Chapter 439: Skynet’s urgent message

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When long Yi was looking at Dongfang Kexin in confusion, Dongfang Kexin looked up as if she felt his gaze. Her beautiful eyes were incomparably sharp. The moment she saw Long Yi floating in midair, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes. It was followed by a disgusted expression. In the end, she snorted and turned away.

Long Yi was startled and found that she was being unreasonable. How could Dongfang Kexin look at him with that kind of disgusted gaze? If she was looking at him with a resentful gaze, he would not have found it strange.

The Holy Law Enforcement Team of the Light Church didn’t stay in the church for a long time. After staying for a short period of time, they left and went towards the imperial palace of the Nalan Empire. They were there to investigate the cause of Nalan Wuji’s death. Other than that, they were there to take a look at the second prince, Nalan Wu. They wanted to see if he truly betrayed the Light God. Long Yi followed behind them. After the death of Nalan Wuji, the light bishop in Blue Moon City had used a light magic array to preserve his remains. It was left in his sleeping quarters and no one was allowed to enter the room. Everyone was unable to enter until the Holy Law Enforcement Team arrived.

When five red robe priests from the Holy Law Enforcement Team flew towards the imperial palace, Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu welcomed them. They did their utmost to fawn over them.

“No need to speak any more nonsense. Lead us to Nalan Wuji’s sleeping quarters.” A red-robed priest interrupted the Nalan Brothers. Although she was impatient, her voice was extremely pleasant to listen to. She was the female priest other than Dongfang Kexin in this team. Also, she appeared to be the leader of this Holy Law Enforcement Team.

“Yes, yes. Honorable holy priests, this way please.” Nalan Wen and Nalan Wu strived to be the first as instantly directed the team towards Nalan Wuji’s sleeping quarters.

The Holy Law Enforcement Team walked towards the sleeping quarter of Nalan Wuji together with the two princes and several imperial guards. Long Yi also descended as he thought about Dongfang Kexin’s unusual behavior. When he thought about the other red-robed female priest, he shook his head. Eventually, he followed behind the group.

“My husband.” At this moment, Nalan Ruyue who was a lot thinner than before appeared before Long Yi. Nalan Rumeng was accompanying her and they stared at the group before them.

“You knew?” Long Yi gently looked at Nalan Ruyue and reached out to stroke Nalan Rumeng’s little head.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head and her gaze become steadfast. This clearly showed that she had already recovered and was no longer broken like before. In a resolute voice, she said, “My husband, I want to go and see father too. Since emperor father passed away, if this daughter does not go to pay her respects, I will be an unfilial daughter.”

Long Yi didn’t reject them. Leading the Nalan sisters, they arrived at Nalan Wuji’s sleeping quarters as well.

The entire place was sealed with light magic which emitted a soft, milky white radiance. The female priest took a step forward and muttered an incantation. A white light shot out from her magic staff and that magic seal instantly disappeared. The moment the seal disappeared, a faint black mist emerged from Nalan Wuji’s sleeping quarters.

“What a dense dark aura!” That female priest said solemnly and waved her magic staff again. A halo protection appeared around herself and the other four red-robed priests.

The five red-robed priests walked into the room while everyone else stayed outside. No one dared to take a step inside.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here?” Nalan Wen came to greet Long Yi, just like how he greeted Mist Fairy, as soon as he saw him. Currently, he felt that Long Yi was a tremendously important asset towards him.

“We are one family. As such, I should naturally come and see what happened to His Excellency, father-in-law.” Long Yi faintly laughed. As for the Nalan sisters behind him, they pretended to not see Nalan Wen even though they saw him. They only focused their attention on the sleeping quarters of their father emperor.

“Yes, yes, one family. We are one family.” Nalan Wen complacently laughed.

Long Yi said a few words in a perfunctory manner as he looked at Nalan Wu who had a gloomy expression hung on his face. When he saw that Long Yi was looking at him, Nalan Wu snorted coldly and turned away. He had already decided that Long Yi was part of Nalan Wen’s camp, and this meant that they were enemies right now.

“Ruyue, Rumeng, don’t you two want to see your emperor father? Let’s go in, I’ll bring you in.” Long Yi casted a barrier around Nalan Ruyue and Nalan Rumeng. Grabbing their hands, he walked into the room.

“Brother-in-law, you must not go in. It will not be funny to provoke the anger of the honorable holy priests.” Nalan Wen hastily called out.

Waving his hand, Long Yi dismissed his concerns. He didn’t even turn his head to look at Nalan Wen. No matter who the people in the room were, Long Yi entered. Who cares about them? They can all go to hell.

The trio entered the sleeping quarter and they saw that the female priest was in the process of examining the corpse. The corpse was emitting a dense dark aura. The other red-robed priests stood behind her.

“Who gave you permission to enter?” Seeing that three of them entered without permission, Dongfang Kexin turned around and interrogated them.

The beautiful face of Nalan Ruyue stiffened and she muttered an incantation. A magic pattern emitting milky white radiance started to glow on her priest robe. This was her symbol of being a saintess of the Light Church. In an indifferent voice, she said, “I am a saintess of the Light Church. Although you, the people of the Holy Law Enforcement Team is an independent department from the church, you have no rights to ask me questions like that.”

Long Yi was surprised in his heart. immediately after that, he showed a gratified smile. He had always been worried about Nalan Ruyue. What if in the future, he clashed with the Light Church? Whose side would Nalan Ruyue, who had been brainwashed by the light church stand on?

However, he wasn’t worried now. After being together with Nalan Ruyue for such a long time, he saw that she had changed. Be it her thoughts or behavior, everything about her went through an earthshaking change. In the past, it was impossible for Nalan Ruyue to speak such words.

Dongfang Kexin was tongue-tied for a moment. Although she couldn’t think of a response, she snorted at Nalan Ruyue in order to feel better. She didn’t speak again. She never looked at Long Yi from the very beginning as if she had regarded him as air.

All of a sudden, the female priest stood up. Turning around, she looked at Nalan Ruyue before looking at Long Yi. She eventually took off the hood covering her face.

A superb quality mature woman appeared before Long Yi’s eyes. She was not any inferior to the Elf Queen. She had beautiful moth-like eyebrows and snow like skin. Although her facial features might not be as exquisite as Nalan Ruyue, altogether she had an indescribable flavor. Especially that mature charm, it had an extremely strong destructive power.

“Holy Priest Karen!” Nalan Ruyue exclaimed in shock. Soon after that, she performed a salutation unique to the Light Church. In the Light Church, two great holy priests, Judith and Karen, were existences that were only inferior to the Light Pope.

Karen softly said, “This is saintess’ father. You have the rights to observe. After my inspection, Nalan Wuji really died due to the backlash when he cultivated dark power. Saintess can personally inspect his corpse as well.”

After speaking, Karen got out of the way. The corpse of Nalan Wuji appeared before everyone.

“Ah!” Nalan Rumeng screamed spun around. She threw herself into the bosom of Long Yi and trembled. Nalan Ruyue grabbed onto Long Yi’s sleeves as blood left her face. She became as pale as a sheet.

Long Yi scanned Nalan Wuji’s corpse and he raised his eyebrows. His corpse was in a terrifying state. The skin of his entire body had already become black and there were cracks everywhere. The cracked open muscle had turned inside out and one could see that even the bones had turned black. The condition of his head was worse. It appeared as though it was a worn out shoe and anyone who saw it would be terrified.

“Emperor father……” Tears flowed down Nalan Ruyue’s eyes and her body became soft. She no longer had the strength to support herself.

Long Yi held the two sisters and softly comforted them. It seemed as though Nalan Wuji’s betrayal was confirmed. The corpse clearly showed that he died due to the backlash of dark power. Re-examination was useless.

When Karen saw Nalan Ruyue’s current appearance, she couldn’t help but sigh. “Saintess, if there is no need to re-examine the corpse, I will use Light Purifying Magic.”

Nalan Ruyue trembled and wanted to argue with Karen. However, Long Yi stopped her. There was no way to prove his innocence.

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A burst of gentle light illuminated the remains of Nalan Wuji. In a matter of seconds, his remains changed into light particles and dissipated along with the dark aura surrounding the imperial palace.

After the body disappeared, Karen stared at Long Yi with a profound gaze. After that, she covered her head with the hood. She quickly led the rest of the red-robed priests out of Nalan Wuji’s sleeping chamber.

Nalan Wuji was worthy enough to be called a formidable man. Unfortunately, he was plotted against by his two biological sons. He was really a pitiful person.

Long Yi casted a soothing magic on Nalan Ruyue and Nalan Rumeng before leading them back to their resting quarters.q At this moment, his heart was heavy.

By the time he brought them back, the sky was already dark. Long Yi recalled the agreement he had made with the magicians who had obstructed him from entering the city. As such, he went out from the imperial palace to the Bright Moon Restaurant in Blue Moon City.

The restaurant had yet to close, however, business was bleak. In the past, it used to be very lively without any available tables. However, most of the tables were empty now.

The moment he saw Long Yi, the shopkeeper’s eyes shone and he welcomed Long Yi with a bright smile on his face.

“I have agreed to meet some magician friends here. Are they here yet?” Long Yi casually asked as he secretly made a gesture with his hand.

“Oh, sir is a friend of those magicians. Please come with me.” The shopkeeper respectfully bowed and led Long Yi towards the staircase.

On the second floor, this shopkeeper didn’t stop. Instead, he continued towards the third floor of the restaurant.

Long Yi frowned. He had clearly sensed the aura of those magicians on the second floor. On the third floor, there wasn’t any aura at all. As such, Long Yi knew that there was no one on the third floor. He instantly felt as though something of great importance happened.

Sure enough, on the third floor, the shopkeeper brought Long Yi to a room and quickly placed a barrier around them. Paying courtesy towards Long Yi, he said, “Skynet no. 352 pays respect to Young Master. There is an urgent message from Soaring Dragon City. Young Master, please check.” After he finished speaking, he quickly took out a sealed bamboo tube out. Without any delay, he handed it towards Long Yi. This thick bamboo had a fiery red S carved on it.

The eyebrows of Long Yi jumped. He immediately undid the seal and unfolded the slip of paper inside the tube. His expression changed the moment he read the contents.

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