Chapter 98: Encountering a Show of Strength

“This is my friend Su Ke2Su KeMain Character. He’s really good at basketball!” Zheng Mo saw that Su Ke wasn’t affected by the guy’s words and acted like he hadn’t even heard, so she quickly defended him.

A girl beside Zheng Mo looked Su Ke up and down before saying, “Mo Mo, this is your boyfriend!?? He looks really delicate!”

“Handsome, which school are you from? How old are you?”

“Horny Mei, what are you saying!?”

Zheng Mo’s whole face was red before she immediately ran over and pinched the other girl’s arm.


“Ha ha! You still don’t want to admit it? I heard everything when you called last time, so I even heard you mention whether you wanted a threesome!” Horny Mei was this girl’s nickname. When she saw that Zheng Mo was coming for her, she quickly grabbed some other girls to use as a shield. Su Ke nearly spat out blood. That was a joke he randomly spewed last night. Unexpectedly, all of Zheng Mo’s dorm mates knew about it. He was quite amused at first, but his face soon stiffened up and his smile became ugly.


When Xiao Xian Ren heard that, his face changed and his gaze toward Su Ke carried a bit of hostility. Actually, when Zheng Mo first said that she wanted to find external help, he already felt uneasy about it because he decided that she meant he wasn’t reliable.

Even though he didn’t have phenomenal basketball skills, he was rather tall. This brat in front of him looked really weak, frail, not very tall, and not that muscular. He was just like a high school student. When he thought about this, he got angry and roughly smacked the basketball.  


“Bang!” The basketball bounced high into the air before he ruthlessly directed it at Su Ke with his hands, transforming it into a guided missile as if he wanted to destroy him.

Su Ke was actually at a lose and was rather embarrassed because the ‘threesome’ thing was mentioned, so he wasn’t even paying attention to Xiao Xian Ren.

He only turned around to look after he heard a bang.

The distance between them wasn’t even 10 meters, so when Su Ke realized what happened, the ball was already really close to him.

He could already feel the strong power of the ball, which was giving off a loud whistle.

This accident made everyone dumbfounded.


Not only Zheng Mo, but everyone else was astonished.

All of them watched with wide eyes, waiting for Su Ke to be hit by the ball.

Su Ke instinctively reacted though as he lowered his center of gravity, leaned forward, and then opened his arms and stretched out his hand.


Su Ke firmly caught the menacing ball. When he touched it, his every cell was active and he could feel the leather, so he unconsciously moved his fingers.

“Xiao Xian Ren, what exactly are you trying to do!?” Zheng Mo shouted.

Seeing that Su Ke was unharmed, she felt relieved, but she was also really angry.

She then walked over to Xiao Xian Ren and scolded him.


Xiao Xian Ren was surprised when he saw Su Ke catch the ball, but after seeing Zheng Mo’s concern, his heart was even more uncomfortable.

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“We’re just seeing if he’s capable! I can’t let you just bring a random person in to play for us. You should know who we’re competing against!”

“You!” Zheng Mo was furious and her chest kept undulating.

“That’s right! Zheng Mo, our class is not very capable. What Xian Ren said is logical!”

Xiao Xian Ren’s friends would naturally try to protect him, especially if they lost because the whole class will lose face.

Su Ke still had the ball in hands as he spoke with an annoyed voice, “You think that I’m incapable?” He just met this person and they were already trying to make a show of strength.

Anybody would be annoyed with this situation. When he spoke though, Su Ke smiled.


He had neat short hair, delicate cheeks, white skin, and a high nose.

Indeed, Su Ke’s appearance didn’t exactly match the basketball master that Zheng Mo described to them.

“Can you play or not!?”

Standing at 1.8m, Xiao Xian Ren completely looked down on Su Ke.

Honestly speaking, he was rather confident that he could immediately take him down.

If he knew that Su Ke wasn’t only trained in Military Boxing, but Jeet Kune Do as well, he wouldn’t be so arrogant.

Xiao Xian Ren pointed at the basket behind him before challenging, “Throw a ball and give us a look!”  

Before Su Ke and Zheng Mo arrived, they were warming up at the rebound line.

When she appeared, they all gathered on the court.

Su Ke was currently standing on the 3-point line, which was about 7 meters from the basket.

It would be 3 points if he shot from there and it went in. 3-pointers aren’t the best way to score in a basketball game though. Regarding the basketballs movements, the most important thing was the ‘feel’ of the ball, not just having perfect posture and strength.

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In a lot of competitions, if the people that shoot 3-pointers don’t have the ‘feel’ of the ball, they can only end up washing dishes and not getting anything. Su Ke only reached out his hand after he arrived, so he hasn’t even warmed up yet.

This was also his first time holding a basketball, so it was even harder for him to score.

Xiao Xian Ren wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate Su Ke. This was something even his friends didn’t know, but he always had feelings for Zheng Mo. However, since she was being chased by a wealthy admirer, he didn’t have the courage to confess.


Since she had rejected Lu Hua’s offer, it made him determined to beat their class.

Even though he knew that they weren’t their match, Xiao Xian Ren still agreed because he wanted to use this chance to impress Zheng Mo.

Even though she did mention that she had a friend who could help, he didn’t expect the guy to be her boyfriend. He completely believed Lecherous Mei’s words solely because of the fact that they were roommates and they didn’t keep secrets from each other.

Under such a situation, Xiao Xian Ren could only challenge him.


Zheng Mo felt really helpless about the current situation. Su Ke was the helper that she found, but she didn’t know why her classmates immediately all looked at him with hostility.

Seeing Su Ke with a dazed look, she quickly ran over to him.

“Ignore them, we’re not playing anymore!”

After saying so, Zheng Mo pulled on his arm.

“No problem, it’s only shooting a ball!”

Su Ke then shrugged and moved his body to release her grip on his arm. His eyes actually carried a glint of amusement as he slowly swept past all of them. He then shifted his right foot back before instantly turning around and lightly jumping into the air.

When he swiftly released the basketball, it was actually headed towards the basket.


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