.


After exerting all of his strength, Li Wan Gang actually started to fall.

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He suddenly lost control of his center of gravity, causing his body to twist.

At this moment though, he saw Su Ke shoot the ball in a small arc with just a flick of his wrist.

“Bang!” The basketball had hit the backboard before neatly rebounding into the net.

As Su Ke reached the ground, the ball did so too while bouncing.

“F*ck, so cool!”

“F*cking awesome, bro!”


The crowd started screaming and cheering again. Su Ke stood in the opponent’s penalty box before turning around to look at a group of male spectators waving and whistling at him.

Zheng Mo and her group of cheerleaders were also full of vitality as they cheered, shouted, and leaped around. Su Ke rubbed his nose.

While feeling unusual, Su Ke rubbed his nose before unexpectedly saluting in Zheng Mo’s direction. His action incited the girls’ and the other spectators to scream even more.

He then realized that the court was surrounded by no less than 20 girls.

As expected, an athletic pretty boy is more attractive.


Some brave girls even actually started shouting at Su Ke, “Good luck, handsome!”

Before he could turn around and look at the cheering girls, he saw Zheng Mo pointing at him, causing him to shrink back in fright and hurry back to the court.

With high morale, everyone can play. Su Ke had successfully scored a goal.

It not only boosted his confidence, but it also dealt a mental blow to Lu Hua’s team.

Su Ke had perfectly fluid movements as he passed to the others like piercing a flower and winding around a willow. Slamming the ball, dribbling behind it, turning around, three-step layups, three-point jumps, hard hitting the penalty area, drawbar, and hook.

All these different attacks gradually made his opponents lose their motivation.


The point gap steadily increased until they were winning 52 vs 36.

The more that Su Ke played, the better he got.

Sweat continuously dripped off his body, but he was even more energetic.

He had never enjoyed basketball before like he did now.

He grew accustomed and loved the sound of the ball going through the net and hitting the ground.

Su Ke then entered the penalty once area again.

In two swift movements, he passed the ball to a wide open Xiao Xian Ren, who immediately jumped in the air and scored 2 points.

Wu Da Hong then took the ball to the penalty area before suddenly turning around to pass the ball to Su Ke, who was 45 degrees to his left.

Su Ke immediately jumped up into the air, shooting the ball perfectly into the basket.

Even though they were currently in a field with six basketball courts, they were all empty and everyone was surrounding the competition.

The crowd was getting bigger and bigger and the cheering and whistling got louder and louder.


Like he had become king of the court, the cheering got even louder as long as Su Ke had the ball. He lived up to their expectations too; as long as the ball was in his hands, his team will score points.

As Zheng Mo jumped around in excitement and shouted, she didn’t realize that her throat was hoarse. The rabbits on her chest were also bouncing continuously as she moved around in high spirits. Everytime Su Ke scored, she smiled even more.

At the end of the game, Su Ke was breathing harshly. Xiao Xian Ren, Wu Da Hong and Liu Ming Yue were surrounded by people. Everyone’s hair was wet, but the happiness in their eyes couldn’t be concealed.


They won! The final score had a large gap of 77 vs 42. There was no suspense.

Su Ke not only lead the team to victory, but he also won the respect of everyone here.

Even Xiao Xian Ren, who had carried some sense of hostility, was all smiles.

On the other hand, Lu Hua, who was dead tired, had a grey face.

Su Ke didn’t know if it was from exhaustion or anger, but his whole body was trembling.

He then watched as Lu Hua glanced around the court before tightly clenching his fists and leaving with his head down.

No one cared about his team leaving though. Nobody wanted to praise the losers.

Everyone was busy staring at Su Ke.


Xiao Xian Ren’s whole face was red and his hands were pressed to his knees as he took in large breaths, “Su Ke, let’s go for a meal tonight, my treat!”  

Liu Feng, as a substitute member, was only in the second half of the match, so he was still full of energy as he affectionately wrapped his arm around Su Ke, “That’s right! This match is all thanks to you!”

“It’s my treat! Don’t argue!” Zheng Mo loudly announced.

Unknowingly, her group of girls had walked over, distributing the water.

“Excellent! This meal will be Little Mo’s treat! Since Su Ke worked hard using his body, Zheng Mo must work hard using her! Let her spend some money!”

Lecherous Mei had immediately brightened up at this kind of celebration.


Su Ke had just started drinking some water, so he nearly spat it out when he heard that, “Pu!”

With the arrival of such a corrupted person, his face, which was already red from all the exercise, became even redder as he was struck dumb.

Zheng Mo turned and glared at Lecherous Mei, but because she was in a good mood, she didn’t actually get mad, “Wei! Lecherous Mei, it’s on and off court, okay? Why is everything that comes out of your mouth so dirty!?”  

“Ha ha, that’s right! What Han Mei said makes sense!” Everyone else nodded in agreement.

Xiao Xian Ren’s lips twitched before he squeezed out a smile.

He then glanced at Zheng Mo before turning towards Su Ke.

After looking like he made a decision, he also urged Su Ke on.


“Eh!” Su Ke wanted to go home right after the match, but after looking at the hope in Zheng Mo’s eyes, he agreed to go since he decided that going straight to Fang Fei right after wouldn’t be too late.

“Hi~! Would you like to be friends?”

A voice from behind suddenly cut through the group, causing Su Ke to turn around.

The girl in front of him looked to be around 1.64 meters and was wearing a pink tennis shirt. With snow white skin, she looked really delicate and pretty. This was especially the case with mini tennis skirt that she was wearing that fell just short of her knees and showed off her two white legs. She stared confidently at Su Ke, waiting for his response.

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