Chapter 32 – Departure

Within minutes the plateau was filled with people aspiring to be soldiers. Although Luon didn’t know what he wanted to do yet, in a world filled with danger and where the rich suppressed the weak, these factors spurred him on to get even stronger.

Why couldn’t Luon live in luxury? Instead of slaving away to his desire for strength, he could have laid low and live a normal, peaceful life. Most of the citizens of the Nexus solar system were like that. However, Luon knew that if everyone ended up that way the Alliance would have been torn to shreds by the Inzektors and all trace of life that he knew of wouldn’t have existed.

His predecessors fought hard for a bunch of lazy misfits? The war still rages on so how could there be true peace? To be one of those drunkards at the bar watching the War simulations while going to their day job wasn’t something Luon wanted to do. Luon wanted to protect this peace, and these feelings stem from his desire to protect his loved ones during the second simulation.

Luon who was lost in his thoughts woke up to gasps and cheers of the crowd. In the school, there aren’t many students who were immune to beauty. Receiving the passionate gazes from the audience, three ladies domineeringly walked through the crowds as they move aside like Moses manipulating the ocean to his bidding.

Behind the three were a group of female followers who intimidatingly glared at the crowd as if they protected them. Luon could tell from their movements they were no amateurs, he could only assume that the ladies families had several members from the younger generation as bodyguards as a safety precaution to the upcoming event.

Arisa noticed Luon and signaled to the other two his location – their path turned towards his direction. Many were jealousy staring at Luon’s group, and if stares could kill people, Luon would have already died several times over.

“Good morning Luon, did you have a good night’s rest because from to~day onwards it’s going to be a little tough,” said Belle playfully.

“Yeah I did, by the way, are those people behind you your guards? I’ve never seen them before until now,” asked Luon.

“Yes, my father and Shizuka’s father rearranged them to be sent to the academy to be trained to be our followers,” said Arisa confirming Luon’s doubts.

Luon could only sigh at the power of rich people. To even employ other students as staff members for their corporations already, just how deeply ingrained were these families to the Nexus solar system? There were only 12000 seats a year that was available to the public. Who knew if these families have seeded guaranteed entries?

At least the dim-witted Zythos had his followers openly follow him, these girls were mysterious, who knows if the people behind the three girls were all of their forces.

While they were chatting about their preparations and expectations, it was almost like deja vu as Zythos, and his minions once again swaggered their way towards the group. Only this time Zythos’s eyes were filled with confidence as he ignored Luon’s existence and asked Arisa, “The young miss still have some bad taste as always, our families are really close, yet you still chose to entertain the poor folk rather than myself. If you wanted to do so why didn’t you just donate to charity at least it would be more worthy.”

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“Oh, if you really think that charity was more valuable than why don’t your family do so instead of wasting your wealth on supporting your cowardly soldiers? You could help the poor without food, really admirable.” Arisa mockingly said to Zythos who was like a weed lacking pesticide in her eyes.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for your family lacking the ability to command we may have already won the war against the Inzektors already. Such a waste of resources, do you think the federation would still support you with these decades of results?” Zythos said.

“If it weren’t for you dim-witted soldiers disobeying ranks and retreating unnecessarily then we would have won long ago, I know your family is simply prolonging this battle to procure more resources, such wasteful scum like you shouldn’t even be in the top families.” Arisa words like poison seeping out of Zythos’s wound as they were entirely true.

No matter how well-trained soldiers were fear was still a factor in war. Many people were cowards in the face of death, and the courageous had long died. The newer generations were occupied with aggressive wastrels wasting resources from the government while oppressing the weak and Zythos himself knew it was true.

Zythos’s, and Arisa’s followers began to bicker with eyes that were like throwing daggers ready to jump at each other. The words that came out of their mouths were filled with profanity, the girls elegantly made it roundabout while the men were straight-up cursing.

Several officers came down to the scene calming and yelling to counterbalance the ruckus.

“Quiet down now, you there. Are you the one causing a disturbance? Let me inspect your belongings as we have reasons to believe that you’re carrying some inappropriate materials to the event venue,” replied an officer who at first was being reasonable but was clearly working for Zythos.

Zythos smiled at the timing of the officer, all of this was pre-arranged, although, he didn’t think Arisa words would annoy him this much it gave him an opportunity to attempt to check Luon’s belongings while calming down the scene.

Luon wanted to cry secretly, he hadn’t said a word at all, and these officers were pointing at him. However, being the studious bookworm he was, he knew they weren’t allowed to inspect him without a warrant.

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“You have no right to check my belongings, if so then why wouldn’t you check the others and not just mine? I didn’t do anything wrong,” replied Luon while smiling as he sent his killing intent towards the official.

The officer backed off a bit, he was only a small-fry technical support staff with the combat ability of a normal soldier, around level 40. To Luon who was almost 10 levels above him, he was no match at all, and the killing intent fazed him, almost scaring him to death.

He glanced at Zythos, and after confirming the details visually, he mustered his courage and continued to insist on checking Luon’s belongings. Luon saw this little detail and connected the dots. Apparently, Zythos wanted to see what Luon had on him to ensure that some kind of devious plan would have a higher chance of succeeding.

At this moment an intimidating aura enveloped everyone on the scene, from a distance, a couple strolled by side by side to one of the ships. Captain Waver looked tired and distraught like how he always looked when he wasn’t teaching, and Helen full of smiles as she spat out venomously, “Quiet down now, my husband needs to rest, so I don’t want to hear single word outside from our room.”

Helen tried to arrange for her and Captain Waver to be in the same room wherein he refused to the best of his abilities. This happened every year, so it was a common occurrence. The event manager is very troubled by the pair, and the best he could do for the two was set their rooms to be beside each other. He didn’t want to offend this fearsome lady, and at the same time, he felt pity for his fellow co-worker.

With the crowd subdued they broke up and went back to their individual little groups.

Zythos gave Luon, and girls another glance as he smiled and walked away with his minions trailing behind him, not a single word was said, but Luon could feel that he was definitely up to no good.

The rest of the waiting period became uneventful as Luon, and his classmates entered the same spaceship as Captain Waver. Looking over his BMPU Luon found that Helen was leading monitor for the group, the officer that confronted Luon before was part of the technical staff which arranged all the technical aspects on the ship.

Luon and his friends scan their identifications at the entrance terminal of the ship before finding a location to settle down in. The spacecraft was massive as many students hurried to obtain the VIP rooms located on the upper floor.

There was apparently a secret agreement by the richer families to already reserve the upper rooms. Luon couldn’t care less as he got one of the quieter rooms located near the engine room.

Although there was a small humming noise seeping through the walls, it wouldn’t matter at all when Luon got in the Vortex Container which was found in every bedroom on the ship.

The only benefit to the VIP rooms was the view outside if he spent the whole time training it wouldn’t matter at all.

Luon spent the whole trip asleep in the Vortex Container doing mock battles against different species of Inzektors in preparations for the event.

One night before the event started Luon managed hit level 50.

“Young master Zythos are you sure you want to add the young ladies to the plan? If their families got word of this, the consequences would be unimaginable,” said the officer.

Zythos nodded and said, “My father’s been looking for the opportunity to lower the morale of those factions and dealing with these princesses in an inconspicuous way this would be best for the group. Just do as what you’re told, nobody would notice your involvement. Do not forget but this is an accident, you got that?”

“Yes sir, I’ll make sure all the arrangements have been set,” the officer bowed and left the room leaving a smiling Zythos behind.

“Young miss we have some information that the scum Zythos may be up to no good,” said a girl clothed in an outfit resembling ninjas several centuries ago.

Arisa nodded, she was very wary of how Zythos posed himself today. The overconfidence is practically oozing trouble. Hearing the plans from her subordinates mouth, she couldn’t help but frown.

“We’re still lacking information, what do you think about this?” Arisa questioned.

“Young miss, this one thinks that Zythos kept the majority of the plan to himself while the ones with the lower amount of trusts got some minor instructions. Do not worry miss we will deal with the people with bad intentions towards you.” The ninja confident said and bowed.

“Forget it, let’s just see what tricks this dog has, alright your dismissed. Make sure you’re prepared for anything. Just in case get in contact with a squad in case something were to occur.” Arisa said as she closed eyes to rest.

“At once,” and the ninja girl left the room without a sound.

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