Chapter 99: The Astonishing 3-Pointer

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character had jumped lightly, flicked his wrist, and threw the ball at a 45 degree angle, causing it to have a smooth arc as it flew towards the basket.

Since seeing Su Ke’s sudden turn and tightly grabbing the ball, Xiao Xian Ren’s was really shocked. He very clearly knew that the distance between Su Ke and the basket wasn’t under 20 meters. Even though he frequently played basketball, he was considered rather skilled, but he had never been successful with distance.


With this kind of distance and this kind of situation, this brat in front of him had actually turned and shot with no hesitation. He didn’t even familiarize himself with the ball beforehand.

If Su Ke wasn’t crazy, then…

Thinking until here, a strange feeling rose from Xiao Xian Ren’s heart.

Everyone was looking up and staring at the flying ball, seeing it go higher and higher until it hit its peak and fell down, coming closer and closer to the basket.

All of them were silently staring in shock. His movements were quick, and the angle and path of the ball weren’t lacking either. He shot without even warming up and with a very casual jump. Even if Su Ke didn’t score, they would still have a whole new level of respect for him.


After he made his move, Zheng Mo kept covering her mouth, her eyes staring non-stop at the ball. She had never seen Su Ke play basketball, but this didn’t mean that she was completely ignorant about the sport. She always watched NBA competitions, so she could tell how hard and skillful his actions were.


They all heard the sound of the ball entering the basket.

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Even though it was really far away, the sound seemed like it was right beside their ears.

At the same time, everyone felt like a weight had been lifted from their chests as they relaxed.

Truthfully, time might have seemed rather slow when Su Ke shot the ball to it reaching the basket, but only a few seconds had passed.

Seeing that he had scored, Su Ke then dropped his arms, his heart sighing in relief.


Actually, he wasn’t prepared at all when he shot; it was an impulsive action.

He didn’t know if he would succeed, so he felt very uneasy in his heart.

“Damn! It actually went in! If he missed, he would have been so embarrassed until he got to his grandmother’s house!” Even though Su Ke saw the ball go in, it was only when he heard a ‘bang!’ as it hit the ground did he believe his eyes.

Looks like he now had some idea what the street basketball (Intermediate) reward meant.

He finally relaxed and his expression gained some confidence.


The pride and self-satisfaction couldn’t be seen on his face, as if he had only completed an insignificant act. He could guess that Xiao Xian Ren was embarrassed, but he didn’t glance over to look at him. Instead, he saw Zheng Mo’s face full of happiness.

“You’re so good!” Zheng Mo was even more excited than Su Ke, her eyes full of surprise and happiness as she beamed with joy as she raised her head slightly and her red lips curved into a smile.

“Blinding!” Su Ke saw Zheng Mo’s strong gaze and was a bit embarrassed, so he scratched his nose. In a moment, he changed into a shy little boy.

The lecherous Mei appeared once again, “Oh? Mo Mo, your boyfriend isn’t bad!”


Her eyes shone like stars when she spoke. You can be stupid and ugly in university, but if you have an athletic talent, you can still attract some girls and give a good impression.

Especially people like Su Ke. His physique is really average and he had delicate cheeks, white skin, and a straight nose. He sometimes looked like a shy boy, which made him even more popular.

“That is!?” Zheng Mo seemed like she wanted to flaunt her baby as she raised her head.

Su Ke’s shot let her raise her eyebrows and blow off some steam, like she had been praised by the world.


“Wa, your smile is so sweet! Like a flower blooming in the spring!” Lecherous Mei mocked her. She actually said the latter half of the sentence, so the rest of the girls also played along and gathered together, their faces full of smiles as they started to sing.

When they sang, the sound was very moving, causing Su Ke’s lips to also curve up into a smile. Before he could completely smile though, he almost vomited blood as he stared with wide eyes and strained his ears to hear the lyrics to the song.

“Like a flower blooming in spring! Looking at your chest makes people want to grab them! It was very nice when I touched them!”


“Pu!” Su ke stared at them singing enthusiastically.

After deciphering the lyrics, he immediately looked away like he had seen a ghost and quickly went to find Zheng Mo. Zheng Mo was rapidly breathing, her chest obviously undulating, and her face completely red. While Su Ke was wondering why Zheng Mo had not exploded, he heard an earth-shattering shout, “You little sl*ts; this old lady will fight you!”

Zheng Mo was like a tiger that descended a mountain as she immediately pounced onto the girls. She bared her mouth and her hands imitated claws, not looking a single bit like a girl.

The girls immediately fled in all directions.


“Shooting is still okay!”

At this moment, Xiao Xian Ren walked over with a long face. Regarding Su Ke’s impossibly long shot, he treated it like it was nothing special, but his tone of voice was a lot more restrained.

“I’ll introduce you to them! This is Li Feng, Zhang Hai, Wu Da Hong, Geng Le, and Li Ming Yue!”

Xiao Xian Ren, through this display, had shown his acceptance of Su Ke.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Su Ke!”

Su Ke nodded towards them as a small greeting. Someone had already picked up the basketball and passed it back to Xiao Xian Ren, which made it look like he could be the team leader.


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“What position do you play?” Since he had already accepted Su Ke into the team and he proved his ability, then for the sake of having the strongest team, Xiao Xian Ren wanted to have a better understanding of him. Only then could he make the best arrangements possible.

“Eh!” Su Ke thought about which position he wanted to play. Only a ghost would know though. Even though he only touched the ball a few times during PE class, he always played a small role.

He was a bit embarrassed as he shook his head. “Anything should be fine!”


When Xiao Xian Ren heard that, his heart was set on fire. To him, it seemed like Su Ke was boasting that he could play any position. He opened his mouth and wanted to curse, but he thought back to that shot and buried the words deep inside him instead.

At this moment, the one called Li Ming Yue walked over and talked to Xiao Xian Ren, “Ok then, let’s go practice!”

Actually, no matter where you are, skilled people always garnered respect, which Su Ke had done at this point.

Thus, seeing that these two people were causing friction, Li Ming Yue quickly stepped in.

“Ha ha, you guys came in early! It doesn’t seem like training right before the match will be that useful, ah!”

Laughter could be heard, so everyone turned to look, only for them to see a group of guys walking over wearing the same basketball jersey. There was seven people that were all about 1.8 meters. Their faces were relaxed and comfortable, but their gazes were unable to hide their disdain.


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