Chapter 103- Giving You a Big Cap

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character’s hands were like the wings of a bird as he dribbled the ball and his arms trembled unusually. What made Li Wan Gang even more anxious though is that if he took his eyes off Su Ke for a second, he might break through.

As Su Ke started to relax, his eyes brightened.

At this moment, he increased the force of his left hand before passing to his right.

He then leaned his body forward and took a step before rushing forward.

Li Wan Gang reacted in a split second and shifted his body to the left, but the ball quickly moved through Su Ke’s hands once again.


“This is bad!” Li Wan Gang has played basketball for about 5-6 years, so he immediately knew that Su Ke wanted to break through his right side.

However, he had moved to his left.

In order to block Su Ke, he had to push himself even further and move to the right.

Even though his movements were deformed, he got there in time.

Su Ke smirked as the ball reached his left hand.

He then paused for a moment before bouncing it back to his right hand with a loud ‘Bang!’

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When the ball made contact, he dashed forward.


This time though, Li Wan Gang didn’t have time to react as he turned around and fell on his back.


At this time, Su Ke successfully did two feints and finally managed to get rid of Li Wan Gang. When he arrived at the penalty box, he took a step back and jumped into the air instead of charging forward. At the peak of his jump, he released the ball.

Everyone; including Zheng Mo and her cheerleaders, Xiao Xian Ren and his team, even everyone that Lu Hua had brought, watched as the ball flew forward.

When Su Ke shot it, he had a premonition that the ball would definitely go in.

When his feet touched the ground, he watched the ball with supreme confidence.


Zheng Mo anxiously gripped her forearms.

As she watched the ball, she chewed on her bottom lip and her heart jumped wildly in her chest.

Zheng Mo’s eyes grew brighter and brighter as she followed the ball’s descent.

She strengthened the grip on her forearms, but she didn’t feel the pain.

Suddenly, she erupted with a “YEAH!” and jumped up and down.

The ball had drawn a perfect arc and spun as it fell.

Everyone then heard a soft “Swish!” as the ball went into the basket.


“3 points!”


Unknowingly, a large group of students were gathered outside the court and watching the competition.

After seeing Su Ke score, they all cheered.

‘3 points?”

The score then changed to 21 vs 34.

Su Ke actually pulled the difference down to 13.

These 3 points were just the beginning though.

As soon as the other team passed the ball off, Su Ke quickly stole it once again.

As he dribbled the ball, he got closer and closer to the middle of the court with every step.

After Lu Hua witnessed Su Ke’s 3-pointer, his eyes became bloodshot and he completely disregarded everything else to run forward and block Su Ke.


Xiao Xian Ren and Wu Da Hong quickly followed and formed a triangular formation with Su Ke. Just as Lu Hua charged towards Su Ke, the latter stopped in his tracks.

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He exerted strength in his right hand as he pivoted on his right foot and spun around like a rotating gyroscope..

Su Ke broke through Lu Hua’s defenses and rushed to the 3-pointer area.

Even though Xiao Xian Ren and Wu Da Hong were quite threatening, with a bellow, Wang Tai threw his 200kg body forward. Su Ke could see all of his fats as he flew.


Su Ke stopped once again as his hands continuously dribbled. He quickly changed the basketball’s position and his center of gravity, making it difficult to anticipate his next move.

As the ball in his left hand suddenly appeared in his right, it was just like a roly-poly doll in the middle of performing a magic trick.

Suddenly, Su Ke walked forward a step. Wang Tai narrowed his eyes and rooted his legs to the spot. He finally realized that Su Ke was really skilled at breaking past people.

He decided to analyze Su Ke’s techniques. Under normal circumstances, the first move would be a feint, which is a condition for the second.


“D*mn!” Wang Tai wanted to curse someone out. He thought that he was good at analyzing, but after Su Ke took a step forward, he actually slipped past his guard.

It was already too late for him to make a move, so all he could do was turn around and look.

Su Ke was like a fleeting gust of wind as he zigzagged across the court.

Even though Xiao Xian Ren and Wu Da Hong didn’t know if Su Ke would pass the ball, they still kept up with them in order to defend or attack.

The ‘Street Basketball (Intermediate)’ reward made Su K’s movements and thoughts very smooth and coherent. He anticipated all of the defenders movements.

Even though Li Wan Gang was directly below the basket, he could just go above him.


With the ball in his right hand, he lept up into the air and flew like a large bid, rising higher and higher until he reached the basket. It was a very relaxing feeling.

Li Wan Gang moved forward slightly before shifting his center of gravity downwards and adjusting his breathing.

He had been beaten by Su Ke just now and fell over, causing him to have a large bruise. That was his disgrace.

Even after playing for four years, this was the first time that he suffered so. It was even in front of so many people. Since the sun was lower in the sky, more and more people were watching right now. He was afraid that his embarrassment would spread.


Upon seeing Su Ke jumping for the basket, Li Wan Gang clenched his fists and bellowed, jumping up with all his strength. He reached out his hands for the space between Su Ke and the basket.  He had to block him no matter what in order to erase his previous humiliation!

As Li Wan Gang imagined Su Ke’s dispirited expression if he gave him a ‘big cap’ (blocked Su Ke), his mouth curved up into a smile.

He then swung his right arm upwards and fanned out, his fingers looking like they were able to touch the ball.


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