Chapter 97: First Failed Task

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was stunned. At this moment, people started to board the bus. When he turned around to look, the old man had actually ran quite far away.

If he chased him, he definitely couldn’t catch up.


Su Ke cursed inwardly and immediately entered the system and saw a change on the screen.


“Task: Catch the Perverted Demon on the Bus (Failure). Reward: 500 RMB.”

“Failure? It’s actually a failure!” This was Su Ke’s first failed task.

Even though the task only had a 500 RMB reward, which he didn’t really care about, he still felt uneasy about it.

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At this time, the task suddenly changed color and slowly disappeared from the screen, like it had never been there before.

“Luckily there isn’t a penalty if I fail at this stage!” He thought about before when he was unlocking the help function and seeing an explanation for when he failed a task. It seems like only a penalty will appear after the system has upgraded, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hu!” He let out a deep breath before glancing around.

There were a lot of people staring at him until now, but Su Ke ignored them and walked directly towards the harassed girl.


The girl was staring at Su Ke since he fought the old man, so she also saw him approach.

She then bowed her head once again before she mustered up her courage and whispered, “Thank you!”

Her neatly-trimmed fringe blocked her young and pure face that was matched with clear and limpid eyes that had no shred of impurity, a jade nose, and cherry lips.

Her skin was also unblemished and was a healthy wheat colour.

“You’re welcome!” Su Ke then smiled before continued, “If you’re ever in the same situation, you need to be more brave. The more you try to avoid it, the more he’ll do!”


“En!” The girl naturally knew what Su Ke meant.

Since she boarded the bus, she had felt that someone was behind her and was even following her butt. She thought that at first because there were a lot of people on the bus, but as she walked around and changed places a few times, the man kept following her.

When she turned around, it was actually an old man with his indecent thing placed on her butt and even obviously standing up.

Since it was her first time encountering something like that, she didn’t know how to react, but she didn’t dare retaliate either. She could only keep switching her position to escape.

When she felt that her butt was continuously being touched, she got so anxious that she wanted to cry. Right when she was about to give up, Su Ke interrupted and kicked the man in the leg, causing him to fall to the ground and finally freeing her from her predicament.


“Where are you from?” Su Ke noticed that the girl was probably around the same age as him and was very reserved, her face carrying a blush.

When he saw how she acted, he relaxed instead and wasn’t as nervous as talking to other girls.  

“I came from Cheng De to work!”

The girl’s voice was really soft with a very faint accent, but it was as sweet as a mountain spring.

Su Ke nodded. He had never been to Cheng De, but he knew that it was a mountainous area. Compared to Lang Fang, it was on the poorer side.

“Where are you working now?”

“I’ve only been here for 3 days, so I haven’t found a job!”

It was obvious that the girl was smiling, but her face held traces of disappointment.

Since she was only 17 or 18, there weren’t that many jobs that suited her.


Su Ke suddenly remembered what Lin Xiao Bai said before about Fang Fei hiring interns, but he didn’t exactly remember the requirements.

Since he wanted to help her, especially a mountain girl as pure as a flower, he immediately said, “Go and take a look at a beauty parlour named Fang Fei near Seventeenth High; the boss isn’t bad!”

As he was speaking, the bus reached another stop and an automated voice reminded the riders that they’ve reached Lang Fang institue.

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Su Ke was about to leave when he turned around and spoke, “Be braver next time!”


The girl looked at his hurrying silhouette and wanted to speak, but she stopped herself and immediately looked out the window instead and followed the bus’ movements.

The two people were like two intersecting lines, slowly becoming further apart.

When Su ke alighted, he immediately called Zheng Mo to ask where she was.

When he saw her waiting for him at the gates, her speedy appearance startled him.

When she saw Su Ke, Zheng Mo quickly walked over and shouted at him, “Su Ke, over here!”


She was wearing a light pink denim baseball cap with the words “Nick” on the front. She was also wearing a tight white t-shirt that showed off her chest and a pair of light gray ¾ pants, showing off her white legs. Her outfit ended with canvas shoes. Her hair was in a ponytail that protruded from the back of her cap, swaying as she walked.

She was dressed full of youthful vigor like she was going to exercise and was full of smiles as she waved at Su Ke.

“Let’s go! We can go to the court directly since everyone’s there already!”

Zheng Mo took in his appearance and saw that Su Ke was in workout clothes as well with a pair of basketball shoes. “Ok, that seems to be the case.”


‘That is…. In order to help you win, I put in a lot of effort and found these workout clothes!”

Su Ke then followed Zheng Mo into the school.

Since this was Su Ke’s first time here, he kept glancing around.

“When the time comes, don’t screw up!” Zheng Mo had never actually seen Su Ke play basketball. Even though this brat was really confident, she was still nervous.

This competition didn’t affect only her, but also the honour of her whole class.

The school’s basketball court was really big and had a brick red floor that was very comfortable to step on. Very quickly, Su Ke saw a group of people heading in his direction, all calling out greetings to Zheng Mo. They were most likely Zheng Mo’s classmates.


‘He’s the help you found? Can he do it?” Without waiting for Zheng Mo to introduce him, a guy about 1.8m and wearing a red uniform frowned at Su Ke, one hand dribbling a ball.

His tone was very disdainful. “Xiao Xian Ren, what are you saying?”

Zheng Mo immediately turned to look at Su Ke for his reaction, but she saw that he was completely unaffected, his face full of smiles.


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