Chapter 96: Indecent Old Man

“F*ck!” Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was struck dumb as he stared at the girl in his arms. Even though he didn’t touch any sensitive parts of her body, his hands were on her waist while she pressed tightly against his chest.

Her waist was like a twig, and her hands were covered in chiffon so he could the smoothness of her skin. His thumb was is in front, almost like he was pinching her waist.

What made him even more embarrassed was that her chest was squeezed against his.

It felt like he was holding and squeezing a bun in one hand.


The girl unconsciously leaned her head against his shoulder. Her hands were originally supposed to protect her chest, but unexpectedly, they landed on her abdomen.

The girl was only around 1.6m tall, so with her arms on her waist, they were also around the zipper of his pants.

At this time, Su Ke felt someone strongly shaking his hips, causing his butt to immediately move back. The girl was pushed out of his arms because of this.


Luckily, the bus quickly stopped shaking. Su Ke and the girl were both blushing furiously, especially the girl in the miniskirt.

While blushing, she glanced below, as if thinking about the meaty texture in her hands.

Su Ke wanted to cry. Even though he wanted to hug a beauty, his little brother got bullied instead. The perverted demon couldn’t be the girl in front of him, right!?

“Sorry!” The girl still understood how to be polite as she bowed towards him shamefully. Without waiting for a reply, she quickly rushed to her group of friends, inciting laughter from them.


After the incident quickly passed, the bus reached a stop while Su Ke was stunned.

The girls noisily left before the one in the miniskirt glanced back at Su Ke with a bashful expression on her face.

After he watched the girl get off, the bus continued on its way. Su Ke then remembered that his task wasn’t completed. Has the pervert still not appeared? Suddenly, an outfit caught his attention because he felt that it would only appear on TV. It was a white shirt with ¾ sleeves and blue dots decorating the top of it. Maybe because the shirt has been washed too many times, but the dots were starting to fade. She was also wearing a pair of army green pants and plastic slippers adorned her feet.


Su Ke remembered that he used to wear the same slippers when he was younger, but he eventually grew out of it.

It was a girl with neat bangs and two ebony braided pigtails failing to her chest, looking even better than those in commercials. Su Ke could also see her white bra wrapped around her chest.

The denim bag in her hand was rather old and faded. Her exposed arm wasn’t white, but a healthy wheat color.

Since the girls left the bus, this girl came from the back to Su Ke’s vicinity. He didn’t know why, but he saw that she was trembling strangely with a white-knuckled grip on her bag.

Her head was also lowered so he couldn’t see her face.


While Su Ke was observing her, the girl moved over to the side, looking unsettled.

Su Ke suddenly realized that there was a man behind the girl clinging to her like dog-skin plaster, following her movements.

The girl constantly moved to escape from him, but the bus was only so large.

Very soon, she had nowhere to go.

Su Ke frowned as he looked at the man that was probably around 40. He was wearing a tucked in white shirt with a small belly, black pants, black shoes, and he carried a brown suitcase. He was constantly moving and glancing around unceasingly, looking anxious and really suspicious.


“F*ck!” Su Ke also suddenly realized that his upper body was moving, but his bottom half was bulging forward like he wanted to pee.

However, he was holding the briefcase right at his waist.  

“Is it this fella?” Su Ke could easily imagine what he was doing because he was fidgeting and adjusting his body. Just one glance caused Su Ke to get really angry.

This old man was actually continuously grinding on the girl’s butt

Su Ke didn’t know where all this anger came from, but he felt that this 40-year-old man was too obscene. He instinctively through a kick at him.

Su Ke’s leg landed on the man’s briefcase, kicking him down.

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Since the kick was so sudden, the man had no way to prepare.


The man flew backwards and brought several people down with him as his butt landed on the floor. He was stunned for a few seconds before shouting, “You f***ing want to die!?”

Before the man could say anything else, Su Ke was already at his side.

Even though the people on the bus were a bit angry at Su Ke, they obediently opened a path for him to pass through. Su Ke grabbed his shirt and roughly pulled him up.


He punched him in the face before yelling at him, “You old pervert, why don’t you curse again!”

“Pervert?”When the people in the bus heard that, they were all excited.

They didn’t care that Su Ke started a fight anymore, they all just wanted to watch the show.


“Let go!” That man finally stood up under Su Ke’s strength, struggling and swaying, but Su Ke’s grip was like a plier that he couldn’t break it.

He got even redder after hearing the words from Su Ke’s mouth.

“Student, if you have a problem, settle it after you get off!”

Since there wasn’t a conductor on the bus to stop Su Ke because it was automatically coin-operated, the driver shouted at him.

Coincidentally, the bus was also reaching a stop.

When the doors opened, the old man exploded and strongly shoved Su Ke away.

Su Ke didn’t pay attention to that though as he just let the old man break free and escape out the door.

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