Chapter 125: Kunlun’s Schemes

Inside Kunlun’s Discussion Hall.

Sect Master Xuan and the elders were showing a gloomy expression. Just now, Elder Feng and Elder Yun had told them about the probing they had done when they went to Cheng Yu’s villa in detail.

At first, they thought that Cheng Yu was just a secular cultivator who had just entered the Foundation Establishment Realm, but he suddenly broke through to the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, so how could they not be shocked by this?

“Are you sure that he was previously only in the Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage and not the late stage?” Sect Master Xuan was still somewhat unconvinced. He wanted another confirmation.

“Replying to Sect Master. Originally, when we met him, he was at the initial stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. A few days ago, when we were trading blows with him, we were injured by him. I can confirm that his strength is definitely at the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm,” Elder Yun confirmed.

“How is that possible? In just a two months, how could he enter the late stage from the initial stage? Unless…he had been hiding his actual strength all along?” Sect Master Xuan frowned.

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“It’s hard to say. If he really had the secret arts of concealing his cultivation, we would also not be able to tell. However, I feel that if it was like that, it was still fortunate for us as at least this should be the effect of the art after he cultivated it for more than dozens of years. The fact that he has already entered the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm at such a young age only shows that he is a genius. This might perhaps be because of his master. But if he was still in the initial stage of Foundation Establishment Realm and used two months to cultivate to the late stage, then we will be in trouble. Now that we had already become hostile to him, if we were to let him continue growing, I am afraid that even if the Limitless Palace didn’t assist him, we would not be able to suppress him,” After the great elder heard the information supplied by Elder Yun, he thought for very long time before speaking with worry.

“Since it’s like this, then we should slaughter him before he matures. I can now confirm that he is the culprit of Xuan’er’s incident. Furthermore, judging from the current situation, no matter what, I need him to die. Otherwise, our Kunlun will get into big trouble,” Sect Master Xuan’s eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

“That’s right. No matter if we are willing to admit it or not, Cheng Yu has already become our enemy. So, in order to protect our well-being, we have to kill him,” The other elder echoed.

“But if we kill Cheng Yu, what if we really provoke the Limitless Palace?” Elder Feng asked worriedly.

“If the Limitless Palace really makes a move on us, I believe the cultivation world Kunlun would not turn a blind eye to it as it will not only throw the secular Kunlun’s face, but Kunlun as a whole,” Sect Master Xuanyang said resolutely.

If he knew this was going to happen, he would have already slaughtered Cheng Yu the moment they met him when he was still in the initial stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. He would not have caused so many problems. Ever since Cheng Yu had appeared, Kunlun’s medical herb business in Yunhai had already been cut off. In addition, since he suspected his son was killed by Cheng Yu, his anger rose even further.

“Sect Master, this time when we went to investigate his home, we found a weird room,” Since everyone had agreed to kill Cheng Yu, Elder Yun wanted to tell them about how they were blocked by a restriction.

“What weird room?” Sect Master Xuan asked suspiciously.

“We found a room in his house that was under restrictions. Even after Elder Feng and I had joined hands, we were still unable to break it. I believe it would probably need a Golden Core expert’s strength to break it,” When he recalled how they had spent half a day to try breaking through the restriction and yet were still unable to, their curiosity was piqued.

“Oh? There was such a thing? Could it be that there are some treasures inside that room?” When they heard Elder Yun’s words, everyone started to feel interested.

“This is hard to say. However, there’s definitely something important inside. Otherwise, he would not have protected it so deeply.”

“That kid’s cultivation rose so quickly, so could it be related to that room?” Someone asked curiously.

“If it’s like that, we must obtain the treasure kept there. Wouldn’t we be able to breakthrough to the Golden Core Realm then?!” Thinking up to here, everyone’s face couldn’t help showing traces of greed.

Everyone here was already around 200 years old. Even the sect master and great elder in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm had not even touched the threshold of Golden Core Realm. Even though it was just a separation of a realm, everyone knew that to bypass this realm was something extremely far-fetched. Perhaps, they might be able to comprehend the essentials of it tomorrow, or perhaps, they might not even be able to for their whole life.

If Cheng Yu really possessed a treasure that would enable them to promote their cultivation quickly, then wouldn’t the secular world Kunlun be able to manifest two Golden Core Realm experts? When the time came, the cultivation world Kunlun would definitely give them more natural resources to cultivate.

To the secular world disciples, money was very important, but cultivators that always stayed in the mountains would not care for money. They all wanted the ability to become immortal.

The reason why they were asking for profits from the businesses under them was because they wanted to look for natural resources in the secular world as well. Although they didn’t want money, it did not mean that those working for them did not want it. For them to be able to find natural resources in the secular world, they needed money to promote their influence.

The Cultivation World was very vast, but all the disciples in the Cultivation World would have to find their own natural resources, and the Cultivation World followed the law of the jungle. There was no restriction and the strongest was always the winner. So, natural resources tere were usually obtained by risking their lives. If they were able to obtain it, it was their ability. If not, they would have to leave their life behind.

Compared to the Cultivation World, the Secular World was a lot better. There was no one who would fight with them for natural resources. Even though the spiritual Qi was very thin and the land was not as vast as the Cultivation World, there were still a lot of natural resources hidden here. If they were able to locate them, they would not need to risk their lives like how it was in the Cultivation World.

This was also one of the reasons why a lot of sects were fond of expanding to the Secular World. Despite not having a need for money individually, they still needed money for a sect to conduct business. They can’t possibly send out all of the sect’s disciples to find natural resources. Otherwise, how would the disciples cultivate?

“Since it’s like that, we have to plan out a strategy this time. From Elder Yun’s information, we can tell that this person is not simple. Perhaps, there might be a Limitless Palace expert protecting him. So, this time we must have an absolutely safe plan before taking action.”


“Woah! Rich people definitely have a different style! This villa is so beautiful. Speak! How much did you spend? This villa must have cost at least a few million right?” Arriving at Cheng Yu’s villa, Han Xue was extremely surprised. At the same time, she was surprised at Cheng Yu’s ability to earn.

“Haha! I am not that sure since it was bought by someone else. But to support you to become a fat girl, I believe I have more than enough to do so,” Cheng Yu had never once kept track of the money he had. At first, when he was lacking money, he would ask for some from Yang Ruoxue. Now that he owned the three nightclubs, even though he did not keep track of the accounts, he knew that he must have earned a lot.

However, Cheng Yu knew that if he were to compare it to the profits the Cultivation World had gotten from the Secular World, the money he have now was still far from achieving his goals. However, Cheng Yu was not in a rush. He believed that he would still be able to establish himself very quickly with his own means.

“You seem so unconcerned. Aren’t you afraid that they will eat your money?” When Han Xue saw how unconcerned Cheng Yu was about his assets, Han Xue knew that as his partner, she must not be as unconcerned. In the end, it would be counted as her assets as well. Naturally she wouldn’t want people to swallow it.

“Nope. They are all my people.”

“Hmph! Are they all women?” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Han Xue immediately became vigilant.

“Of course not. If you feel so insecure about it, I can let you be in charge of it as my wife. In any case, I know how to take care of my finances.”

“It better not be a woman. I don’t have the patience to care for your finances. In any case, you just need to be able to buy me anything I like,” Han Xue’s personality had always been very carefree. If she were forced to become a financial accountant, she would definitely be unwilling to do so.

“Since it’s like this, I can only look for another wife to do my finances,” Cheng Yu said nonchalantly.

“You dare? If you dare to find other women, I will castrate you!” Han Xue’s face immediately changed. She gestured at Cheng Yu’s lower body with her fingers acting as scissors.

Although Cheng Yu wasn’t scared of her, when he saw how serious Han Xue looked, he couldn’t help trembling a little. When he thought of how he was going to sleep with her, if he woke up to realize his little brother was no longer around, wouldn’t that be too pathetic?

After giving Han Xue a tour, Cheng Yu picked a room and stopped there.

“Alright. You have already seen the inside of the villa. Let’s get down to proper business. Actually I am a cultivator…” Cheng Yu explained a lot of things that were related to being a cultivator to Han Xue.

“Unexpectedly, there were so many mystical things in this world. Then are you also going to make me a cultivator now?” After Cheng Yu explained all the cultivation knowledge, Han Xue was extremely shocked. This was like a fairytale. There’s nothing you can’t do. However, when Han Xue thought of how her boyfriend was such a mystical person and was going to bring her into this mystical world, other than astonishment, there were also excitement.

“That’s right. I will pass you a cultivation method. After that, I will help you cultivate,” Everything was very familiar to Cheng Yu as he had already done it for two people. There was not any hint of hesitation.

The cultivation methods Cheng Yu had on hand was really too few. Therefore, he had no choice but to pick the one he passed on to Yang Ruoxue, the Art of Heart Confusion.

However, when he thought of this cultivation method, Cheng Yu felt a little regretful as he did not know how to refine a weapon for them. Most of his time in his previous life was spent on refining pills.

The Art of Heart Confusion used sound as the weapon to cause the opponent to enter into an illusion. Therefore, if Cheng Yu was able to refine a magic weapon for them, their strength would be greater. However, Cheng Yu was only able to find some equipment that was able to produce sound as a weapon for them.

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