Chapter 102- The Counterattack Begins!


The ball hit the board with a strong force, causing it to shake.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go in. It had bounced off the rim and flew upwards.

Tarzan, real name Wang Tai, is 1.8 meters tall and could be said to be a very strong deterrent at the board. It doesn’t matter where, as long as he’s in the penalty zone, he can expertly rebound.

As soon as he saw that his teammate missed, he immediately prepared himself to grab the ball.

If he snatched it up, he could definitely score because of his height advantage!


The ball then reached its peak and started to fall.

Xiao Xian Ren anticipated its drop point and quickly ran over.

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However, before he could react, a shadow quickly ran by and shoved him aside.  

Wang Tai glanced down at Xiao Xian Ren and his mouth curved up into a smile.

He then bent his knees and prepared for the ball, waiting to attack once more.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was always outside the penalty box. Lu Hua seemed to be even more aggressive than him and defended himself strongly, one hand always on his waist.

Seeing that the ball was going to Wang Tai, Su Ke juked around Lu Hua, but he had already reacted and blocked him once more. He was really troublesome.


Su Ke then pivoted 180 degrees and smoothly cut past Lu Hua, his movements lightning-quick.

Even though Su Ke didn’t score once so far this whole game, Lu Hua was always watching him. He couldn’t let this brat touch the ball. Victory was already in his grasp.

Since they were already 20 minutes into the game, if he managed to block Su Ke, he would definitely feel ashamed in front of Zheng Mo afterwards.

Su Ke then suddenly turned, but Lu Hua quickly reacted and shot his right leg forward.

This one step blocked Su Ke from advancing once again.


Su Ke smirked, as he already guessed what Lu Hua was going to do.

Just as his foot touched the ground, he immediately pushed off and turned his body 180 degrees, moving back to his original position.

Lu Hua was struck dumb. Even though his body wanted to unconsciously react, it got confused.

His top half had moved, but his bottom half didn’t follow his thoughts, making him lose control and fall over.

Instead of worrying about Lu Hua’s expression, Su Ke kept his eyes on the ball as it fell into the penalty area. Wang Tai had already anticipated the basketball’s trajectory, but Xiao Xian Ren and Zhang Hai were blocking him. Even if he rushed forward, he might not be able to do anything.


Thinking until here and not worrying about anything else, Su Ke’s body shot forward.

He had bent his knees and pointed his toes, causing his whole body to soar after he took off.

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Wang Tai could feel the push and pull, but he didn’t budge an inch.

With this degree of attack, he could definitely stop it.

He then took a deep breath and tensed his muscles, but he suddenly felt a person rushing over. He watched as the person jumped and reached for the ball.

Since he was already in a good position, Wang Tai laughed in his heart instead of worrying.

Even if the brat jumps right now, he would lose his opportunity when the ball starts to fall.

He totally didn’t worry about Su Ke.


When Su Ke jumped, he then realized that his body was full of explosive energy.

Not only is it because of the basketball reward, but also because of his military boxing and Jeet Kune Do skills. He had jumped like a rocket, his hands reaching closer and closer to the ball.

Way before his body started to drop, Su Ke swiftly grabbed the ball, “Pa!”

When he finally reached the ground, he immediately turned around and rushed to the other side of the court.

Wang Tai never expected that this weak-looking monkey brat would jump over his head and steal the ball right in front of his eyes.

After standing around dumbfounded for a moment, he finally reacted, but Xiao Xian Ren and Zhang Hai were blocking him.


He then looked forward and saw that Su Ke had already reached the other side.

As he swiftly dribbled the ball to match his footsteps, it seemed like it was made for his hand.

Besides Lu Hua and Wang Tai, there was still another person named Zhang Ming.

Since the three of them had stayed behind, they didn’t have time to stop Su Ke.

However, the other side of the court wasn’t completely empty of their teammates.

Li Wan Gang had run out to defend and held a goalkeeper pose in front of the basket, waiting for Su Ke to shoot.


However, Su Ke didn’t worry about it and ran faster and faster. As the ball bounced incessantly in his hands and he ran like the wind, an ecstatic feeling spread across his body.

Just as he entered the other half of the court, a person tried to block him.

Streetball emphasizes entertainment, but a lot of the moves are against formal competition rules.

Since Su Ke knew this, he didn’t unleash all of his moves.

Leaping into the other half of the court, Li Wan Gang ran over to Su Ke before stopping 1 meter away from him. He then spread out his arms and stared at Su Ke’s feet to track his movements.


After noticing that the three of them didn’t follow him, Su Ke also slowed down.

He stared at the 1.7-1.8 meter tall Li Wan Gang and formulated a plan.

Even though he was slightly bent down, his height was around Su Ke’s.

Su Ke then passed the ball to his right hand. His dribbling was slow and stable as he stared at his opponent. His right arm then twitched forward, but Li Wan Gang didn’t react.

Su Ke smirked before pulling back his left leg and slamming the ball down with his right hand.

The ball made a ‘Bang!’ sound as it hit the ground and rebounded back to his left hand.


As he passed the ball back and forth between his open hands, they were like the wings of a bird. Seeing Su Ke’s calm expression, Li Wan Gang got even more anxious and sweat dripped into his eyes. Even though it was painful, he didn’t bother wiping it off.

Su Ke’s dribbling was very skillful. His hands didn’t stop moving, causing the sound of the ball to have a strong sense of rhythm.

After a few seconds, Li Wan Gang felt the rhythm change.

The ball in Su Ke’s hands then started to faintly tremble, like it would break through any second.


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