Chapter 100- When Love Rivals Meet, the Jealousy is Exceptional

“Lu Hua?”

As Xiao Xian Ren watched the people enter, he unconsciously clenched his fists and his face became worse.

When Su Ke2Su KeMain Character heard this guys name, he started sizing him up. Su Ke noticed that he was a little taller than him, standing around 1.7-1.8m.

Wearing a white basketball jersey, he walked over while dribbling a basketball.

The ball quickly moved through his hands, showing his prowess.

Su Ke also noticed that he has big eyes, long hair that was parted to the side, and the latest basketball shoes, which looked rather expensive.

However, he had a very arrogant expression and his gaze always held some disdain.


“Xiao Xian Ren, how is it? Have you prepared yourself to lose?”

Lu Hua raised his eyebrows and the people behind him immediately started laughing.

Xiao Xian Ren narrowed his eyes and glared at Lu hua. “Don’t get so cocky! If you aren’t careful, a big wind will pull your tongue (defeated by a stronger enemy)!”

He immediately recognized all the people that Lu Hua brought today. They were all frequent players that are quite skilled. Even though he was putting on a strong front, he was actually worried on the inside.


Lu Hua walked forward and stood in front of Xiao Xian Ren, completely assured of his win. “You guys! What kind of a man practices dance exercises? I’m afraid that after you guys lose this match, you won’t have enough face to come back to Lang Fang institute!”

Both teams were already facing off while they talked. Since he standing next to Xiao Xian Ren, Su Ke quickly attracted Lu Hua’s gaze.

“Oh! Is this brother your external help? I have no idea who he is!”

Su Ke then thought about what Zheng Mo had told him, causing him to not have a good impression of Lu Hua. Compared to him, Xiao Xian Ren was a lot more harmless.

After giving him a glance, Su Ke just ignored him.


Lu Hua was actually in a good mood when he looked at Su Ke, but he was rather pissed off when he ignored him.

Who knew that this brat would just ignore him and look away!?

“Oi! Where did you crawl out from!?”

Lu Hua is a second-generation young master and spent money like water.

Not only is it easy for him to trick girls, he also commanded a lot of people.

After suddenly meeting a person like Su Ke who didn’t think much of him, it was like a slap to the face. Lu Hua’s face immediately scrunched up into an angry expression.

He then flung the ball behind and narrowed his eyes.

“Boy, do you know who I am!?” Any contrary action would incite him to take action.


Su Ke had turned his head to watch Zheng Mo walk over, but when he heard Lu Hua’s words with such a tone and expression, his heart was immediately set on fire.

He was rather mad that he looked down on the people here.

Su Ke softly laughed, like he was trying to find a memory for half a day before replying.


“Money?” Lu Hua was stunned as he repeated what he said before suddenly reacting, “You f*cker dares to call me a dog!?”

He then lifted his fists.


Su Ke instinctively reacted and tensed up all of his muscles.

Even though Lu Hua’s movements weren’t slow, his actions were full of holes in Su Ke’s eyes. However, without waiting for him to move, Xiao Xian Ren blocked Lu Hua.

“Lu Hua, what are you trying to do? Are you here to play basketball, or are you here to fight!?” Xiao Xian Ren then pushed Lu Hua away.

Even though he didn’t like Su Ke, he was one of them now.

No matter what, he couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. Su Ke also had a weak-looking body, causing him to worry that he might not be able to take a hit.

At this moment, Zheng Mo and the other girls came back. “Su Ke, what happened?”

Since the girls were having a fight just now, it would take them a while to walk back across the court. When they came back, they saw that Lu Hua and Su Ke were on the verge of a fight.


Lu Hua felt that the name was rather familiar and wrinkled his eyebrows.“Su Ke? The brat who gave you that iPhone?” He suddenly remembered that Shang Yue’s girl had mentioned his name before. He said that Zheng Mo got a boyfriend who wasn’t small and immediately gave her a phone. Lu Hua had chased Zheng Mo for half a month.

With his speed of changing girlfriends every week, he was really dedicated to her.

However, he wasn’t only rejected, he was also laughed at by his brothers for a long time.

In order to vent, he issued a challenge to humiliate Zheng Mo’s class.

Unexpectedly, he had encountered a love rival, making him even angrier.

He wanted to step on Su Ke’s entire family and stamp on his feet.


Especially since he saw Zheng Mo wearing a youthful and lively dress that matched well with her pretty features, making her look slender and graceful.

However, she didn’t belong to him. With new hatred and old regrets mixing together, Lu Hua smiled instead of getting angry.

His smile gave off a really strange feeling and looked rather treacherous as he glanced at Su Ke. He then turned to Xiao Xian Ren, “He he, why don’t we start right now since everyone is here! Let’s not waste any time!”

Xiao Xian Ren was stunned. He didn’t expect Lu Hua’s proposition.

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They were still half an hour away from the originally scheduled time.

Su ke hasn’t had a chance to practice with the team either, making their teamwork rather low.


Xiao Xian Ren then thought about how basketball is a team sport, causing him to hesitate.

He had a basic understanding of Su Ke’s skills, so he was rather confident.

What should he do now?

“Oi! What is it? You don’t dare?” When Lu Hua saw Xiao Xian Ren’s expression, he was rather pleased. He then hugged his shoulders and turned his head while smirking.

The people behind him also gave mocking smiles.

Xiao Xian Ren glanced back at his team before focusing on Su Ke’s expression.

He was rather calm and nodded at him before resuming his talk with Zheng Mo.

Xiao Xian Ren felt like his team’s fighting spirit was raging like a gigantic flame as he let out a deep breath, “Fine! We’ll play!”



This time, Lu Hua had brought a ball and actually made preparations. He then lowered his center of gravity and started walking towards Su Ke.

When he was close by, he rushed towards him with his shoulder at waist level and slammed into him.

“F*ck, again!” This was already Su Ke’s third time being hit.

The strength from Lu Hua’s body exploded out and he felt Lu Hua’s shoulder nearing his chest.

At this moment, his body that was strengthened by ‘Street Basketball Proficiency (Intermediate)’, naturally reacted and moved forward slightly.

When Lu Hua hit his body, he tensed up his abdominal muscles and retreated slightly.

He then lifted up his left hand in a horizontal position and stabbed his right hand upwards.


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