Chapter 95: Perverted Demon on the Bus

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Su Ke2Su KeMain Character naturally slept, but when he opened his eyes, the clock on the wall showed that it was already 9:30. He even opened his bag and started revising.

Today is Sunday, and the exam is on Tuesday. It was set up like that so the students could relax and then quickly resume work. To the Su Ke right now though, the exams were no longer a fierce beast ready to devour him. With the flower plucking system, he already had a headstart on all of his subjects; especially Maths and English.


Being so prepared and confident wasn’t something anyone could do. As he flipped through his exercise book, every question he did raised his mood. In a blink of an eye, a few hours had passed. He then heated up some leftover food and sent it to his family’s supermarket.

Seeing that their son was bringing food, Su You Fu and Zhang Xue were delighted. “Su Ke, aren’t the exams next Tuesday?”

“En!” Su Ke heard what his father said, but he didn’t worry. He could even guess the next question he was going to ask. His father mentioned earlier on that working wouldn’t affect his results. This round of exams will determine that.


‘That’s right! Little Ke, if you fail this exam, you won’t be able to do that pianist job anymore. Even if this family is rather poor, we won’t let you feel the loss of that income!”

Zhang Xue knew that the biggest reason why Su Ke wanted to work was to take on some of the financial burdens of the family.

“Ai yah! You don’t need to worry, just wait until I’m done with my exams. You’ll need to sign my papers later on, so please open your eyes wide and prepare to be elated!”

Su Ke placed the food on the front counter before the three of them heartily ate.

Even though they were eating leftovers, they still enjoyed the food.


After the meal, Su Ke brought the cutlery back. He then napped for a bit before digging around for his exercise clothes. Luckily, they were clean enough. If not, he would have nothing to wear.

Su Ke decided not to cycle around this time since Lang Fang institute was quite far away and taking the bus would be more convenient. Fortunately, the buses all have air-conditioning.

If not, Su Ke would have had to fork out some more money for a cab.

Lang Fang institute is in the educational district of Lang Fang, surrounded by a lot of different educational institutes. The bus wasn’t very crowded when Su Ke boarded, but it was filled with university students.


Su Ke found a seat as soon as they were in his view. Unexpectedly, the system notification rang out just as he sat down. When he entered the system and looked at the screen, there was a new task.

“Task: Catch the perverted demon on the bus. Reward: 500 RMB.”

“D*mn, a perverted demon on the bus?” After he saw the task on the screen, Su Ke’s first reaction was to glance around. Even though the bus wasn’t very crowded, there was still about 40 people. Plus, he could deduce the approximate location of the pervert.


Only allowed on

There was a larger group of people closer to the back of the bus, and they seemed to be all from the same school. It was a group of about 6 to 7 young girls chattering non-stop and smiling like a group of gorgeous flowers.

In this time when revealing skin was normal, there were a lot of girls setting the trend by revealing their legs and their backs. This naturally drew the attention of a few perverts, and these girls weren’t excluded. They were dressed very lightly with long skirts, short skirts, and mini skirts that attracted the gazes of some of the nearby men. They were also showing off their arms and had deep necklines and voluptuous bodies, drawing lots of attention.


There were countless people around them, especially a lot guys near the middle.

While looking around, there were a lot of suspicious people, but he couldn’t even pinpoint the general direction of the culprit. A tiger cave will have a tiger cub.

Even though he wasn’t very interested in the 500 RMB, a mosquito’s leg is still meat.

Plus, he was used to just completing whatever task was presented to him.

Su Ke then left his seat before grabbing the handrail and slowly moving to the middle of the bus, adopting a dispirited and drowsy look.

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Since the bus was moving, brushing against the other people was rather normal. Su Ke stood beside the girls as he continuously glanced around, focusing more on the girl in the miniskirt.

The mini skirt bunched around her butt and her white thighs were revealed. She wasn’t wearing a pantyhose either, which made her skin even whiter. He could also see the blue veins under her skin.

Her navy blue pleated cotton skirt was beautiful, and there was a pair of white horizontal stripes on it that gave off a school feeling.

Unconsciously, he glanced up and could see that her white chiffon shirt was very see-through. Even though she was wearing a white undershirt, her cleavage was still rather pronounced.


En, her chest looked good. Even though they were quite far below Zheng Mo’s size, they were still worth appreciating. She also had single eyelids, slender pupils, and phoenix eyes. He didn’t know whether it was a woman’s sixth sense, but when Su Ke was stealing a peek, she actually looked at him.

When their eyes met, the girl didn’t seem to have a shred of shyness.

Maybe he saw wrong, but she seemed to even laugh to herself.

He didn’t expect to be discovered when he stole a peek, so he immediately felt guilty and looked down. He immediately knew that his face was completely red.


Su Ke suddenly realized that Du Wan’s devil training wasn’t that useless.

He really wanted to change his shameful and easily-embarrassed character.

Thinking until here, Su Ke took a quick breath, his heart jumping loudly.

To have an advantageous position, Su Ke was already within the girls’ vicinity, and the girl in the miniskirt was the closest to him. These girls were surrounded on all sides very early on, so it was rather fortunate to be so close to them.

He then mustered up the courage, not just to complete the task, but also to overcome the anxiety in his chest. He took a deep breath and looked up directly at the girl.

“Hu!” Su Ke let out a relieved breath. Since the girl had turned away and continued chatting with her friends, she avoided the awkward staring.


At this time, Su Ke suddenly felt the bus jerk out of control, but he luckily mastered military boxing and beginner level Jeet Kune Do, so his body immediately righted itself, keeping him balanced.

“Ya!’ He then heard a surprised scream, causing Su Ke to look up. The girl in the blue miniskirt looked horrified as she flew at him with a pale face.

Even her chest was shaking, causing her to be on the verge of bursting through her shirt.


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