Chapter 438: Holy Law Enforcement Team

The sky was clear without a single piece of cloud and the sun appeared extremely dazzling as it hung in the middle of the clear sky.

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The flock of seabirds circling above the calm sea surface looking for food made this world seem full of vitality. Currently, Nalan Ruyue was sitting on a wooden chair on the balcony. She was staring blankly into the sea. Sometimes, she would look happy. Sometimes, she would look sad. It was clear as day that her emotions deep inside her were experiencing great fluctuations.

Long Yi leaned on the railing and looked at Nalan Ruyue who was sitting on the balcony. Before long, he turned his gaze to the little lolita, Nalan Rumeng. She was half sitting and half lying on the sofa, in a trance. When he saw the state of these two sisters, he couldn’t help but sigh. The emotion of these two sisters had already stabilized. They had already accepted the fact of Nalan Wuji passing away, but it would take time to pacify their state of mind.

Long Yi walked over to the sofa on the other side of Nalan Rumeng and sat down. Pouring himself a cup of green tea, he sipped on it leisurely. However, he thought about that devastatingly beautiful woman he had seen yesterday. He wasn’t mistaken. There was indeed a sense of familiarity between them. She had greatly puzzled him. No matter how he thought about it, her identity gave him a headache. She didn’t seem to be a person sent by the Dark Church and she also didn’t seem to be a person from the Light Church. Which other force on the Blue Waves Continent had enough power to step into this turbid power struggle?

He couldn’t find anyone resembling her in the data of important figures each country had. Of course, this data was sorted out by the Skynet Intelligence Organization. Unless that woman used a face changing magic and her current appearance wasn’t her true features, otherwise, it was impossible for the data to not have her face in it.

After thinking for a bit, Long Yi gave up. His mind wandered and started to think about other things. He didn’t believe that that woman was a monolithic block with no weaknesses.

“The Holy Law Enforcement Team of the Light Church should be arriving soon. I wonder if that idiot Nalan Wen will succeed.” Long Yi thought in his heart. If Nalan Wen was able to pull this off, as long as the Light Church intervened, it would be much easier for Long Yi to solve the problem. Nalan Wu would fall and only this idiot, Nalan Wen, would be left. Behind Nalan Wen was this mysterious woman. In other words, his next opponent would be her.

While he was deep in his thoughts, a petite and soft body crawled onto his lap. She eventually drilled herself into his bosom.

“Little girl, are you hungry? If you are, ask Xiao Cui to give you some food.” Long Yi gently stroked the soft chestnut colored hair belonging to Nalan Rumeng. This little girl had always been a big eater. However, she had only eaten a small bowl of congee since yesterday. She was truly a pitiful kid.

Nodding her head, she clung onto Long Yi. She tightened her grip on Long Yi in order to draw warmth from his body.

“Brother-in-law, can you bring me into the air? Take me and fly into the sky.” After a good while, Nalan Rumeng said softly in Long Yi’s bosom.

Long Yi nodded his head without any hesitation. Wrapping his hands around Nalan Rumeng, he carried her to the balcony.

“Yue’er, let’s go out and loosen your heart.” Long Yi caressed the cheek of Nalan Ruyue and encouraged her.

Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses and gave Long Yi a reluctant smile. In a weak voice, she said, “My husband, I don’t want to go. Go with Rumeng.”

Long Yi didn’t insist that she followed. He knew that Nalan Ruyue wished to be alone in order to calm down. After telling her to take care of herself and to rest properly, he held Nalan Rumen and flew into the air.

Du, du…… Long Yi made some peculiar sounds and several dolphins quickly gathered.

“Little girl, we are going to the sea, okay?” Long Yi laughed.

Nalan Rumeng nodded her head and a hint of color appeared in her gloomy eyes.

Just like last time, the two of them stood on the back of a dolphin. With the sea breeze blowing on their faces, coupled with the splashing of the waves, the both of them advanced forward. They slowly enjoyed the journey and it felt extremely refreshing.

“Ah….. God, I curse you!” Suddenly, Long Yi roared.

Nalan Rumeng looked up at Long Yi and asked, “Brother-in-law, what are you doing?”

“I’m venting my anger. You should try it too. Spread your arms open and face the sea breeze. Shout loudly about all the resentment you have in your heart. The sea is so vase, no one will hear you.” Long Yi urged Nalan Rumeng.

Nalan Rumeng hesitated and she eventually loosened up her little hand which was gripping Long Yi’s hand tightly. She slowly spread them open as she faced the wind. She knew that Long Yi would definitely not allow her to fall into the water.

“Ah…… I hate you all! I hate, hate, hate……” Nalan Rumeng took a deep breath and shouted loudly.

As though a giant rock was lifted from her heart, Nalan Rumeng heaved a sigh of relief and paused. After a moment of silence, she shouted again and again until she completely exhausted herself.

Not long after, Nalan Rumeng panted as she was out of breath after shouting. She wiped the tears which were flowing down her face and she took a deep breath. Long Yi knew that her emotional distress was lifted greatly.

“Brother-in-law, I don’t feel that bad now. It feels a lot easier to breathe.” Nalan Rumeng had a smile on her face as she looked at Long Yi with a gaze filled with gratitude and dependence.

Long Yi smiled and stroked Nalan Rumeng’s small head. This girl resembled a silly little girl on the surface, but in her heart, she was a completely different person. She had a clear mind and she was able to see matters clearly. She understood them better than most people.

“Brother-in-law, from now on, both my big sister and I will only have you in our lives. You must not abandon us.” Nalan Rumeng looked up and said. As she spoke to Long Yi, her tiny hand reached out and held onto Long Yi’s hand.

“Of course I won’t abandon any of you.” Long Yi looked at Nalan Rumeng with a warm gaze. He knew that she needed someone to rely on at this moment.

All of a sudden, the speed of the dolphin greatly slowed down. It started to circle around the neighboring sea area. It seemed as though it didn’t dare to advance forward anymore.

Long Yi knew that there was a large sea monster in the depths of the ocean, and that place was extremely dangerous. As such, he could only choose to retreat. “Little girl, let’s go back. If we don’t return soon, your big sister will be worried about us.”

Nalan Rumeng nodded her head.

Just when Long Yi wanted to turn around and go back, his heart shook. Turning his head, he saw that there was someone with a head full of golden hair somewhere in the distance. Under the sunlight, that golden hair appeared especially dazzling. That peerless face had a trace of a smile. The pair of azure eyes were blinking mischievously at Long Yi.

“Liuli.” Long Yi’s eyes shone. Not seeing this mermaid princess for a long time, he really missed her.

“Brother-in-law, didn’t you say that we are leaving?” Nalan Rumen asked in confusion as she had no idea what Long Yi was doing. Turning around, her eyes followed Long Yi’s gaze. However, she was unable to see anything.

Long Yi smiled. In his heart, he wanted to see Liuli. However, he was only able to give up on his idea as Nalan Rumeng was here. In any case, he would stay in Blue Moon City for a period of time. There were plenty of chances to see Liuli again.

The dolphin who was carrying two people quickly turned around and swam away. While they were turning around, mermaid Liuli poked her head out of the sea’s surface and started at Long Yi’s back view which was moving further and further away.

“Princess, Young Master is already gone. We should also return. Otherwise, Aunt Bifei will be worried.” The maid Xiaomi also poked her head out of the water and said to Liuli.

Liuli reluctantly responded. Along with Xiaomi, she sank back into the depths of the sea.


In Blue Moon City, a rumor had begun to spread everywhere. The rumor said that the second prince of the Nalan Empire, Nalan Wu, had long betrayed the Light God and had joined the evil Dark Church, just like his father. He wanted to turn the entire Nalan Empire into a dark world.

Naturally, Nalan Wu was very angry. He didn’t have to crack his brains to figure out that it was the doing of his brother, Nalan Wen. As such, he led his troops and called on the common people, with intentions to clear his name. Moreover, he invited the bishop in Blue Moon City’s church to testify for him.

In the Light Square of Blue Moon City, Nalan Wu gave a speech full of grief and indignation. He stressed that he had always been the most faithful believer of the Light God and someone had slandered him. Obviously, he directed his spearhead towards his elder brother, Nalan Wen. Then, he asked the bishop in Blue Moon City to testify for him.

All of a sudden, the several guards who were standing beside Nalan Wu unleashed their dark magic on the bishop. If it was not for the defensive barrier seal which was activated by the bishop, he might have lost his life already.

This sneak attack shocked everyone in the crowd. In addition, some people in the crowd fanned the flames. As a result, everyone firmly believed that Nalan Wu had truly betrayed the Light God like his father.

As a matter of fact, the wise people knew that this was a scheme the moment they saw it. No, this could be regarded as scheming openly. However, they will not be stupid enough to expose this in front of a big crowd. It was not like the common people would believe the truth easily. Since they had been fed lies for such a long time, they didn’t think that much. Moreover, exaggerating the facts had always been the specialty of humans. Within a minute, Nalan Wu had already become a ruthless and cruel demon. In addition, he was accused of serious crimes he had never committed.

The people of Blue Moon City were in a state of anxiety. The common people were afraid that Nalan Wu would sit on the throne and turn Nalan Empire into a dark world. Therefore, everyone turned to support Nalan Wen instead. They seemed to have forgotten that Nalan Wen’s character wasn’t any better than Nalan Wu’s.

Long Yi looked at all the events happening below from the sky and he sneered. Those people fanning the flames were naturally the agents of the Skynet Intelligence Organization.

“Lafaer should not be this easy to deal with. He should have many ways to counter this plot. However, it seems like he is too late.” Long Yi sensed a dense light aura at the entrance of the city gate and muttered to himself.

Before long, several figures who were wearing a red-colored priest robe arrived in the Light Church of Blue Moon City.

The shocked bishop immediately led numerous priests and respectfully welcomed this Holy Law Enforcement Team. The clothing of the Holy Law Enforcement Team was different from the other priests. They wore a red priest robe, representing disciplinary personnel. They were known as the Red Robed Priests.

The Holy Law Enforcement Team had a total of five people, three men and two women. Their entire body was covered by their red robes. Even their heads were not exposed. Their left sleeve had a snow-white tiger head embroidered with a silver thread, and no matter how Long Yi looked at it, he felt as though it resembled Little Three.

“Kexin, isn’t she a saintess? Why is she a red robed priest in the Holy Law Enforcement Team?” Looking at the female priest standing at the right side, Long Yi instantly found out her identity. Although her face wasn’t visible, Long Yi was able to recognize her as he had been with her for a long time. He was extremely familiar with the aura she exuded.

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