Chapter 101- Shoot! We’re about to lose!

Lu Hua felt like he had hit a hard wall and immediately received a strong backlash.

In a flash, he exploded and lost control.

He then fell to the ground and noticed that Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had stolen the ball.

“D*mn!” Lu Hua had an ugly face full of white and blue as he sat on the floor and glared hatefully at Su Ke.

Even though Su Ke stole the ball the last two times, he assumed that it was because he let his guard down. Since he had fully prepared himself, he didn’t expect that the ball would not only get stolen, but that he would be knocked down. This was too embarrassing!


He then clenched his fists as he imagined Zheng Mo’s mocking face as she laughed at him.

He couldn’t wait to get up and throw a few punches at Su Ke.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t understand how someone who looked so weak could knock him down.

Su Ke glanced down at Lu Hua before shrugging innocently and rushing off.

Since he only intercepted the ball, it didn’t count as a foul.

The people that Lu Hua had brought were all basketball regulars.

Not only were they all quite skilled, they easily stopped Xiao Xian Ren’s counterattack by just relying on their height. When Liu Ming Yue’s shot smacked off the backboard, the other group quickly rebounded and started their counterattack before Su Ke could react.

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Su Ke then noticed that a guy in Lu Hua’s group named Tarzan had squeezed Liu Feng to one side. Liu Feng was around 1.8 meters tall, but in front of this guy, he was like a little chicken. With just a random feint, they broke his guard and scored 2 points.

“Hu!” Su Ke breathed heavily as he bent over with his hands on his knees.

He then turned around to look at the score: 32 vs 18.

The first half isn’t even over and they’re lagging behind by 14 points.

Su Ke wiped his sweat, completely out of ideas. He couldn’t say that he didn’t put in any effort, but if he added up all the time that he managed to touch the ball, it only amounted to five minutes.


Even if he’s in a good position, it didn’t no matter if he never got the ball. After all, he didn’t feel any sense of camaraderie with this team, so they totally forgot about him.

Su Ke wasn’t making any noise either. The end result: they were going to lose this match!

Su Ke then stood up and noticed Zheng Mo and the other girls anxious expressions, making him realize the outcome. At this moment, when Zheng Mo and Su Ke’s eyes met, her eyes lit up. “Wei! Su Ke, you better play well for me! Okay?”

The ridiculous and lecherous Mei shouted with two hands cupping her mouth, “Good luck, Su Ke! If you win this match, you might get a threesome!”  


When Su Ke first heard Zheng Mo’s words, his fighting spirit was raised, but when he heard lecherous Mei’s, he nearly wanted to fall over. Not only did he want to spit blood, but everyone on the court had also heard what she said. The match paused for a moment.

“Beep!” With the sudden whistle, the first half had ended.

Including the 2 points that they just lost, they were lagging behind by 16 points.

As Tarzan lumbered over to Lu Hua’s shoulder like a gorilla, he spoke loudly on purpose, “This match is really boring!” His words incited mocking laughter.

Xiao Xian Ren looked down as sweat continuously dripped from his forehead. His hair was drenched and shined under the sunlight. As he harsly breathed, his chest continuously moved.

The rest of them were the same.

When Geng Le walked over, his leg started cramping.


Zheng Mo and co. then passed out mineral water. Seeing that Geng Le was suffering from cramps, Xiao Xian Ren immediately kneeled down and gave him a massage.

Only when Zheng Mo knew that Geng Le was fine did she walk over to Su Ke.

Out of all of them, Su Ke was the most relaxed. Even though he was covered in sweat, his breathing was steady, like he didn’t do anything strenuous.

She had passed over a bottle while smiling, but Su Ke could feel that Zheng Mo wasn’t in a good mood as she said, “Can’t win?”  

Su Ke breathed out deeply and nodded. “Yeah!”


“Oh!” When Zheng Mo heard that, her voice became even more sullen and she covered her eyes with her baseball cap. Anyone could see that she was pouting.

Lu Hua’s laughter continuously travelled over, causing her to be irritated.

“Little Mo!” Su Ke then bent forward and glanced over Zheng Mo’s tensed face.

Her eyebrows were furrowed, so Su Ke couldn’t tell what she was thinking.  

“Hmm?” Hearing Su Ke’s voice, Zheng Mo looked up. She didn’t mind the nickname since she had already gotten used to it. She had stopped treating him like an 18-year-old highschool student in their third year and more like someone her age.


Su Ke suppressed a smile and asked softly, “If I help you win, how will you thank me?”

Zheng Mo immediately reacted and stared at Su Ke suspiciously, “What do you want?”

Su Ke instinctively blurted out the first thought that crossed his mind, “How about a kiss?”

Zheng Mo immediately shot back, “You’ve already me kissed before!”

She had thought about when this brat gifted her a phone and stole her first kiss in front of that busybody, Shang Yue. Her entire face was flushed red before she immediately smelled something fishy. To her, it seemed like had 100% confidence, causing her to immediately blow up, “Oi! Do you want to die!? If you don’t play properly, wait for me to sort you out!”  


Zheng Mo then lifted her leg and kicked Su Ke’s calf. She was wearing grey ¾ pants today, allowing her to easily move. Her kick had revealed a section of her calf, which was impeccably fair. Su Ke glanced at it before quickly looking away.

At this time, the break was over. After seeing that Zheng Mo had cheered up, Su Ke walked over to Xiao Xian Ren, “Try to cooperate with me more this time!”

Xiao Xian Ren was stunned. Before he could reply though, Su Ke had already run on court and started to warm up, like he was about to go all out.

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Su Ke had made his decision. Even if nobody cooperated with him or passed him the ball, he can still make his own opportunities.

As he thought about it, his body was filled with energy.

The ‘Street Basketball Proficiency (Intermediate)’ reward made him feel really confident.


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